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Zangoora: Bollywood comes alive on stage



It’s not a film, not a play and not a dance-drama. Well, maybe it’s a fusion of all three.

But “Zangoora: The Gypsy Prince”, billed as Bollywood’s biggest musical ever, is definitely something Indian audiences have never seen before.

At the newly launched ‘Kingdom of Dreams‘ on the outskirts of Delhi, an elephant pops up on stage, the hero arrives flying on an eagle, the heroine swings down to the proscenium — of course, all this with the help of wires, stage props and huge LED screens that bring palaces and dungeons to life.


“Zangoora” is a celebration of Bollywood over the years, with dances set to popular musical numbers.

Drona — more flaws than fantasy


drona.jpg┬áMy most reliable test of judging a fantasy film is whether I notice the person sitting in the next seat – if I do, that means the film wasn’t gripping enough for me to be totally absorbed in it.

That’s what a fantasy film should do – transport you into its imaginary world and haul you back only when the end credits roll – for that matter, any film should do that.