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Fashion and Trade – Room for both on the runway


i.jpgMy previous post¬†introducing the Delhi Fashion Week (DFW), dwelt on its capabilities as a newcomer in India’s fashion field.

Set up after organizers of the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week fell into dispute, the object of the new fashion event on the block stimulated amplified suspense.

As I wrote half way into the DFW, the success of the event was clear.

Shows had run smoothly and spurred good turnouts. I had yet to discover the Wills Lifestyle week and how the two weeks compared.

First impressions at Wills Lifestyle week left me agreeing with my fellow reporter who claimed it would be more “buzzing”.¬†

Search for India’s YSL: Notes from India fashion week


fashion1.jpgI have always been a bit cynical about the Indian fashion industry. I used to think the country’s fashion designers were wannabes trying to break into a glamorous industry despite having little or no aptitude for the trade.

But spending time at the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week has lessened my cynicism to some extent.