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Festivities on celluloid


It is difficult to live in Mumbai and not get a whiff of the Ganesha celebrations on in the city.

In fact, if you live in India, it is difficult to be in any city this time of the year and escape the festive air that pervades everything.

Suddenly everything gets a Ganesha/Durga Pooja/Onam flavour, including work. And since my work pertains to the magical world of movies, this time of the year gets me thinking of both things — festivals on celluloid.

Who can forget the iconic climax in Ram Gopal Varma’s “Satya”, as the camera snaked through the crowds of Ganesha immersion, or Sunil Dutt walking with the crowds in “Dard Ka Rishta” with a Ganesha idol in his hands?

A tryst with Ganesha


ganesha.jpgYesterday, I was stuck in the worst traffic jam ever. It took me half an hour to move two inches.Given that it was 4 pm on a weekday — hardly peak hour in Mumbai, I wondered what had caused this aberration.

Enlightenment came from unexpected quarters. “Ganpati aa rahe hai aaj (Lord Ganesha is arriving today) my taxi driver informs me. Aah, wisdom dawns.