India Masala

Dostana: A spectacular first half but nothing great overall

November 15, 2008

‘Dostana’ is a path-breaking Bollywood film alright. Maybe not for gay rights but certainly the number of times the word ‘gay’ has been used in a single film.

Dasvidaniya: A bittersweet slice of middle-class life

November 14, 2008

If you were expecting Vinay Pathak’s latest film to be a comic caper, you are in for a surprise.

Roadside Romeo — Doggy tale gone wrong

October 25, 2008

When you find the villain of the film more endearing than the hero and even 90 minutes seem like a lifetime, there has to be something wrong with the film. 

The Last Lear: Not Bachchan’s best but watch it for the performances

September 12, 2008

There has been so much controversy about the release of “The Last Lear” that it’s easy to overlook this is a film that has been well received in the international festival circuit, has some of India’s best known actors and has even been touted as Amitabh Bachchan’s finest work yet.