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The other side of Bollywood


The relationship between Bollywood and the criminal world has always been a controversial one. The world’s biggest film industry has often struggled to rid itself of allegations that all is not above board when it comes to financing its films.

Ever since the murder of “cassette king” Gulshan Kumar in 1997 and the Pandora’s box it opened up, Bollywood has feared that some of the money that goes into the industry may be tainted.

In the following years, the charges faced by music director Nadeem, the conviction and subsequent acquittal of film financier Bharat Shah, who was accused of aiding underworld activities, only added to the shadow of doubt around the industry.

Actors complained of receiving threats from mafia gangs, allegations were made that the underworld was financing several films and actor Sanjay Dutt even went to jail in connection with a bomb blasts case.