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Of Karma, Porn and Osian’s Cinefan


Thou shalt not go to the Osian’s Cinefan film festival expecting each film to be a masterpiece. I learned this the hard way.

Over the years, I have chanced upon several nuggets at Osian’s, an annual feast for fans of cinema in New Delhi. But on the opening day of the 2008 edition, I arrive at the venue in the evening — with no time to decide on what I want to watch. I check the schedule and my eye falls on an unusual title.

Karma - Crime Passion Reincarnation“Karma – Crime Passion Reincarnation” is in English, has a sort of international cast and is set in Ooty. It had apparently been screened in the Cannes Film market this year and was being premiered at Osian’s. The synopsis didn’t reveal much and I decide to take my chances. After all, how bad could it be.

The film is about a woman who comes to India with her husband and is haunted by visions of a murder that happened 30 years ago.