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India takes cue from Pakistan as Coke Studio crosses border


By Annie Banerji

Usually known to adapt shows from the west like American Idol, The X Factor and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, India is set to start Coke Studio @ MTV, a rendering of Coke Studio Pakistan, which is currently airing its fourth season. It seems the two initialised an exchange of television programmes last year when MTV Pakistan asked the Indian counterpart for the licence to produce Roadies, an Indian home grown reality show.

Coke Studio, which originated in Brazil in 2007, welcomes and celebrates the diversity in unity in the genres of music, wherein the artists collaborate to offer a plethora of cultural and diverse influences ranging from classical, Sufi, folk to contemporary, pop and even bhangra (a type of music combining Punjabi folk traditions with Western pop).

Similarities between Coke Studio @ MTV, the official name of the show, and its Pakistani version may be drawn due to both countries’ historical and cultural nexus in Punjabi and Sufi music. In spite of this, having hundreds of languages across the nation, the show’s Indian adaptation hopes to reach the next level by showcasing a myriad of multi-lingual musical collaborations.

“Music is what feelings sound like,” reads the official Facebook page of Coke Studio @ MTV. The anticipation of the launch is palpable through social media. The yet-to-be aired Coke Studio @ MTV Facebook page already has over 200,000 fans and sneak peeks on YouTube have been viewed over a few thousand times.

Is ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ A.R.Rahman’s best score?


A.R.RahmanWaking up on a Monday morning is so much nicer when you wake up to good news, isn’t it?

A.R.Rahman winning two Grammys for “Slumdog Millionaire” certainly made my day, but as television channels played its theme song “Jai Ho” over and over again, I found myself wanting to hear some of his other compositions.

Growing up with the ‘Moonwalker’


It was the late 80s and I was in school, contemptuous of rules and looking for a cause to rebel against parental interference. I was too young to run away and wise enough not to push it so as to end up without dinner.

I was itching for an icon, a just cause to let out my angst, when I saw him for the first time on our black and white television one night.

‘Slumdog’ magic rubs off on India abroad


(Click here to watch video)

Bollywood and Indian culture is getting plenty of attention worldwide — thanks to the “Slumdog Millionaire” effect.

Danny Boyle’s rags-to-riches romance about a poor Indian boy competing in a TV game show scooped eight Academy Awards earlier this year.

Is an Oscar next, Mr Rahman?


His voice is soft over the phone, almost inaudible. He has just done a lot of interviews, and the tiredness in his voice is clear.

There are no niceties, no formal hello; instead he plunges straight into the agenda of the day — that’s a typical A. R. Rahman interview for you. The 43-year-old music composer is as humble as he is talented, as unaffected by success as he is successful.