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Aakrosh: Not really about honour killing



Use a ruler to draw a straight line. Then try to draw another straight line freehand. Sometimes you get it right, sometimes you get it all wrong.

Aakrosh” which has been ‘filmed’ by Priyadarshan gets it absolutely right, Bollywood style.

The straight line is the Hollywood movie “Mississippi Burning” which has been around for two decades.

The characters and some of the plot devices are the same.

If you have seen the Gene Hackman (Ajay Devgan) and Willem Dafoe (Akshaye Khanna) starrer you would know what happens next and who’s who.

Khatta Meetha: This is no gourmet feast


Khatta Meetha” raises a few laughs and also manages pointed homilies on the state of the nation.

Khatta MeethaIt is about municipal officers and builders but is no “Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro” — either in subtlety, sarcasm or slapstick.

De Dana Dan: Entertainment of the lowest level


Watching a movie like “De Dana Dan” in a single screen theatre where people are hooting and clapping at crass humour on screen may give you an insight into Indian audiences.

This audience doesn’t really mind that Archana Puran Singh uses foul language or that people randomly slap their husbands and wives or that there is really no logic to speak of. They found all of the above hilarious.

Billu: Watch it for Irrfan Khan


When I met Priyadarshan earlier this week, I asked him why he didn’t make films like “Kanchivaram” (a Malayalam film) or “Kala Pani” any more.

He gave me a refreshingly honest answer – “I am here to be a successful commercial film maker, and those are not the kind of films I will make. I want to play it safe for now.”