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Ragini MMS: Scary stuff


If you’ve watched Hollywood horror flicks like “Paranormal Activity”and “The Blair Witch Project”, you will find the narrative style in Pavan Kirpalani’s “Ragini MMS” very familiar.

The camera is the narrator; you see the film through its eyes and that adds to the fear factor. Even the most innocuous of objects looks scary in pitch dark, with just the camera’s lens providing illumination.

The story is the standard horror movie story. Deserted house in isolated surroundings. Boy and girl, lights going off, doors opening and closing mysteriously, etc. The only modern twist, if you could call it that, is that the whole house is rigged with cameras, because the boy wants to make a MMS tape of his exploits and sell it.

Still, I must admit I was scared and there were times during the movie when I was scared to watch. Kirpalani keeps it short and doesn’t extend the gimmicks to the point where they get boring, but the climax could have been shortened.