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God Tussi Great Ho: Just watch Bruce Almighty instead


Bollywood hasn’t always had the most original of ideas, but “God Tussi Great Ho” takes the cake.

Not only is the film a clear rip-off from the Morgan Freeman-Jim Carrey starrer “Bruce Almighty”, it manages to be such a badly pulled off one that you want to rip off the writer-director-actors heads.

The movie has none of the clever writing or spirited performances that made “Bruce Almighty” an enjoyable film. Instead what you get are half-baked performances, imbecile jokes and direction that is pretty much, well, directionless.

Salman KhanSalman Khan is Arun Prajapati, aka AP, a television producer who doesn’t have much luck in life.

Salman not Pappu, he can dance – Aamir Khan


It’s official. The ‘Pappu can’t dance’ number in the latest Aamir Khan production wasn’t meant to poke fun at actor Salman Khan.

Aamir, Salman and ImranAamir, with nephew Imran Khan in tow, set the record straight on Salman’s television gameshow ‘Dus Ka Dum’.