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Leave your brains behind for “Singh is Kinng”


singh12.jpg I don’t think “Singh is Kinng” will fail at the box-office. The film may work for a number of reasons, but content is not one of them.   

“Singh is Kinng”, which stars Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif, epitomises the much used phrase for most Bollywood films — leave your brains behind. The director, writers and the actors in this film certainly did.

 Kumar plays Happy Singh, a bumbling Sikh in a small village in Punjab. He spends his time chasing hens and generally wreaking havoc.

Fed up of his antics, the villagers send him away to Australia on the pretext of bringing back Lucky Singh (yeah, they got really creative with names in this film), a villager who has become a mafia don Down Under, so that Lucky’s ageing parents can meet him.