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Son of Sardaar: Calculated entertainment


In a recent interview, a film-maker described a movie as one “made with a calculator”. He might just have been talking about Ashwni Dhir’s “Son of Sardaar”. For a film that talks of heart and emotion, this is a movie made with cold-hearted calculation.

“Son of Sardaar” is a Diwali film, made with the sole intention of making money during the festival of lights, and stuffed with what Bollywood thinks is the complete package — romance, comedy and action all in one movie. But what is it they say about being a jack of all trades?

Dhir isn’t too keen on being the master of this one. His story is one that could be stretched to fit any plot device, whether it is time for a song or some action.

Ajay Devgn plays Jaswinder Singh Randhawa aka Jassi — who goes to his father’s village to settle a property dispute. When asked to meet the local strongman, Jassi discovers that Billu (Sanjay Dutt) and his relatives are out to kill him.