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Dabangg: Salman Khan is the saviour


At the “Dabangg” screening, someone sitting a few rows behind me would scream hysterically whenever Salman Khan came on screen. She would cheer, shout out encouragement when he was beating up the bad guys and wolf-whistle when he was romancing the heroine.

DabanggIn the beginning, it was endearing. But then it began to seem contrived, forced and totally unnecessary — just like the film. Unless you are a Salman Khan fan like her, because then you would be able to forgive anything.

This two-hour film looks like it was meant to be a successor to Khan’s 2009 hit “Wanted” and unfortunately, the makers decided to go about doing that in a somewhat calculated manner — ensuring the film looks like it is trying too hard to be “cool”, several times.

The writers try too hard to be clever with the dialogues and the characters seem to go more over the top than they should have. I am not going to talk about the story or screenplay, because I don’t expect that in a film like this, those two aspects would be given much importance anyway. This is a “mass” film you see.