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Bollywood beckons – let’s go to the movies


Now that the dry spell is over and the movies are back on screens, a lot of us are making plans for the weekend that include a movie theatre (at least I am).


Producers are making sure there are enough movies to keep you occupied for the rest of the year, and given the fact that half the year is over, there are now more movies up for release than weeks to release them.


Earlier, Bollywood would keep dates in mind while planning big-ticket releases (no releases during school exams or inauspicious periods). Now, there will be no such criteria — simply because there isn’t scope for any.


In the coming weeks, there are interesting films lined up for your viewing pleasure, with themes as diverse as romance, terrorism, college capers and thrillers.

Thank God it’s Friday


For most people, Friday is just another day to get over with before one settles down for the weekend.

Not so for a film journalist. Friday is the day you watch the releases of the week (sometimes as many as three in a day), form an opinion about each of them and then put that opinion to paper (and then wait for everyone to disagree with you).