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Dulha Mil Gaya: Excruciatingly bad


How long does it take you to decide whether a movie is going to appeal to you or not? It didn’t take me longer than the opening credits of Mudassar Aziz’s “Dulha Mil Gaya“.

Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen poses for a picture during the premiere of "Dulha Mil Gaya" in Mumbai January 7, 2010. REUTERS/Manav ManglaniCall me judgemental, but when you see a rather chubby Fardeen Khan attempting to woo a pretty young thing in the most half-hearted way possible and Sushmita Sen referring to everyone in sight as “daaaaahling” even before the opening credits have rolled, you cannot help but cringe.

As you settle down for what will be a very long three hours, you hope that some cinematic miracle will make this film bearable. But of course, that is hoping for too much. When your lead protagonists are named Shimmer (Sen) and Donsai (Khan), what else can you expect?

So Donsai aka Tej Dhanraj, playing perhaps the most clich├ęd role in Bollywood history, has an eye for the pretty ladies but an aversion to commitment and marriage.