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Toh Baat Pakki: Crashing bore


tohbaatpakkiWhen you make a movie with two accomplished actors like Tabu and Sharman Joshi, the least you can do is make the best use of their talent. As you can guess, director Kedar Shinde doesn’t manage to do that all with “Toh Baat Pakki”.

Instead he puts together a dated, lame film that pretends to be a family comedy. This film doesn’t even have much you can talk about, so I will get right to the story.

Tabu plays Rajeshwari Saxena, a housewife who is desperate to get her younger sister Nisha (Yuvika Choudhary) married off to the first eligible boy she meets. When engineering student Rahul (Sharman Joshi) moves into her house as a paying guest, she zooms in on him as the ideal husband for her sister.

However when Yuvraj (Vatsal Seth), an engineer who already has a job and a car comes looking for a room, Rajeshwari changes her mind about Rahul, and instead fixes her sister’s marriage with Yuvraj, who seems only too willing.