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Delhi fashion week: new kid on the style block


The clash of catwalks spurred mixed emotions in the build-up to Delhi’s hosting of not one, but two fashion events this week.

tahiliani2.jpgDifferences between organizers of the established Wills Lifestyle India fashion week led to the creation of the Fashion Foundation of India which has launched the Delhi fashion week.

The intriguing question was how would this new fashion week be received? Would its debut have models leaving their footprints on the hearts of fashion fanatics? Or would the established Wills Lifestyle India fashion week wash them away?

Sure, there may have been teething troubles for the new fashion week, which has over 20 designers on its rolls. Sumeet Nair, its main organizer, told Reuters that although it has been stressful and there was some negativity, in the here and now there is a positive atmosphere.