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Waiting for Mr Cruise


Spending Sunday evening standing in a dusty, arid place, waiting more than three hours for one person to show up, is certainly not my idea of fun. However, when the person in question is Tom Cruise, the equation changes.

Mr Cruise was to turn up at a red carpet event in Mumbai, organised before a fan screening of his latest film — “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol”

But in comparison to the many red carpet events I have seen, this was in complete contrast. There were no crowds outside the theatre, and hardly any inside the arena. In fact, organisers were seen herding people into the fan arena and handing them paper, so that they could write slogans on it and hold them up for Cruise to see.

In spite of all that effort, though, when Cruise did land up, the red carpet had none of the buzz you see abroad. A few fans shouted ‘Tom, we love you” half-heartedly and waved some posters, but that didn’t help much.