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May 11, 2013

In Pakistan, voters brave chaos and long lines

KARACHI, Pakistan (Reuters) – A doctor stood in line for hours to vote in Pakistan’s election, slipped away to deliver a baby and then returned to choose a candidate – only to find the polling booth never opened.

Her experience underlined the determination of millions of Pakistanis to take part in the election that will, for the first time, hand power from one civilian government to another in a coup-prone country.

May 9, 2013

In Pakistan poll, transgender candidates for the first time

KARACHI, Pakistan (Reuters) – Even among the colorful cast of mullahs, laborers and idealists standing in Pakistan’s elections this Saturday, Bindia Rana stands out.

She and a handful of others are the first of Pakistan’s transgender “hijra” community – which includes transsexuals, transvestites and others – to register as candidates.

Apr 25, 2013
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Backstage is where the fashion is


Karachi, Pakistan

By Insiya Syed

A few days after I photographed my second Fashion Week story in Karachi over the course of a month, a friend of mine asked me a legitimate question: “Why do these organizers call it “week” when it’s never a week? Why not just call it a month then? Or a millennium? Pakistan Fashion Millennium! That sounds so nice.”

Each year, Pakistan has a few of these events: Pakistan Fashion Week, Karachi Fashion Week, Pakistan Fashion Design Council Fashion Week… And then there’s Bridal Couture Week, which I’ve now had the opportunity to cover two years in a row.