Ron Paul and the pink slip that could decide the election

January 26, 2012

Have you ever woken up in the morning knowing you have to let someone go and just felt sick to your stomach? It’s the worst part of work, isn’t it? Even when it’s absolutely necessary — the money isn’t there or the employee hasn’t been contributing for ages — the emotional pain and mess of sending someone home is every good leader’s bête noire.

To make matters worse, letting someone go is, without doubt the moment when every leader is the most likely to screw up. Really screw up. Because when you fire a person the wrong way — that is, without generosity and respect — you can be sure of two things.

You’ve hurt someone unnecessarily.

And you’ve set up your organization for a future relationship from hell. After all, terminated employees don’t just fade away. They usually reappear, and pretty rapidly, as customers, suppliers, distributors, or in the worst-case scenario, competitors with an ax to grind.

By the way, this is a column about Ron Paul.

Yes, Ron Paul, and here’s why. The maxims of business and politics don’t always overlap, but when it comes to parting ways, they sure do. In business, firing someone incorrectly is a disaster that can haunt you for years. Same in politics.

Now, the GOP isn’t technically going to “fire” Dr. Paul. But look, even Ron Paul knows he’s not going to unpack his suitcases in the Lincoln Bedroom. At some point, his wildly entertaining, Don Quixote-like campaign for the White House is going to run out of time.

And then?

And then, GOP, watch out! Sure, it appears Paul is unlikely to mount a third-party campaign — he’s said so himself. But he’s also unlikely to spend the next few months out on the stump for the nominee, or even in dutiful silence. In fact, you can easily imagine Paul as an outspoken TV commentator from now until November, basically running without running just to keep his ideas in the mix.

But Paul is not really the GOP’s problem. It’s his followers, perhaps as much as 15 percent of the general electorate, many of them young, vocal and highly energized. Like Paul himself, they’re not exactly party regulars. No, Paul and his followers promise to be a lot like that fired employee who, if “handled” incorrectly at farewell, will make it his life’s work to, if not bring your organization down, at least show you how very wrong you were to cut the cord.

The Republican Party would be flat-out careless to let that happen. Dr. Paul’s exit isn’t exactly going to be unexpected. Plus, the GOP leadership has an excellent example of how to correctly part ways right under its nose — in President Obama’s masterful handling in 2008 of Hillary Clinton, a bitter opponent right to the end, and Joe Biden, an early loser in the Democratic primary race. Both of these “terminated” rivals, along with Bill Clinton and his minions, could have easily spent Obama’s general-election campaign and his first term engaged in subterfuge, natter-nattering to the media about the Newbie-in-Chief’s every little misstep. Instead, Hillary Clinton was given a big job and a big jet and the opportunity to become the most popular woman in America. And rather than being trundled back to his commuter seat on the Amtrak to Delaware, the gaffe-ridden Biden was anointed vice-president and given the not-insignificant job of humanizing the more aloof Obama, a role he clearly relishes.

And so it must be with the RNC and Ron Paul. There can be no brush-off. No “Phew, he’s gone. Now let’s get down to business.” No booby prize. Ron Paul needs to be given a role that really means something to him –- a role with influence and voice.

The details of this role are not for us to identify — they can only emerge from the kind of good-faith negotiations that party officials should initiate soon with the candidate. All we can say is, in this kind of setting, as in the best-practice business parting, the “victor” must err on the side of bigheartedness and dignity. Whatever speaking role Dr. Paul wants at the convention, give it to him. If he wants some sort of advisory role in the new administration, the answer is: “Of course.” Like a business leader designing a severance package with a key player, the GOP leadership’s mindset must be: “When he walks out that door, Ron Paul is going to be a friend for life.”

Because if he isn’t, Ron Paul and his followers will make their unhappiness known. And for the mishandling of this defining moment, the GOP will deserve their ire.

Just like any leader who botches goodbye.

Jack Welch was the CEO of General Electric for 21 years and is the founder of the Jack Welch Management Institute at Strayer University. Suzy Welch is an author, speaker and the former Editor of the Harvard Business Review.

PHOTO: Republican presidential candidate U.S .Representative Ron Paul (R-TX) makes a point during the Republican presidential candidates debate in Jacksonville, Florida January 26, 2012. REUTERS/Scott Audette



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I am not a Ron Paul supporter, but agree with the overall sentiments. But the GOP will continue to disenfranchise its core members like me. In 1962 Ronald Reagan said, “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left me.” I feel the same way about the Republican Party.

Posted by mleh | Report as abusive

The republicans’ only shot at retaking the white house is through Ron Paul. He is the only candidate who can sway the independent (and progressive/moderate democrat) vote in favor of the GOP. Otherwise, if Newt or Mitt (or whatever other GOP flavor of the month) is nominated, say hello to 4 more years of Barry Obama. It’s as simple as that.

Posted by Droplinebacker | Report as abusive

I think you may be right about Ron Paul getting a cabinet position. He did have a “Gentleman’s Agreement” with other GOP runners.
BUT.. I think you are underestimating the truth of his words by a large margin. The Revolution is happening…and it has a lot to do with States Rights being taken from them. I be-leave he has a lot of support from Governors and Democrats. Moreover he has the support of the people, not even Obama can claim that.
It’s a Well known fact that Dr. Paul does not even want to be President. But feels he has too for the sake of Liberty. We are becoming worse than Nazi Germany when it comes to personal freedoms.
Alot of people have woken up to this… I don’t see how any body can call themselves a Journalist without knowing this, in light of all the information available.

Posted by Vixon | Report as abusive

Have you asked Santorum to leave? He has far less support.
How is that investigation going of the errors in 131 precincts of which “not all errors favor Romney and Santorum” (so, who DO they favor?) and eight missing precints.

You people are sick. Manipulating news, cheating, all to keep the only honest and ethical man out of DC.

Posted by SharpinLA | Report as abusive

Ron Paul is a true patriot…

Posted by dghrty | Report as abusive

I’m a ‘party regular’, I voted for Reagan, and if Dr Paul isn’t the nominee, I won’t be voting Republican this time.

Posted by todaystomsawyer | Report as abusive

Mr. Welch,

What I think you misundertsand at a basic level is that we don’t simply support Dr. Paul for his views, we stand steadfastly AGAINST what the other candidates represent.

Mr. Romney, I have no doubt is a nice enough fellow, however it is obvious that he will say ANYTHING it takes to be elected. He does not come across as genuine and cannot hope to actually undertsand what the average American deals with every day. It’s not his fault..he is a product of his priviledged environment.He is another status quo candidate who does not differ on the issue sthat actually matter. When he says’ I will make our military so strong no naion on the face of the earth will dare challenge it” it tels me 2 things..First he has no idea how bad our fiscal situation is…where is this money going to come from? Secondly, in the world we live in today carriers and warplanes are not effective against the kind of asymmetric warfare imposed by the enemies we face today.

Mr. Gingrich, is a Washington insider who uses his connections in Washington to enrich himself and those who donate to his campaign. He is also a chameleon who is now taking a lot of Dr,. Paul’s positions and wrapping them up in a package with his tainted name on it. Thanks but I’ll take the original, HONEST man with the good ideas over the bought and paid for insider.

Mr Santorum, far too socially conservative and militaristic with a healthy dose of gay bashing to go along with it,. He is another candidate who wants to dictate what is best for us via government force..and his I ask you there anyone who he WOULDN’t bomb or refuse to talk to?

Ron Paul is the only honest man in the race, his ideas are good enough to be stolen by the other candidates but since he threatens the financial hegemonty of the monied people who CONTROL the republican party they feel they must oust him. If you really wanted to win the election with a candidate who can expose the hypocrisy of Obama and provide a stark contrast, who polls only second to Romney against Obama , you’d undertsand that Ron Paul is the ONLY choice for the people who support him AND the Republican party if they hope to take back the White house.

Don D’Amico

Posted by DonD73 | Report as abusive

Boy, this is a tough one. I feel as though I’ve just been given the “Design a Path to Peace in the Middle East” by Friday writing assignment from the toughest, but smartest, professor(s) in the philosophy department!

Besides a prominent speaking gig at the convention (which, frankly, won’t impress Dr. Paul one bit), how do you solve a problem like Maria? Reverend Mother sent her packing on a temp job and thankfully she fell in love (wife isn’t a job in the Abbey). Bingo! Cue credits.

GOP also needs a new job that doesn’t exist. Something that matches Dr. Paul’s particular talents as seemingly predestined as Maria & the Captain’s union (“Somewhere in my wicked, miserable past, there must have been a moment of truth”). I can think of only one assignment.

Secretary of the Constitution! It’s a new Cabinet position that offloads Constitution-related analysis from AG/DoJ (where, history has proven, it can do great harm). But more than that, SotC is responsible for educating everyone, everywhere about the virtues of the U.S. Constitution (in conjunction with the State Dept when abroad, of course).

And finally, SotC has the mission of leading the charge to study, refine, educate pols & voters, rally support and ultimately ratify “The Next 10 Amendments.” Google it. You’ll find in the book the solutions that will not only modernize the Federal govt (in every way), but also put America on solid footing for the next 200 years. How do I know? I wrote it. :-)

“How do you hold a.. earth-bathing burst of gamma rays from the Sun.. in your hand?” Secretary of the Constitution, of course. Bingo. Cue credits.

Just in time too. Happy Friday all.

Posted by DanFarfan | Report as abusive

It would be an enormous mistake for the republican party to toss Dr. Paul aside.

If Dr. Paul runs as a 3rd party candidate, the republican party will lose.

Posted by EchoSix | Report as abusive

Problem with the author’s logic is this: Ron Paul cannot be bought, for any price and he will not compromise. And even worse, his ethic has trickled down to his supporters like me.

Posted by NauticalGent | Report as abusive

Let the party do what it wants. Most Paul supporters I know are just writing his name in on the ballot in Nov. anyway. It insures a hand count.

Posted by thebigblue1 | Report as abusive

Mr. Welch. In your pompous smugness you underestimate the extent of Ron Paul’s appeal and influence. We (the ‘followers’ (lol) understand it but we don’t respect it. The world is changing, people are waking up and are getting smarter and disgusted with business as usual, the wars based on lies, the loss of freedom, the banskter bailouts, the theft and deception in high places, the trashing of the Constitution and the Empire eating up our Republic. Ron Paul may not win the presidency but the revolution he sparked will continue and eventually overtake ‘your’ reality. I can promise you that.

Posted by truthorelse | Report as abusive

Mr. Welch,
Principles over party. I suggest that many of Ron Paul’s supporters do not see any point in electing a Republican Obama. There are four New Dealers running, and then there’s Ron Paul.

Want a higher salary? Google JobWaltz; we’ll help you find a better job.

Posted by thrashertm2 | Report as abusive

@SharpinLA. There’s no attempt to manipulate the news here. This is an opinion column.

@DonD73: We’re betting Mrs Welch, not Mr, is the one to whom you should be adressing your comment and we’ve got $5 that says he hasn’t even seen it. His years-long primary for GE’s new CEO didn’t exactly include a secretary of anything job for the runners up.

Posted by WeWereWallSt | Report as abusive

Many insightful comments here. I was a Democrat and got disgusted with all the same criminals (old money) Obama brought into power and have switched to Ron Paul. He is honest, sincere and pragmatic.

If/when RP gets ousted – I will waste my vote on an independent – neither Demo or Repubo.

Posted by Butch_from_PA | Report as abusive

@Dan Farfan I’m sure your problem solving wasn’t meant to be nefarious, but it shows a fundamental lack of understanding of Ron Paul and his supporters. The base of Ron Paul’s fiscal plan calls for the elimination of 5 cabinet positions. He would never advocate (much less accept) the addition of invented cabinet positions to appease a much needed bloc of disenfranchised GOP voters. Please do your own research, and vet each candidate, on your own rather than relying on the media or anyone else to do it for you.

Posted by ajmayo | Report as abusive

I think both Mr. Welch, and as usual Paul’s supporters overstate Paul’s support and appeal. In terms of the Repbulican Party base, Paul does not have much, if any real institutional support in the party, and does best in those states which allow independents and democrats to vote in the primaries.

As to the general electorate, there are liberals & progressives and independent liberartarians/or libertarian-minded folks who like Ron Paul for various reasons.

As part of the former group I appreciate his steadfastedness, and am pleased there is someone making conservative arguments against the drug war, the oil wars and the surveillance state. BUT, I and I believe most liberals/progressives are not down with the rest of his agenda and basic philosophy and listen closely libertologists, NEVER will be. When I occasionally cheer for Paul, I’m cheering for the two or three good ideas that coincide with my own, and for his can-do spirit, but wouldn’t vote for him in a million years.

The latter group may be more likely to throw some support Paul’s way if they can’t take the good with the bad with Obama or hold their nose and vote for whichever of the Republican party’s frankly odious candidates emerges.

I don’t think this will total 15% as an independent. Maybe if he had done a better job explaining or even better apologizing for his racist past, including the acknowledgement of the FACT that states rights do NOT equal liberty for all – he could appeal more broadly across the spectrum, attract minority voters and be a real threat. Maybe Newt can lend him his dog-eared copy of “Rules for Radicals” :).

Having him further stir the pot at what is likely to be a massively contentious convention may not be the best idea for the Republicans.

Posted by ChevalierMalFet | Report as abusive

Having listened to forums where voters from all parties can phone in and express political opinions, the idea that even if Paul’s demands are met, I can’t imagine his supporters voting Republican.

If he’s not the nominee, the most common action I hear they will take is a write-in/third party. There’s very little I see that would attract them to the Republican party.

Posted by bpotter110 | Report as abusive

Frankly, I have felt for a long time that the Republicans have listened to the youth of the party and simply said, “go to hell”. The youth of the Republican party want it to be the Republican party again. In my life (since ’86), I have seen President after President spend more and pretty much ensure that by the time I am ready to retire, I’m screwed. They spend so much time and effort talking about no gay marriage and no abortion instead of leaving that for the states to decide; you know, that whole idea of states’ rights that used to be championed by Republicans. Frankly, taking a stand against gay marriage or abortion is not going to help me pay off student loans or afford a house to raise children in.

They have grandiose plans, and I like the fact that they believe Americans should only be limited by our imagination, but they completely and fundamentally ignore the fact that we need cooperation to achieve those goals. Republicans and Democrats both are so tit-for-tat and would rather say “we kept them from winning” than “we both are better off”. Its not about beating the other side, but about working together for the country. And the constant bashing of the other side as morons or un-American is ridiculous. Start talking, work out a plan and get moving. Neither side will get 100% of what they want, but those of us who have to deal with the fallout of no agreement sure as hell would like to see something happen.

Is Paul the best candidate, no. Some of his ideas are a little scary at times. But I have never seen him pander to a crowd with promises that are completely empty.

Posted by CityOfThorns | Report as abusive

The process is flawed right from the start. Those that have the power to ask the questions control everything. Only when we have a citizen picture with each question will we have a chance. Till then; it will always be a bunch of slimbags represent the US. Boo Chamber of Commerce, Boo Old Media, Boo Big Business

Real Name:Doug Pederson AKA SpectateSwamp

Posted by bloggerswamp | Report as abusive


When it comes to showing the workers the door, Jack should know.

Posted by Missinginaction | Report as abusive

I think the authors have written this article from their experience, which when it comes to “heart thinking, registers quite low on the scale. I believe that Ron Paul is the only candidate from either party that has a heart for leading this nation. What is missing in the US is a leader who leads from the heart. King Obama sits in the tower and points his fingers at others for his mistakes. Prince Mitt and Prince Newt have no heart to lead all the people of the country. Prince Rick only can point to himself and tell you what he has done. I believe Ron Paul could win the race, but if the money people have their way we will have 4 more years of devestation no matter which party wins.

Posted by fred5407 | Report as abusive

You say, “Have you ever woken up in the morning knowing you have to let someone go and just felt sick to your stomach? It’s the worst part of work, isn’t it? Even when it’s absolutely necessary — the money isn’t there or the employee hasn’t been contributing for ages — the emotional pain and mess of sending someone home is every good leader’s bête noire … when you fire a person the wrong way — that is, without generosity and respect … You’ve hurt someone unnecessarily.”

Are you SERIOUS?

I’ve worked as a Plant Controller and Finance Manager for some multinational corporations, and I KNOW what goes on behind these “closed door meetings”, and it sure isn’t what you are describing.

Maybe what you mean is when you have to fire someone in upper management and there are contractual issues involved, you are afraid of “blow back”, but that is NOT the norm and you know it.

Most people are fired for petty reasons having nothing whatsoever to do with the reasons given in the official dismissal letter, with no concern about respect for the individual, nor the paltry sum of money given them to survive on until they find another job — which in this economy is likely to be never.

Give us a break!

Your personal record speaks for itself, and it certainly isn’t consistent with what you are saying.


Posted by Gordon2352 | Report as abusive

This is one of the most condescending pieces of rubbish I’ve ever read.

Posted by josschw | Report as abusive

Process has already started. Count the number of times Newt said “I agree with Dr. Paul” last night.

Posted by jamoran | Report as abusive

He will get more than 15% and may actually win the nomination.
Your wishful thinking won’t work.

People like you tried to marginalized Reagan too and Reagan’s conservative foreign policy.

Paul is the only conservative on the stage with any integrity we can trust.
He is the only one bringing in new blood, independents, and the Reagan democrats.
And the only reason we are coming out to vote is because he can be trusted. We won’t vote for any of the others even if Paul endorses them.

No One But Paul = No One But Paul can Win against Obama!!

Posted by jlc27 | Report as abusive

Ron Paul is not Presidential material; those newletters of racist and divisive commentary are real, and I was in college during that time. I’m also not far from Paul’s district and that area is known for being seriously behind the times and quite racially separated (like the 1950s era he speaks of so lovingly)…

Posted by FtBendTx | Report as abusive

The USA is not about the Republican or Democratic Party, but about its people. The Parties are meant to serve the best interests of the people as a whole, not the other way around. The US is the most powerful country in the world (albeit increasingly challenged by China), in terms of its economic base and military weapons, with the ability to grow and destroy the world respectively. Hence its people must be led by a wise leader, not just for the US but the whole world. Who do you want? Ron Paul stands out as the obvious choice. Ron Paul is for the 100%, Obama and Romney for the 1%, Gingrich for the 0.1%, and Santorum for the 0%.

Posted by Sal20111 | Report as abusive


I’d actually love you guys, but I’m a guy too. Can you ridicule Krugman more? Pleeeeeze. Also, there’s this sort of apostolic thing going in with Paul. Can I charge you a fee for that story idea?

Posted by ARJTurgot2 | Report as abusive

It’s amazing, every time a news article is published that includes the phrase “Ron Paul,” people come out of the woodwork to repeat one of the same scripted arguments in favor of his campaign.

Paul supporters, I have to ask: is there an email newsletter or text alert that goes out every time the guy’s name is mentioned, commanding you to go forth and spread the word? It really gives the effect that Paul is the people’s candidate with an overwhelming amount of layperson support. But I’m highly suspicious that it’s actually the same 20 guys posting comments on every news website under a variety of aliases. Just had to ask.

Posted by Nullcorp | Report as abusive

An interesting point, and I think valid. The republican party seems to have lost touch with a demographic sympathetic to their central tenets, discarding small government and true capitalism for guns, money and ‘God’. Ron Paul appears to be the exception – very smart, if a bit crazy.

Quick point though, @vixon. The very fact that you were able to post that America is ‘becoming worse than Nazi Germany when it comes to personal freedoms’ four hours ago on a public forum (and that I can still read it) seems to disprove your point. America could use a lot less hyped-up rhetoric, that’s for sure.

Posted by io999 | Report as abusive

Ron Paul . . Fed Chairman . . .

Posted by Hinch | Report as abusive

Ron Paul voters are going to write him in no matter what.

It basically comes down to good vs evil.
All other candidates are evil along with the media.
They work for BIG MONEY, with its roots in the Federal Reserve backed up by the military industrial complex, and its lobbyists.

You can’t and won’t put us back to sleep, we are the last line of defense.

Posted by Tops220 | Report as abusive

I wonder exactly how the other GOP will go back in time and change their record, so it could actually seem like they mean what they say.

Ron Paul 2012 – or write in.

Posted by adrianbarona | Report as abusive


Dude[ette?], ya gotta get out more. Depends on the Reuters blog, but sometimes the different author names will link to previous posts. I think Paul fulfills a longing for a political leader with some sense of integrity that hasn’t been co-opted by a) money, b) b.s. party legacy baggage, c)lack of actual tangible human substance. With two presidents in a row setting record numbers for low approval, plus a legislative branch with an approval rating that normally gets governments overthrown I’d expect Paul fanatics would be more numerous in their comments.

I find the thinking of some of the commentors here absolutely common. Newt never met any source he wouldn’t take money from, Romney seems to have no commitment to any core idea, Obama has been revealed to be a well spoken empty suit, and Santorum is a nutcase. Ca-ching Paul by default.

Posted by ARJTurgot2 | Report as abusive

The Tireless Agorist: Loyalists to the Corporatocracy  /01/ ml

In a profoundly parallel era, Jack and Suzy Welch would have been British Loyalists, convinced that their children’s membership in the Sons of Liberty was a passing fad, soon to be outgrown. It is no more possible for the political establishment to “give” voice and dignity to Ron Paul and the liberty movement than it would have been for King George to impart already-existing voice and dignity to Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and the patriots. To the patriots of this century, there is no discernible difference between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. The political establishment has nothing to offer them, but to depart from the playing field more quietly than King George.

Posted by AgoristDon | Report as abusive

If Ron Paul does not get the nominee I will not be voting for any of those warmongering, blood thirsty jerks. I would rather vote for Obama then any of those other three. It will not matter if Ron Paul supports one of them or not , i still will not vote for them. I am supporting Ron Paul for a reason and none of the other three have what Ron Paul does. I will not support candidates who are only concerned with going to war with every country they can name , try to force their religious views on every one through policy like pro-life. Not interested in their fake promises and lies. I would rather not vote or vote for Obama. Snake Santorum has less support than Ron Paul but i don’t see anyone saying he should leave because he supports the blood thirsty , pro-war , bow down to Israel that the establishment wants. Ron Paul drops out so will I because it will be clear we will all be doomed with the others. Hopefully America is smarter than that but I doubt it.

Posted by frannyserevi | Report as abusive

@nullcorp – assume 15% of all voters like Dr. Paul. Not 15% rep or dem, 15% total. So an article like this gets Paul supporters to react.

I don’t see a wave of supporters embracing Newt Gingrich or Romney.

Bottom line – the ideal Republican candidate only exists in imagination. There is no real person that fits the republican glass slipper.

Posted by gordo365 | Report as abusive

Your wife conceded on CNN that all 4 of your children are Ron Paul supporters. I think Ron Paul’s constitutional message resonates with voters who are looking for a genuine republican. It should be noted that Ron Paul was endorsed by Reagan and he endorsed Reagan when so few others did in the 70’s. Ron Paul is a man of conviction and principles. No token gesture would be fitting. The constitution is an all or nothing agreement between the founders and this young nation. Perhaps the fact under a Ron Paul administration GE might have to pay something higher than ZERO for income taxes provided the motivation for this story. Perhaps Ron Paul isnt the problem. Perhaps the problem is tax evading crony capitalist companies like GE that use their muscle to influence Washington.

Posted by Fendot | Report as abusive

The only candidate who seems to have the most common sense is Ron Paul but he doesn’t have the support of those who REALLY put presidents in the White House: the corporations, especially big oil, the unions, and other big money interests. It would be my hope however, that Dr. Paul will drop the GOP, declare himself as an Independent and really shake up the embedded, life-long politicians who have driven our country into bankruptcy by playing partisan games. I must relate a most disturbing thought though, brought up by a friend: Ron Paul doesn’t really want the job; he’s merely paving the way for his son, Rand. That’s VERY disturbing because I don’t think Rand Paul has his head screwed on very tightly. If the old adage is true that, “the apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree”, then I REALLY fear for the future no matter who is elected. Confused? Welcome to 21st century politics.

Posted by Larry2012 | Report as abusive

What an appalling piece of garbage this is.

“Hello Republicons, we have an agitator in our midst who goes against the grain of our current no-tax-and-spend mantra of neo-christian-plutarchy-elitists who rob from the poor and give to the rich, so let’s agree to patting him on the head, bribing him into accepting a cush position, and hope his followers will shut the hell up.”

Did I miss anything?

Thanks, but no thanks.

This is more of the same elitist rich ruling class (plutarchs) telling their political puppets (our political leaders) what to do.

On the other hand, it is utterly amazing they would have the temerity to openly publish what looks like a textbook K Street Memo.

We live in interesting times.

Posted by NobleKin | Report as abusive

It seems like the only people that want to fire Ron Paul are the ones who have made money from bail outs, inside traders in the stock markets, corps that are backed by the govt and crooked business men who wouldnt profit from him being elected. Ron Pauls followers are not only young people, but middle aged and older populations, too. America doesnt need any more Obama/Romneycare, people like you are so disconnected from people like me you dont care about what happens because you have all the money in the world to be able to buy the things you want. People are waking up more every day to find out Ron Paul isnt the kook you make him out to be. He is for the people, a genuine man who CANNOT be bought or sold. He is just what America needs. Forget about right or left, lets get back to a constitutional republic and try getting Americans back on their feet for once. Everyone needs to wake up from their right/left coma and do some research on each candidate to find out who is doing what and what they ACTUALLY stand for. Most people would be horrified to find out what Mitt and Newt have done in the past or how much they are really worth including their off shore banking accts. All Romney and Gingrich do are fight over who is more corrupt and seedy while Dr Paul waits to talk about cutting a trillion dollars and the economic crises that needs to be dealt with. You are both out of touch with the real American people…

Posted by asleepnomore | Report as abusive

Thanks for the article Mr. Welch. After reading that, I’m more motivated than ever to vote Ron Paul, your disingenuous attempt at dismissing the only candidate with an iota of integrity is pathetic.

Posted by K-dub | Report as abusive

Ps. This article offers every American a clear glimpse of what is going on in this country, and what is in the minds of those who have the wealth to control our so-called democracy.

I am more disgusted reading it the second time.

Posted by NobleKin | Report as abusive

More of the same. We are used to this type of bashing disguised as “nicey nice” rhetoric designed to influence people. This 62 year old Veteran supports freedom and liberty, Not socialism or progressive destruction of our constitution, as these morons obviously support. You…Welch’s, have fooled no one and the your ignorance lies in the fact that you have no idea just how large, and diversified Ron Paul’s support base actually is. Take your fear mongering somewhere else where the sheep haven’t already been sheared. We are wise to you and all like you. It no longer works. It’s too late!

Posted by ttj49 | Report as abusive

@ Nullcorp- I don’t know about the other Paul supporters, but I’m a news junkie, subscribe to the Daily Paul (which posts current articles/videos), and have a keyword news alert sent to my email.. I’m clearly a ‘paulbot’. I’m also a small business owner and a grandmother. His appeal is broader than MSM wants people to think…

Posted by todaystomsawyer | Report as abusive

Yeah right! Ask yourself this question. Does the GOP even want to win this time around?
Is it all a sham to pick the worst contender, so that Obama wins. I know the media works towards this goal, but does the GOP share the same goal? Yes, the main stream media does work towards this goal. That is very clear to anyone who lives with their eyes open and their mind engaged. Since it is obvious that Ron Paul is the only real conservative republican running…it sure makes you think the GOP wants to loose this election by supporting anyone but Ron Paul.

Posted by goatman38 | Report as abusive

There’s little that Romney could offer Paul, and little that Paul can threaten to do. It’s a stalemate.

First, how many of Paul’s supporters can be persuaded to vote for any eventual GOP nominee (which will almost certainly be Romney, “barring gaffe or scandal”)? Even if Romney were to embrace every single policy position of Dr. Paul’s it seems very unlikely that Paul voters would believe him. A bit of window dressing strikes me as the limit – Romney can talk about “liberty” (he’s started doing that here and there) and occasionally use the term “states rights” (but he has to be careful about how he uses what has been historically a code word for discrimination: Repubs have typically limited themselves to complaining about “unfunded mandates” or excessive Federal power).

The most obvious problem is what Paul actually gets (which you seem reluctant to discuss). Would a GOP Senate confirm Ron Paul as Bernanke’s replacement at the Fed? Wall Street would hardly welcome that, and Romney wouldn’t like it either. How about a foriegn policy position? That’s not going to warm the cockles of Republican hearts. Perhaps he could be put up as the head of one of the agencies he wants to eliminate such as the EPA, although this seems likely to produce a filibuster by Senate Dems (if there are 40 left, as seems likely) – unless it’s done via a recess appointment. An ambassadorship seems only minimally fitting, and would probably not be acceptable to either Paul or his supporters. Advocate a return to the Gold Standard? No chance.

Even social issues are off the table: if Romney wins and the Repubs control both houses of Congress, Repubs will demand constitutional ammendments on abortion and gay marriage. What’s in it for a President Romney if he refuses? Nothing. Decriminalization of drugs and prostitution?? Surely you jest.

Romney can change his rhetoric a little, praise Dr. Paul effusively, offer him a convention speaking slot (which Paul will not take, because he’d have to endorse Romney), or perhaps increase the depth of budget cuts (but he has to be careful about alienating swing voters). That’s about it.

My guess is that the ‘Paulbots’ (not my term) will stay home in November, which will help the President to some extent, but it will certainly not be decisive. Any effort by the Campaign For Liberty or the Pauls themselves to support a third party candidate like Gary Johnson will be very helpful to Obama: this may cripple future opportunities for Rand.

Posted by RMoS | Report as abusive

It is the way the Chase family at Eaglebrook school had always treated its staff and fsculty. It may explain some of there success. Great column. How do I subscribe to your blog? I do not see a button on here to do so. Of course I really want to read your 4 kids boots!!! I love their political leanings!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous | Report as abusive

Mr. Welch,

You should talk to your children. If indeed they are Ron Paul supporters you might learn something from them. Maybe they want a better future than the one the establishment is leaving for them today.

Posted by goatman38 | Report as abusive

To me the most important thing that Ron Paul does is exemplify many traditional conservative values and positions that the Republicans loudly preach but do not practice. You know what they are.

The GOP can and will terminate him with prejudice for exactly that reason.

Posted by RynoM | Report as abusive

I am a Democrat. For the time being anyway.

Two things:

First, Hillary did not need Obama to give her the “opportunity” to become the most admired woman in America. She had a lock on that title long before Obama came along.

Second, after seeing what the repubs did to Clinton during his presidency (with hypocrite Newt right in the mix), and then seeing the lockstep support for the madness of King George W, I swore I’d never, ever pull the lever for another republican.

Ron Paul has changed my mind, and I hope I have the option to vote for him in November, whether as the repub nominee or as a third-party candidate.

“Firing” Paul would result in far more harm to the GOP than to Paul and his movement.

Posted by bluebear | Report as abusive

Well, let’s see… little old guy standing there… the other three all but ignoring him, sometimes agreeing with him… Basically dismissing him like they consider him no threat or just plain crazy..

Yet, when he spoke he spoke truthfully, unwavering and decisively about what he will do..

I recall a story similar to that type situation…

David walked away with the guy’s head… lol

Posted by SecretsofSafety | Report as abusive

Jack and Suzy Welch should be fired. Their presumptions are presposterous as Ron Paul supporters could never embrace a Romney, Santorum, or Gingrich. We like RP because he is honest, consistant, and has proper values. The others are the opposites. Go back into retirement!!!

Posted by LouGignac | Report as abusive

Yes, I agree “firing” Dr. Paul would not be a smart move on behalf of the GOP. As others have stated many of us feel we are republicans without a party because the party has strayed so far from its core values. I’m tired of the party nominating “their guy” before the primaries are over, this is stealing the voice of the electorate, whether you realize it or not.

I’ve attended local GOP meetings and I must say I’m less and less impressed with these so called conservatives, they act like whiney liberals with all of their name calling and bashing of their own members, it’s truly disgusting.

But all of the GOP’s actions are making one thing certain, there will be a viable third party SOON and that is the ultimate in firing…. when you can tell the “company” I’m outta here, you’ve been FIRED.

Posted by Kathl33n | Report as abusive

Fundamentally, the Republican Party has left its roots. Most Republicans no longer believe in liberty, freedom, free elections, or social tolerance.

A divorce is coming between the social conservatives and fiscal liberals that make up the majority of the Republican Party and the social liberals and fiscal conservatives that follow Ron Paul. They are fundamentally incompatible and no sleight of hand will make that division go away.

Ron Paul is against our wars and our meddling in favor of Israel. This is a core source of his strength and a core source of the rampant fear of the Pro-Israel groups that dominate both political parties. An Anti-War Republican is almost a joke in the eyes of the public.

Ron Paul is for the legalization of marijuana. He would greatly reduce the American prison and law enforcement industry. Republican? Not generally.

Can we really afford to spend our entire fiscal deficit on Israel, decade in, decade out, but cannot afford social benefits? Can we really afford our drug war and our anti-sex war, but not medical care already charged for? Of course we cannot. And the only way this happens is that we have rigged elections. Dr. Paul does not support rigged elections in the USA.

No, the problem is with the corruption.

The public does not want it.

Posted by txgadfly | Report as abusive

@ARJTurgot2. Thanks for your nice note. Sure, send us the bill. We’ll pay it right after we pay Olympus and Corzine for theirs!

Posted by WeWereWallSt | Report as abusive

Actually the “worst part” of a job is getting fired, not firing someone. At least for most people. But thanks for giving us the perspective of the 1%. You have my sympathies.

Posted by WASpcal | Report as abusive

Two-party politics is not the democratic way. George Washington himself shared disdain for the two-party system saying effectively it will undermine the government’s ability to get their job done. Registered Republicans and Democrats seldom determine an election. The Independent voters along with Green, Libertarian, Progressive, and Tea party voters decide elections based on a candidate’s merit (optimistic view).

Everyone in the media has decided to do their best to vilify Ron Paul because he’s the wildcard in this race. Democrats have their polarizing, self-centered incumbent and Republicans have a choice between a guy that buys, sells, and lays off Americans for a living or the most unethical, lying Congressional candidate we’ve ever seen.

So, for those voters who are basing our decisions on merit, we’re not interested in these tragically flawed candidates. In order to save this country, we need the government downsized drastically which cannot happen if we’re still in Afghanistan. In order to save this country, we need to flatten our taxes and ensure that the lobbyists of corporate America aren’t running our country. In order to save this country, we need to protect the written Constitution and our Bill of Rights from zealous government agencies.

Ron Paul is the candidate that could help America get back on track before we hit bankruptcy. But since big business, media outlets, and super PACs are keeping him from office, eventually Americans will have to retake this government (which has a 14% satisfaction rating). I’m afraid that once our credit limits are cut, a bloody American Spring is a foregone conclusion.

Watch what you say media outlets because you are becoming part of the problem more than the solution!

Posted by BBCue | Report as abusive

@ajmayo, You’ve misinterpreted the reason Dr. Paul is in favor of eliminating government agencies. It’s not to have fewer cabinet positions (which would make him reflexively against adding a cabinet position, as you assert), it’s to stop the Federal govt doing things the Fed govt shouldn’t be doing (i.e. outside the Constitution). Surely there’s no rational argument that supporting the Constitution is outside the Constitution and thus off limits for the Federal govt. SotC will help keep the Federal govt in check by regarding the Constitution first, not 3, 4 or 5 years later.


Posted by DanFarfan | Report as abusive

If Reuters and other so-called “respected” news outlets would stop incessantly talking about Gingrich , Romney, and Santorum because they are establishment GOP, Ronald Paul would actually have a real chance. In fact, he would win in a landslide, he dominates the debates he has no personal baggage a veteran a doctor and a predictor of the crisis that got us in this mess. But no, mainstream media is paid to make sure Ronald Paul doesn’t get attention even though he gets the most support from veterans and a thumping grassroots campaign. Paul was consistently coming in around 20 percent of the vote for Iowa and NH(wins the polls best against Obama), but nope I hear about Gingrich who had a pathetic 10% in the polls. This is all about talk about one candidate enough to build him up when all they’re doing is setting up another Bob Dole to be led to slaughter at Barack’s sacrificial oval office. They KNOW Ron Paul is a real threat to Obama’s campaign because he will take his vote away(especially his stance on the war on drugs). Corporatists like Rupert Murdoch and Jeffery Immelt is fine with Barry as pres, Barry is just like Bush on working with the mega-companies and they like him. Ronald Paul will NOT be Corporate America’s friend. This worries them that he has as much support that he does despite the absolutely NO MENTION of him in main stream media and frankly I’m disgusted for Reuters to put out an opinion piece on him needing to leave. NO NO NO NO
Santorum needs to gtfo, and Romney needs to realize he will never motivate his base because of the Mormon issue and also the disdain for the silver-spoon candidate in these tough times(a 15% tax rate Romney, really?).

If GOP wants a guarantee win(which they don’t they’re perfectly fine with a Tea Party legislative branch and a corporatist president) they would make the ticket Paul Gingrich perfect combo. Paul brings in swing voters and grassroots support and calms the moderates who are afraid of Gingrich because it’s aight if Paul is in charge, Gingrich motivates the shrinking but still present GOP base and it’s ok for him to have baggage as VP because a VP is supposed to take heat off the president and be the “not-so-nice guy” Cheney is your stellar example for that. It’s all about balance on a ticket.

Posted by Illuminus | Report as abusive

Does anyone really think that Ron pulls such a large share of the electorate because he is cute? No, it his ideas that have power. Since no other candidate espouses these ideals, anything short of the VP slot for Ron (or Rand Paul) would cause Ron Paul’s supporters to flee. The party that comes closest to embracing the ideas that Ron Paul (and our founding fathers) have enunciated – is the party that will win.

Posted by Polestar2012 | Report as abusive

Dear Jack, you miss the point. I , as one of your faithful, quoted in an LA Times Article considering you as the Captain of the ship and I stoking the furnace,lose sight of what Ron Paul stands for. You were an admired leader. We did things for you because you empowered us. It is not like you to tell us that Paul can’t win, but why he should! Is he not the new Captain we need? Captain, what are your core beliefs on Liberty? We, as Americans, need you in our corner. Do the right thing.

Posted by dr.bob | Report as abusive

The message of Ron Paul is more important than Ron Paul. I don’t think he really thought he had a chance at winning the Republican nomination, but the message is what is important to him. Will he run as a third party candidate? Hard to tell.

I would love for him to help create a third party that is not just another Libertarian clone. If you listen closely anything that is not needed by the Federal government is deferred to the states. Decriminalizing drugs on a Federal level does not mean legal drugs everywhere, it just makes it up to the states to decide what they do and don’t do. Just like we still have dry counties that don’t serve alchohol. Those who state it can’t work are either uninformed or lying because that is how it works for a lot of our laws.

As far as US defense, lets spend it on defense of the US and not the world. We are paying our tax dollars to defend Europe, countries in the middle east, countries in Africa, and countries in Asia. At what point do we see that our allies are selling off their military (literally selling off boats/planes/arms) to fix their own budgets and depending on the US to spend our money and soldiers to be their military? Every conflict we get involved in creates more enemies. We don’t need to pick sides in every conflict in the world.

Posted by UnPartisan | Report as abusive

Over at Motley fool, they say Jack’s old company is the number one in spending on lobbyists in Washington. Given that they are into defense contracting and home mortgages, I am not surprised that he is not enamored with Ron Paul.

Posted by wabashanderie | Report as abusive

This article is just a feeler for Ron. Pubs want to know what he wants but will not ask in person. message sent via article?

Posted by melto | Report as abusive

Ron Paul does not speak for me nor does he want to. I support him as my candidate for the GOP nomination. If he is not nominated, I will write him in. I don’t care one bit if Obama beats Romney, they are both the same anyway. 12,000+ people have already signed the pledge to vote Ron Paul all the way. Come visit us and put yourself on the map at They can’t win without us.

Posted by Caardvaark | Report as abusive

Wait a minute, is this the notorious Jack Welch from GE? The ruthless, unwavering Jack Welch that LOVES to fire people? LOL

Posted by markcwells | Report as abusive

You dis Paul,you dis U.S.

Posted by suakfox | Report as abusive

The Welch’s forget that the American people have a say in who the GOP nominee will be! It’s call the process of selecting delegates to the GOP convention. Ron Paul and his campaign are putting forth a message worthy of the American peoples attention. It is his message that is the problem, not the man. Ron Paul’s message threatens the very foundation upon which the elite ruling class thrive and so he is marginalized as the guy who needs a pink slip! Before this campaign he wasn’t even considered a hire, and now that the revolutions numbers have surpassed his ceiling he is on the GOP payroll? The elite ruling class, who by the way benefit from connections to Federal Reserve system fail to see that this election is not merely about a man, it’s about what is wrong with our country’s monetary system, foreign policy, and out of control federal government. This election is going to determine if the people elect a leader that will save our Republic or one that the status quo owns and continues the destruction of our dollar, the elimination of our personal freedoms, and ultimately our nations sovereignty! The Welch’s for all their good intentions do not speak for the American people and should let the process of the campaigns continue without telling us who should be fired and how!

Posted by JeffreyKelly | Report as abusive

I hear that Ron Paul’s supporters are all young. I’m 54, a veteran, Lifelong Republican and I know lots of people that are supporting Ron Paul that aren’t young. If the GOP doesn’t nominate Ron Paul they can kiss the election goodby. Ron Paul is the only one that moderate independents or Democrats would support. Other wise they will vote Obama to keep the current GOP candidates from obtaining office. Republicans need to realize one thing. They have never won elections, They have enlisted the help of the independents to win office. If they put anyone else up they give the election to Obama unless Ron Paul does run independent. Who knows if enough GOP, Independents and Dems vote independent ROn Paul we could have a president that didn’t come from either party. All I can say for sure is Ron Paul supporters will not be handled like Jack and his wife have said. They will take their energy elsewhere and the GOP will have blown their last chance to see a GOP President again. This will bring down the GOP and you can take that to the bank.

Posted by magicmann | Report as abusive

I’m not very enthusiastic about listening to Mr. Welch, sounds like old politics to me. The same old-school brainwashing rhetoric. Jack-you and GE should really pay some taxes!

Don’t count out Ron Paul. And your right about us crazy Ron Paul supporters. We would rather vote for the candidate with the highest probability of doing what he says he is going to do, instead of your cookie cutter candidate.

Posted by sammahoney | Report as abusive

Why is so much time being wasted on an OLD, OUT of TOUCH, INCOHERENT politician like Paul, he obviously is way out of his skill base as a candidate for PRESIDENT of the United States of America, in fact is it true that he has not any legislation of any positive, constructive, people oriented support for the betterment of the standard of living or quality of life, except for his contributors or benefactors during his tenure in congress??? and why is R. Paul even considered for the office he presently holds in congress,as his campaign clearly shows he totally inadequate for most government office…Just A Thought!!!

Posted by DOYEN | Report as abusive

Ron Paul and his narrow minded supporters are the main reason for his failure in impressing GOP Americans, in other words they and him are his worst ENEMIES….TRULY out of touch and uninspiring….Just a Thought!!!

Posted by DOYEN | Report as abusive

Ron Paul is the only hope this country has. All the rest are just a continuation of the policies that are whats wrong. Everybody I talk to wants to see the Fraudulent in charge removed from office. None of these same people would would vote to reelect him even though some admitted to voting for him the firs time. It shows in the media coverage of the debates that Dr. Paul is a genuine problem to the men behind the curtain. Much like the lack of coverage of the court case over the birth certificate. Before you get all up in a tiff libtards where exactly will you fit into the picture. Its all about us(Leaders) and them (sheep) and Ill bet when its all said and done your on the them side of the fence with all the bottom feeders. After all there is only a few good positions in the socalist system and thoes are at the very top. The rest of the usefull idiots will be sent off to the camps. Look around the world at all the wonderful examples of the standard of living with a socialist agenda. I See in my daily travels probably a 3 Ron Paul signs to 1 of all the others combined. Admitted not a scientific method but it makes me wonder about the media always promoting the other ahem cannifakes. Just like the court case, the truth is being exposed the media isnt going to cover it nor the real numbers of how far ahead Ron is.

Posted by seanoamericano | Report as abusive

you should be ashammed you wrote this.

Posted by katezz | Report as abusive

See? This article is exactly what everyone is talking about the media being in the pocket of the establishment of career politicians and business as usual. You wrote off Ron Paul in this article. This is still America, even though it may only be for a short time. But in between now and November the average tax paying citizen still has an outside shot by getting Ron Paul in the white house. It’s not over yet, only maybe because articles like this and the paid for people that write this yellow journalism think it is.

Posted by Levendi | Report as abusive

Hey!, tell your 4 children that back Ron Paul I said hello—we all saw the clip! :) —even your own kids know the truth and what is the only hope for America.

Posted by Anikafreeka | Report as abusive

Awwww, you should, blessings upon him, give him a bagel or perhaps some liver pate in a nice lunch bag, preferably a stylish bag. But since you have decided to fire him you must treat him with respect and handling him appropriately….

Sorry, the only ones who will elect Paul, or fire him by default, are the voters. Thanks Jack, our government is not yet your business and you aren’t the CEO. Shalom.

Posted by JavaMcPhearson | Report as abusive

This very interview validates that Paul is the only threat to Romney. Welch does not mention the other candidates as they have already lost the possibility by delegate votes. The fact that Welch’s four sons endorse Paul is revealing. Welch is the mascot of the 1% that stake their wealth on the military-industrial complex and its Washington bitch, our current form of government.

Paul will reset the balance in a way that does not favor the 1% or the 99% but stands for the continuation of our nation, a powerful but fair and reasonable actor on the world stage, and our kid’s future.

Posted by JavaMcPhearson | Report as abusive

Jack and Suzy Welch are wrong and all 4 of their boys support Ron Paul.

Now that Reuters has hired them, I will refuse to use their site and use any of their sponsors products, so will millions more.

Ron Paul is the antidote to the corruption and disregard for the Rule of Law in this country. Ron Paul is the only one that can “Restore America Now!”

If you want to have Liberty, a sound monetary policy and actually see the constitution restored, vote for Ron Paul 2012

Posted by hahanope | Report as abusive

Sorry, but this isn’t going to be one that the GOP can simply walk away from. Jack, you clearly are unable to see the problems that ordinary Americans face on a daily basis, and we are sick of having people like you dictate to our government what it will and will not do, interfering with our electoral process in a way entirely out of proportion with the weight you should have, and generally screwing us over every chance you get.
The level of corruption in our government has passed the point we can ignore. It’s Paul or bust.

Posted by RSJ | Report as abusive

RE:”Paul and his followers promise to be a lot like that fired employee who, if “handled” incorrectly at farewell, will make it his life’s work to, if not bring your organization down, at least show you how very wrong you were to cut the cord.”

…yeah, that’s going to happen regardless so you might as well get used to the idea of individualism.. the collective idea is a thing of the past and has proven to be devistating to the global economy. It’s time to be individuals again and take responsibilty for whatever you do.. Collectivism was only created to keep rich people rich and poor people poor.. that should be clearly obvious now…

Posted by Silkster | Report as abusive

politicaljunkie is exactly right. No president is elected unless approved by the Jews and Isreal. The US voter is under an illusion thinking that he/she actually elects anyone. This is not a democracy. The elections are decided by people like Adelson and Big Money Bags.

Posted by rasputyn | Report as abusive

moss_GR, I don’t know about Cal Coolidge, but I think that Dr Paul is more like Andrew Jackson, totally incorruptible by lobbyists and their big briefcases stuffed with cash. He is not beholden to rich sponsors, but only to the nation of taxpayers. This has to be a grass-roots effort, people contacting people. Big business, the super rich 1.6%, and the MIL-IND are against him, because guess what, he would clamp down on their thievery of the public treasury over the past 30 years.

Posted by rasputyn | Report as abusive

I agree however I think it is in reverse. I think the Ron Paul supporters will end up firing the GOP… I think that is what is entirely out of perspective with many media outlets and political pundits. They somehow think that we the people work for them… And that if we do not walk lockstep with the new party platforms we will be fired (disinfranchized). People who support the limitations imposed on government by the Constitution will have nowhere to get representation. The fact is the GOP will be fired by many Americans. I think many of them have sold out to corporate interests much like their counterparts. I did not leave the party, rather they left me…. (Quote from Ronald Reagan)

Posted by JCummins | Report as abusive

The irony is that Ron Paul is constantly being asked if he will run as a third party candidate, however, none of the other candidates are asked this same question. It is as if they want him to step aside and let the GOP continue without him that way they can relagate him and his ideas to outside the mainstream (two party) and of course this will prompt the response to throwing away your vote on third party candiates. This nonsense implies that somehow or some way the RNC is entitled to my vote simply because I am registered Republican. The point is they have to earn my vote and the pendelum swings both ways. I am so tired of the lesser of two evils… especially when a true Statesman emerges who’s behavior is consistent with his beliefs. A person of integrity is running for the GOP. Ron Paul is one who can unite the party… all the others will simply cause further splintering and disinfranchizement.

Posted by JCummins | Report as abusive

The Republican Party has become the sponsor of GREED, FEAR, and RELIGIOUS SUPERSTITION…Now, remove any thought of scientific reality and you have what the Party represents! We have succumbed to what IKE warned of: the military industrial complex.

Posted by nopleabargains | Report as abusive

The reason Ron Paul is constantly pestered with questions regarding his possibly running as a 3rd party nominee is because he is the only potential candidate capable of pulling enough independent, libertarian party, constitution party, democratic party, republican party and green party voters away from the annointed two party favorites and having a tangible effect on who is the next president. All the rest are simply unsophisticated peas in a conviction-less, rudderless, amoral pod.

Like many others, unless Ron Paul is the Republican nominee, I’ll be voting Libertarian.

Posted by JoeR_ | Report as abusive

I am 50+ yrs of age Ron Paul supporter. I am conservative, married, Christian, 2A supporter, father, brother, son, uncle and veteran of the Armed Services. The GOP is out of touch with fiscal conservatives like me. More importantly, the US foreign policy which has been one of pre-emptive strikes, unmanned drones flying over foreign soil and taking out “terrorists” simply does not sit well with me. Just as importantly, the money that flows from the USA to friends and foes alike is over the top. My family includes numerous members that are 1st generation immigrants thats came to the USA legally. The part of the country I live in has the streets, sidewalks and parking lots filled with illegals waiting for their next “job.”

I will not vote for one of the 3 stooges (Mitt, Newt or Rick) – never. I will write in Ron Paul or vote for another conservative candidate that is not bought and sold repeatedly by the special interest groups and PACS.

Should the GOP worry? Yes, the GOP should worry. They are out of touch and losing conservatives that are sick and tired of the status quo. As for the Tea Party…. well, let’s just say it has been hijacked by the GOP and leave it at that. The fact that the Tea Party would support Rick Perry or New Gingrich let’s you know how far gone the Tea Party is now.

Vote Ron Paul – write in Ron Paul – let your voice be heard.

Posted by dean2ks | Report as abusive

” It’s his followers, perhaps as much as 15 percent of the general electorate, many of them young, vocal and highly energized.” – You forgot to leave out, generally highly educated and intelligent.
We are those things, and we are seriously angered that politicians and people with political clout continue to spiral this country out of control. “Ron Paul is too extreme…” is what I hear all the time. Have you seen our budget deficit for this year alone..? If the answer is yes, then I ask you if you understand what a (-) in front of a number means…

Posted by YUPtrev | Report as abusive

Ron Paul isn’t one of my favorites because of his racial views but I will say he already isn’t being treated fair. They are all but ignoring him and trying to keep him in the background and make him seem like he lost before the got started. Even if I believe he is a racist I still think he should be given the same treatment as all the other candidates. I believe in the democratic way and belief the Media should give Americans the facts and allow them to make their own choices.

Posted by blessed1 | Report as abusive

Actually Ron Paul might make the ideal director of the Office of Management and Budget, since he is so anti-government. Federal employees are not as thrift minded in general as state employees and lessons in economy and efficiency would not hurt. Also, the federal government contracts out so much work that in many cases it no longer has in agencies the technical knowledge to make rational contracts. Computer software projects for example require more than anything else continuity of programming and software maintenance. Big software development projects can take years to final acceptance, even when sometimes a single programmer/analyst could do the entire project along if added by a documentation writer and a software manual writer. After all it is common knowledge in programming computers that 10% of the programming staff does 90% of the programming because of native abilities with acquired expertise. I once was one of that 10%.

Posted by SeniorMoment | Report as abusive

Jack Welch is right on the money.

Ron Paul is either is VP for Romney with Romney presenting them as a team to achieve Ron Paul’s goals or he loses to Obama.

Ron Paul himself exclaims it is not about him but about his message so he would be willing to work with Romney his goals.

Those two would be an unstoppable force together as they are not only the two smartest men in the room but the two most ethical men.

Posted by elderwesto | Report as abusive

I will vote for candidate Ron Paul. If he’s not the nominee, I will write him in or on with a Sharpie. Regardless of the outcome, a conversation has finally begun regarding the so called choice of a two party system.

Posted by TagIamit | Report as abusive

Neo-con Hannity ignores Ron Paul constantly on his show. Even last night he was talking about the next upcoming things for the candidates and all the advertisement pictures had all the candidates EXCEPT Ron Paul. If that wasn’t a subtle hint, I don’t know what it is then.. I’m glad I don’t watch that show because when I do I want to punch the TV screen..

Posted by Silkster | Report as abusive

I wrote a piece on the Welches’ column for The Weekly Standard. It is titled Ron Paul — and the ‘Pink Slip’– my thesis is that because, in politics, for every action there is a reaction, giving Ron Paul a prominent speaking role at the convention, etc. is unlikely to help the Republican cause. Those interested can read the whole column here: paul-and-pink-slip_620836.html?nopager=1

Posted by JPrevor | Report as abusive

Ron Paul represents the values and ideas that the vast majority of American’s want. Too bad his message has been ignored and obfuscated by the media to the point that they aren’t properly understood. It is amazing, however, to note that even with the cards clearly stacked against him there are large numbers of people that support him. I’m getting tired of hearing that his supporters are a bunch of college kids. Yes, on one hand I get the irony of a 76 year-old candidate even appealing to youg people, and I think that’s good. But I’m 55 years old and me and my contemporaries love the guy too.

Posted by GLK | Report as abusive

Kind of funny that Jack Welch, the former grand poobah of GE, would be writing commentary like this, since GE has been in the pocket of Obama since day 1.

Posted by BobSmith223 | Report as abusive

as long as he doesn’t become secretary of the treasury i’m fine with this

Posted by notquiteover | Report as abusive

Dear Jack and Suzy, what makes you think Ron Paul won’t get elected? Because the media and the GOP don’t like the idea of him breaking up the Establishment? Got news for you. Ron Paul will be living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave or America will end. Simple as that. I will gladly cost the GOP the election if they don’t nominate Ron Paul and it will be unconditionally. I either vote for Ron Paul or I vote for Ron Paul. No one or nothing will change my mind. I wish he would go 3rd party. I want the GOP to lose. Piss on the GOP. They are just as bad as the Dumbocrats! He will be POTUS NOT VP. And he will choose his own running mate who’s idea’s align with his own not leftovers Newt, Mitt or Rick. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Posted by armed2theteeth | Report as abusive

I don’t see Ron or Rand Paul being offered the job as VP under a ad-MITT-istration, because his foreign policy ideas keep the military-industrial complex from making trillions, so it will not be allowed.
However – I would be willing to bet that Mitt, were he to be elected, might name Ron Treasury Secretary.

Posted by jgmaynard | Report as abusive

This article is dead on. (Can’t beleive I am saying this about a CBS article) The 10-15% of us that support the ideals of returning to a Constitutional Republic, Sound Money and endless pre-emptive wars will be reluctant to vote for a GOP candidate if Rep. Paul is not allowed a role in a Republican Administration or at least our positions are adopted in some way. GOP, you need us. Don’t think we’ll all fall in line in August if one of the other three are nominated.

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I’m changing my registration from Independent now so that I can vote for Ron Paul in a primary.

America has been run into the ground by politicians on the take from Wall St financiers, who put their pocketbook and self interests first. They also collude and connive on ways to put US taxpayers on the hook for a foreign policy that does not benefit the USA, and that requires young Americans (the financiers rarely participate) give up their lives in non-productive wars. All of this is about forcing Americans to pay for the whims of the 1%.

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@txgadfly Jan 28, 2012
12:16 am EST

Excellent post. What I fail to understand is if those on message boards can see the problems and solutions, why can’t those who hold a degree of power because they were elected or appointed to run our representative republic (aka democracy).

There is a strong case that our country has been hijacked and we no longer have a democracy and those on top understand our dire predicament and are essentially afraid to act. All of which makes it so absolutely important that we have a leader that is not afraid to speak the facts and truth when it comes to liberty, freedom and fiscal responsibility to America. The crony corrupt establishment has come to see this as a threat to their domination.

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i can’t believe the overwhelming whining about how the media is to blame. you all sound like mindless little children who have been caught by their parents not doing their homework. rather, playing copy-cat and just word for wording everything instead of researching and interpreting what you have learned. yes, sometimes the media, ALL MEDIA, is prejudiced one way or another. but to blame your inability to grow up and form your own opinions that you farmed yourself is exactly the problem, NOT the media. act like an adult, for once.

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Only the GOP’s adoption of Ron Paul’s foreign policy and emphasis on personal liberty will satisfy the new Republicans who support him.

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I know you are a very respected and smart guy but I think you fail to realize the anger of American voters and the following the Dr. Paul is enjoying. Romney and Gingrich nor Santorum are the cure for what ails this country, I hope others follow me, because I say it’s Ron Paul or nobody. I am voting for him, write-in vote no matter what. If Obama gets reelected, I don’t care…it doesn’t matter anymore, both parties spend us into oblivion and lie to the people…screw the two party system, screw Obama, Romney and especially big business whose relationship with politicians is the biggest problem.

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I had no idea that Joe Biden was “anointed” Vice President. What did our deity tell him?

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Hehe ..beautiful. Ron Paul continues to scare people with the constitution. If they are this scared…he must be right about a few things

Fact is current foreign policy has not stopped Iran and the new ability to strike anywhere in the world. N Korea or India or Pakistan…
China’s building aircraft carriers and anti-carrier missiles.

Maybe the smartest people aren’t so smart.

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“Maybe the smartest people aren’t so smart.” The three stooges made a lot of people look smarter than they actually were. Paul needs Romney, Gingrich and Santorum more than they need him.

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I wish this will be a landslide.

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If Ron isn’t the nominee, I’m not going to take time off from work to go vote for a Republican big government, pro torture, pro rendition, world domination Socialized medicine war monger scumbag. We’ve got that with Obama.

My America isn’t adult enough for self ownership, private property, sound money and tolerance.

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I have serious doubts that Jack Welch ever agonized over the dismissal of any employee, unless it was some personal friend. If you do any research on his “management style” while at GE, it would turn your stomach. Welch is one of the prime examples of everything that is wrong in business, he is the type of greed-driven scumball that this country would be better off without.

In all seriousness, when Jach Welch shuffles off this mortal coil, you will find few mourners amoung the 99%, but possibly quite a few revelers.

Ron Paul would never accept a token position in a compromise government, and that is exactly why his support is so strong, he actually believes in the principles the country was founded on, and he espouses common-sense and honesty.

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All four of our children are huge Ron Paul followers, Suzy acknowledged.

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derdeutschman wrote,”The three stooges made a lot of people look smarter than they actually were. Paul needs Romney, Gingrich and Santorum more than they need him.”

What’s so unfortunate about Ron Paul is that, for a man who is obviously intelligent and well-informed, he has a few fixed ideas that work only in special imaginary worlds.

The “three stooges” would make the proverbial ham sandwich look good. Nevertheless, Ron Paul really does have some good qualities. But he is too delusional to be a good President.

Obama is a ham sandwich with a lot of dignity and a certain flair. He is still better qualified to be President than any of the Republican candidates. Also, we know he is not likely to do anything really crazy overseas, always a concern with a U.S. President.

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Would Ron Paul be satisfied with being the V.P. under Romney? From what I have been reading, they are friendly with each other, even though they disagree with each others’ policies. Would Romney want a pro-industrial hemp V.P.? In 2008, Ron Paul did not endorse a specific candidate. Let’s hope that this time, he will at least back Gary Johnson instead of diluting the power of his endorsement.

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It may just be me, but after reading this article and others like it, I started thinking (a crazy thought to some I’m sure), but I wonder about those who are employed by the ones owned by the 1% like mainstream media. What is it that a journalist can do to help a cause or candidate that is right and that they support behind the backs and under the radar from their employers/owners with whom they want or need to maintain employment? To me, this article brought to mind that though it appears it is an attempt to persuade voters away from Ron Paul, I get a sense there may be an underlying message and purposeful intent to encourage the opposite. Keeping RP’s name and message in the mainstream media with articles that allow comments may be a journalist’s only avenue to get Ron Paul’s name even mentioned in mainstream media and their own true unspoken support cleverly noticed. It is an opportunity to educate and challenge research into politics, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. The journalist reminds folks about Ron Paul and the importance of getting his message to resonate throughout the country and the world even if only through his growing mass of supporters. The article even boldly warns their owners, the 1%, that they better be careful how they go about “firing” Ron Paul because if not, the things they don’t want being exposed to the public would be, and that there will be hell to pay, ultimate ruin, for they and those a. It’s actually a brilliant tactic really.

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The Project for a New American Century is well underway. There is not much of a matter as to who is the President.

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I call the bluff of the Ron Paul bunch about the 3rd party run.
In fact, I recommend that each of you contact the Board of Elections in your states and find out what some one needs to do to run as an Independent in your state or not to register a new party, such as the Ohioans for Ron Paul Party, or the Iowans for Ron Paul Party.
If you cannot gather enough support for a new party in your state, then your threat to vote third party or not vote at all is baseless.

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@Dan Farfan You are calling for the creation of the post of Secretary of the Constitution? You are calling for MORE government bureaucracy? So much for Ron Paul being a “small government” libertarian….

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@CityOfThorns “They spend so much time and effort talking about no gay marriage and no abortion instead of leaving that for the states to decide”

Typical of PaulBots you are too ignorant that you say things and you have no idea that they don’t make any sense.
First of all, Roe v Wade took away the rights for the States to decide on abortion, so your argument is baseless.
Second of all, the gender bender activists claim that the “equal protection clause” in the 14th Amendment also negates the states right to decide. That is what DOMA was all about, which the current resident of the Oval Office conveniently decided is unConstitutional and refuses to defend it, which would mean that by virtue of the “equal protection clause” would mean that Massachusetts alone would be allowed to decide for all the other 29 states, so the point of your argument is moot.

Ron Paul’s supporers are his own worst enemy. He attracts people that are so devoid of reasoning and are so informed that the GOP is best off keeping as far away from him as possible

@magicmann “Ron Paul is the only one that moderate independents or Democrats would support.” OBviously you have never heard of the term “Reagan Democrats”. The problem with the PaulBots is that they are so ignorant, especially of the South, they must all be a both of stuck up Yankees. In the South, everyone is registered as a Democrat, but when it comes to the Presidential election, they always vote for the GOP candidate. Your theory is based on a false premise.

“I think that Dr Paul is more like Andrew Jackson” Andrew Jackson was the architect of the Trail of Tears and ethnic cleansing.

Any talk of writing in Ron Paul, just exposes the ignorance of his supporters in the Constitution. Per the Constitution, only the electors vote for the President. (Hey, if you don’t like it, that’s your problem. The Constitution isn’t for you.) In the general election what you are actually doing is voting for a slate of electors that have been preselected by the paper. A write-in vote is a vote for nobody, because if the name is not on the ballot, there are no electors assigned. The electors are the ones that are actually on the ballot.
If you are that passionate about “writing-in” Ron Paul, then I would suggest that you register a new party in your state, that would have electors that would vote for Ron Paul. If that is too much trouble for you to do, then there isn’t much danger of you writing in Ron Paul

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This is a funny article. Jack Welch knows this situation well because all four of his sons are Ron Paul supporters. He realizes that the young generation is sick of these old hacks dumping debt on our backs so you can enjoy entitlement programs we pay for, yet will never receive real benefits from.

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The pink slip should go to Jack & Suzy for trying to keep their investments in the military industrial complex safe at the expense of the American people and our Constitution.
Here’s my pinkslip to Jack & Suzy. BuhBye! You are irrelevant.

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Good for Congressman Ron Paul – keep giving Jack Welsh & other neo-cons headaches. I’m not young & not old but have been around long enough to say no thank you to the way both parties have ignored the Constitution & Bill of Rights – any Republican but Paul means President Obama will get 4 more years – both parties are being played by the same puppet masters and we know. Strength through community, persuade me some more Jack with your words of wisdom, I think your sons know better than you & Susie.

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Judge Andrew Napolitano on the Supreme Court, that is the deal I would make if I was Ron Paul.

Rand Paul as VP doesn’t excite me.

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It is not the fault of the media that Ron Paul is failing, again, to capture the nomination. It has been a quadrennial farcical play for Ron Paul to run for the nomination. He tried it as a Libertarian, but when that didn’t work so well, he went with the Republican Party. It is also not the media’s fault that Ron Paul wrote racist material or had racist associates in the early 90s. His opinions about the gold standard, the Federal Reserve, or even what is and is not constitutional speak volumes about his ignorance. Frankly, the man is a crackpot. His understanding of economics, financial transactions, even banking would not wet the bottom of a juice glass.

I will take at face value, for now, the claim that he has the energetic support of a quarter to a third of young people. He might have that support, but apparently the support is not strong enough to translate into primary or caucus wins so perhaps, the level of his support is over blown. Have any of you who support him taken the time to look at his proposals in the harsh light of day and researched how they stack up against reality? Do any of you know what makes him think a gold standard would or could prevent the hyperinflation that he considers as just around the corner? It’s a long corner because he has been predicting it for decades. Germany had hyperinflation at a time when the world was firmly on the gold standard. Do you understand that a gold standard only works when there is a fixed price for gold to which other nations must agree. Gold has no intrinsic value of its own. It is rare, but so what. So are rainy days in the Sahara.

What is his beef with the Federal Reserve? It is not even the first central bank in U.S. history. It is the third or fourth. The others were abolished by some president like Ron Paul and immediately problems were encountered with controlling the currency, transactions between banks became less efficient, and monitoring of the capital markets ceased to be possible and they must be monitored. If they were not monitored, then the banking collapse would not have been noticed until it was far to late to stop or to prevent another Great Depression. Make no mistake, that is the direction towards which our economy was falling.

Someone please try to make a case for Ron Paul that has more factual context that anything I have heard from him, ever.

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Well, ignore Ron Paul at your own peril….I am 59, and a republican voter for life…but I will consider voting for one of the other candidates should the GOP not accept His supporters at the convention…..many of my lifetime GOP’ers feel the same and no amount of “spin” by the MSM will change this

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Ron Paul is the only one that can save us, all the others are high priced lawyers and banksters looking to line their own pockets. Wall street and Washington are one and the same, that goes for the Republicans and Democrats all one and the same no difference, each is there to line their own pockets and bank accounts. Ron Paul has my vote and I hope he has yours too.

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@krpkrpkrp: You are the reason intelligent Ron Paul supporters laugh at mainstream understanding of the law. Your statement, “Typical of PaulBots you are too ignorant that you say things and you have no idea that they don’t make any sense,” aside from the horrific grammar, demonstrates the ignorance of most of the country. You misinterpret both Roe v. Wade and the nuances of the libertarian/Ron Paul position on Marriage. Roe v. Wade did not fully take away states rights on the issue of abortion, merely regulated them. In effect, it legalized 1st and 2nd term abortion while leaving 3rd term abortions to be a state issue; thereby allowing states to put an outright ban on 3rd trimester abortions. Ron Paul is pro-life while I am pro-choice but we both agree the constitution does not address abortion specifically. As a result, without a constitutional ammendment or federal law defining when life begins (at conception or at birth) abortion is inherantly a states’issue under the 9th and 10th ammendments. That is why Ron Paul has been so vocal about getting a national law and/or constitutional ammendment passed in order to institute his Pro-life agenda. Without one, he realizes Roe v. Wade is unconstitutional. Being pro-choice, I would be going about the issue in the same manner as Ron Paul, just from the pro-choice side of the issue.

As for marriage, it is really quite simple to understand and only an ignoramus could complicate it. Marriage is a social institution that has existed long before governments and will exist long after governments. Consequently, whether it is a hetero or homosexual marriage the federal government has no constitutional authority to either allow or disallow same-sex marriages. This is Ron Paul’s stance: marriage is a social not government function and government should not be involved. Giving tax breaks to married couples and while not giving those same breaks to co-habitants amounts to a violation of equal protection under the law as stated in the 14th ammendment.

Please, before you criticise Ron Paul, read the oonstitution.

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The Ron Paul Pledge………I will vote Ron Paul, no matter what the GOP outcome, I will write in Ron Paul, 3rd party vote, etc etc etc “NO Matter” A vote for anyone else is just the same as an Obama vote

I stand firm and I will not accept anything less.

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Your scenario paints a rosy picture of one in which you let an employee go where you gave a fair shot. This is not that scenario in the slightest. The scenario you and the GOP face now Welch is something more of someone you’ve personally had a vendetta against who has been kind and respectful with you, and you have shown him and his supporters to what lengths you’d go to fire him even if he did nothing wrong, and always played by the rules of fairness even when you NEVER did and were never in a position to fire him anyway.

We are not going happily away, welch. In fact, we extend into your own family home thanks to your wife’s sons. This isn’t the Jessie Jackson campaign where Ron Paul supporters are a cult of personality. You and people like you such as mark levin have also been singled out as people in the GOP who did whatever possible to prevent us getting a fair shake and attacked us AT EVERY TURN to make sure we have no political voice. You made sure to do your damnest to make sure to kick Paul out of the race so bad you didn’t realize we were watching publicly your disgusting behavior to make it happen.

Well we have been watching, and we have been getting angrier at people like you, the GOP leadership, and the media. In the future, things will change as mathematically, we can’t pay our future bills if things keep up like this and 64 Trillion in future liabilities turn into debt as well. Times like this, things can change abruptly. We can wait as it will be easier to deal with you and your kind then. The GOP strength however will die out as time passes and each of your baby boomers die off from their age. We also aren’t going to play your games anymore. We aren’t going to vote for Romney or his ilk. Politically we can grow exponentially; you on the other hand dwindle in political strength as they days pass.

Romney is the same as Obama. We already have no choice in such a match. Why vote for your idiot in the race over the other idiot? Each election year, you and your democrat friends will wane in power. We however will continue to grow.

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Give paul the ability to overturn the patriot act and he will be satisfied. Rand can pick up where he left off in 4 years.

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Good article but it should go further. The reality is that many of the ideas of Ron Paul – centering on a return to limited government, ending unconstitutional expansions of government from the use of public domain laws to seize private property to turn it over to other private individuals who promise investments yielding more taxes to Obamacare, actually cutting spending instead of cutting the rate of growth of spending, and not spreading our military so thin that we could barely manage to field 150,000 men in Iraq – actually appeal quite widely. Ron Paul gets credit for having some good ideas but as I see him, Ron Paul is not that effective a messenger – he is not really an alpha leader but instead seems nerdy and inneffectual. His ideas could get even more traction if well presented.

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Good article but it should go further. The reality is that many of the ideas of Ron Paul – centering on a return to limited government, ending unconstitutional expansions of government from the use of public domain laws to seize private property to turn it over to other private individuals who promise investments yielding more taxes to Obamacare, actually cutting spending instead of cutting the rate of growth of spending, and not spreading our military so thin that we could barely manage to field 150,000 men in Iraq – actually appeal quite widely. Ron Paul gets credit for having some good ideas but as I see him, Ron Paul is not that effective a messenger – he is not really an alpha leader but instead seems nerdy and inneffectual. His ideas could get even more traction if well presented.

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Actually it is the rest of the GOP that should recieve their pink slips. Ron Paul is exactly what the founding fathers had in mind for a president. One who would protect and follow the Constitution. Not one other candidate, I am willing to bet, has even read the Constitution.
Oh and @student1776, honestly you really must lose the Ken and Barbie, Hollywood, 90210 mentality. Does it really matter what Ron looks and sounds like?

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Great article……you hit the nail right on the head…by there…done that….and came back with an ax..a new business.

I not only will apply with either political party…it happens in interpersonal realtionship of institutions, governemnts, human beings, marrages etc as well. Unlike Joe Biden…put your brain in gear before you start your vocal cords working and make a effor as to how to prceed then sleep on it….before engaging the gear of action (s)!!

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Ron Paul is doing just fine….he wants to get to the place that will enable him to insert in the GOP VOTING PROCESS as many of his positions and recommendation on issues as he can and that place will be the convention.

His methodology reminds me of this: “There are those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who WONDER WHAT HAPPENED.” WATCH the process in action and your will learn how and what to improve to “MAKE THINGS HAPPEN for yourself in or out of politics!!!”

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Ok, woah, wait a minute. Highlight the integrity/strength of Ron Paul and his supporters while suggesting to offer him a consolation prize… that’s a sneaky way of suggesting he’s just not going to win is it not?

What a shame.

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“But Paul is not really the GOP’s problem. It’s his followers, ”

No the GOP’s problem is they spend like the liberals they say they oppose. They lost in 06 and 08 because of their liberal ways and they gave us a liberal nominee in John McCain. The GOP has controlled the house for well over a year and has not even made a proposal to freeze spending let alone cut it. Jack, you should know that no company or household can sustain while they finance 40% of their costs and government will soon learn they are no different. And what really makes Jack Welch and his wife really angry, is that his OWN children support Ron Paul. But that makes sense as it is their generation that will have to deal with this debt. Jack, where would our country be today had past generations felt it was acceptable to finance 40% of their government cost at our feet?

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I am not young, but I vote Libertarian or Republican depending on the candidate. No way would I vote for the moralist, nanny-statist Santorum. Not sure about Romney. Gingrich’s ideas are exciting, but everyone seems to think he is an a%*$ole.
We’re the ones who voted Republican with the TEA Party in 2010 and who voted Chris Christie Governor . . . and the Republicans need us.

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Dear, Mr. Jack Welch how about a story on Mitt Romney receiving a pink slip now?

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@student1776 and @gnat60 : On the subject of Ron Paul’s appearance: Two words: Gary Johnson.

Libertarians would getting more votes with a tall, gravelly voiced candidate. That may be a “Barbie and Ken” thing, but politics is a large part appearance. And don’t pretend you aren’t affected by appearances.

That said, given how far the ship of state is angled from Ron Paul’s positions, someone too effective in steering the ship his way might be hard to distinguish from a demagogue.

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The article is better than most but not quite correct. First of all, we are not Ron Paul “followers” as we consider ourselves masters of out own lives. We believe in and support Dr. Paul because he has shown over a lifetime of service that he is a humble public servant who unquestionably supports the Constitution and our rights.

Also, I do not expect Ron Paul to take a job in any new administration as he (rightfully so) equates Romney with Obama on many issues and therefore deems him unfit for office.

The GOP better wake up as we are not going to vote for anyone but Ron Paul no matter what. None of the other candidates can beat Obama and none of them would be any better. For 15% or more of the country’s voters it’s Paul or no one.

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Rob-in-Atlanta – typical gibberish, we’ve heard all the slander BS before and, yawn, we’re a bit tired of your inability to make up something new or interesting. Keep trying though as I suspect with each post you convert even more rational and intelligent people to support Ron Paul and reject the current GOP/DNC handpuppets.

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Ron Paul is overly moderate by Republican standards. The Tea-Party has faded so how will the Tea Party faithfuls followers vote? The “independent” category is vague and independent voters sway a lot. So does Ron Paul have a shot at this time or should be wait for Gingrich and Santorum to fold.

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Jack Welch – you and your bankster friends just got a pink slip. Guess what? Voting for any of the other Republicans is the same as voting for Obama. I’m not interested. I am also not interested in people who call me names because I support the only candidate that would try to follow the Constitution. I will vote for Paul no matter what, and no other candidate.

Veterans for Paul 2012

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Ron Paul is the only Constitutional fiscal conservative on the ticket. The rest just play one on tv.

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So much has changed since this first posted. Ron Paul’s ideals are finding there way into the mainstream. Santorum wins 3 states, Newt attacking the Fed. Now if they can only become a little socially liberal Ron Paul could win. He is the real deal. In addition, voting without the noise of Newt showed three differring ideals. Rom is progressive, Rick is Social conservative who claims to be for small Government?, and the ever steady Paul who is Libertarian. Lets have some honest debates! Find it interesting that the ECB wants Greece to cut minimum wage by 22%? Do these actions support Dems thinking or one of the Repubs,?

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@Rob in Atlanta, Ben and the Fed. crossed the line when they targetted the currency to a 2% inflation rate. To target anything under 0% is criminal. It should freak out every American. Historically, even at a 0% objective we have seen prices rise. Reported at 2-3% annually, not including food or fuel.#%@$!

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There’s only one problem–


I’m an independent voter and all I would like to tell you is this: If the Republican Party stood for what Ron Paul stands for—I would gladly become a Republican and would be PROUD to call myself a Republican! Not only his monitary stance is he correct about–most importantly —his foreign affairs stances are what he’s extraordinarily correct about!! It’s all the rest of you/them that are wrong!!! He’s the only one with good sense regarding foreign affairs. Unfortunately for me the majority of people want wars I guess and want to waste OUR money policing and taking care of the rest of the world rather then TAKING CARE OF OURSELVES like Ron Paul wants to do!!!

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Our greatest problem today is people do not see trillion dollar deficits as a significant problem. The difference between hundred billion dollar deficits and trillion dollar deficits is about the same as the difference between driving 65mph in a 55mph zone and driving 105mph in a 55mph zone. We have added twice our annual income to our nation debt in just about 3 years with no significant changes in sight.

Our leaders in Washington should be impeached for dereliction of duty. We cannot raise taxes enough to fix the problem. We cannot quickly cut spending enough to fix the problem. And, there is no hope of ever growing fast enough to fix the problem. Significant tax and spending reform are absolutely required. And soon, if we do not want to see stagflation reduce our standard of living year after year after year.

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there is nothing the republicans can do to get my vote for anyone but Ron Paul. I am going to vote for him in November even if I have to write in his name. the republicans have lied to me and this country too many times since the days of Nixon. I just hope some Republican comes to my front door asking me to vote for Rummey, Grinchrich , or Sanitarium. I am ready to give that person a piece of my mind.

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A Romney/Paul ticket would be an automatic win. Enough independents fed up with Obama’s following in Bush’s footsteps would ensure a win.

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The Candy Man is coming.

There is clearly an opportunity to change policy in this country by taking a substantial position under another candidate. While very attractive, I think it is the wrong thing to do.

Ron – you have started something, and as many put it, once you catch this message, it doesn’t go away. Your movement is only growing larger, faster, and stronger. I’ve been watching since the 2004 campaign, and I tell you, it is not over. As you’ve stated yourself, the message is not about you, the issues are much greater than any one man’s life, or even the life of 300 million Americans that live today. This message is about human life and dignity that runs not only world wide, but endless generations. It will take a long time to get it to stick, but it will stick.

If you take the candy now, there is a very good chance this momentum will be swallowed up. I feel you have a better chance going Independent and building an army of bloggers and writers, doctors, lawyers, farmers, teachers, taxi drivers, businesses, and so on, that connect with each other, support each other (with money), and continue to lead by example.

The ideas will stick. Your message will stick. The seeds have sprouted, just keep watering.

Here’s another reason to avoid the candy.

The people who really care about any single message that you’ve pushed, whether about the Fed, civil liberties, or stopping the imperialism, WILL CONTINUE TO WATCH ALL OF THESE ISSUES AND VOTE AND SPEAK ABOUT THESE ISSUES. If you take the candy, people may fade away and think the work is being done. You know better.

While you may have some great short-term impact inside, you will have a far more powerful impact, albeit long-term, from the outside.

Please continue your march from the outside, I will follow.

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It is best for Jack Welch to listen to his sons.

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I couldn’t agree more! Ron Paul’s fiscal policies must be incorporated into the GOP platform and he must be included in a new administration in some meaningful way.

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The only way the Republican nominee can get my vote is make Ron Paul the Fed Chairman. That also gives the Republicans a way around having to face the ire of the Paulites.

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Whatever one thinks of Dr. Paul or his chances of winning, he Welches are correct that the GOP faces a strategic problem in the event Paul does not win the nomination: how to win the support of his followers.

They may gain some portion of them via the “don’t waste your vote” argument, which, trite as it is, has power. But the mood of the large majority of Paul fans appears to be, “if the Republic falls we’re not joining with the Sith.”

The main difference between Hillary Clinton and her supporters versus Barak Obama and his supporters was little more than who should live in the White House. But Paul’s supporters are radicals, and regard ANY of the other Republicans as either as bad or worse than Obama.

For establishment Republicans, this contest offers a “lose/lose” choice — if Paul wins, and gains the White House, they lose their power; if Paul loses, the GOP can’t win.

I can’t say I feel sorry for them.

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The reason Republicans and other pink tie conservatives hate Paul is because he exposes them as the complete hypocrites that they are. They all say how they agree with 80%+ of what he says then in the next sentence denigrate him beyond the pale. All this talk of Paul supporters voting for Obama is nonsense. No person who understands Paul’s message would EVER vote for more Obamunism unless they are schizo. They will vote against Obama or not vote at all.
In the end, what is the difference? The country has been destroyed. Our country is an embarrassment to its original intent. Our kids are screwed. No one deserves more blame than progressives. Obama gets re-elected and I will never fly the flag again.

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I disagree with the premise of the article. First, Ron Paul may represent 15% of the vote in the Republican Primary but significantly less in a general election. Second, Ron Paul likely appeals equally to those Democrats who are looking to latch on to a non conventional, non status quo and unelectable candidate like Ralph Nader. Ron Paul is totally non status quo to the point of not spending any time to bring him into the fold. His views are certainly not embraced by the right wing of the GOP and he does not bring enough to the table to make him of any strategic value. Lastly, Paul will not stick his finger up at the GOP, he does not want to upset his son’s chances to have a national role in the future.

In summary Paul is a quaint candidate who neither brings, votes, influence or money to the table and not worth the energy to bring into a tent he does not want to be in.

Posted by oldgeek143 | Report as abusive a supporter of the US constitution and individual liberty I can tell you right now I will not vote for a Romney, Santorium or Obama. All of those gentlemen are big government statists and in love with perpetual war.

In 92, the first time I was eligible to vote, I voted for Ross Perot because deep down I knew neither party really cared about freedom, liberty or the US constitution. After that I joined the Marine Corps served four years, got out went to college and went back in as a commissioned officer. I voted Republican in every election. But now, after three tours in Iraq, I realize that these wars that both parties blindly support are not in the best interest of the USA. They harm us, and bankrupt us just like other wasteful spending.

Lets’ be honest here. The establishment, which is both parties, have screwed over the individual, taken our rights in the name of “security,” and bankrupted us, our children and their children’s children.

I can not in good faith vote for more tyrant statist regardless of (R) or (D). Come November I will vote, and write in Ron Paul’s name, and only vote for politicians that support a non-interventions foreign policy, individual freedom and a sound money policy.

Other than that, everyone else is either a serf or the master.

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Wow what a biased Article. Sounds like an attempt of “paid media” to try and erode Paul’s support by posting articles that have absolutely no relevance to what’s really going on, just more antics and media sideshow. HEY MEDIA, how about letting the AMERICAN PEOPLE decide who they want to be president? K, thanks.

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I’m a Mormon, and I support Ron Paul 100%. Our country is facing disaster because we’ve abandoned the principles and limitations inherent in the Constitution, and ever since I was old enough to understand them — when I first supported Goldwater and became a U.S. citizen, I’ve worked hard to defend them. Paul will rectify our adherence to the Constitution as much as he can, but it’s the servile, corrupt Congress that has to be reformed. We’re heading right into the maw of an abyss. God help us! Neither wing of the Republicrat machine has the solution. Only fundamental reform is.

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Jack and Suzy have not convenienced me that the strategy of business is as complex as they say in this article. Following this ideology of firing people is somewhat more psychological rather than practicable. Would either one of them borrow money to pay an employee, when they knew the company wasn’t making the income to pay the money back. Government receives money from taxpaying citizens that have jobs working for General Electric. All of a sudden, GE moves to China. What happens to the employees who can’t move to china? Now, the government loses the tax base from GE, but the government doesn’t fire anybody. Another company does the same thing as GE, another loss of tax monies. Nevertheless, the government doesn’t fire anybody. All of a sudden the tax base is lower than the income taxes, and the government borrows money to pay these empolyees. Question is, how long before bankruptcy? Somehow, I don’t think the two Welch’s are being honest. I think it’s a socialist campaign pitch, rather than a lesson in firing employee’s psychological trauma.

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A Romney/Paul ticket is probably the closest the GOP could get to victory in November, but not even a stunt like that would be able to beat Obama. Despite Obama’s problems, he’s still the best of all the options. Anyone else but Obama as president in 2013 is going to be leading America backwards toward ruin.

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The GOP crossed that line a long time ago… I have been a registered Republican for 25 years. Watching the GOP leadership systematically ignore and marginalize Ron Paul has been disheartening, but watching the GOP leadership try to rig the vote counts in Iowa, Nevada and now most blatantly Maine has convinced me that I no longer belong in the Republican party. I will vote for Ron Paul and will write his name in if he is not on the ballot. I will not vote for any other Republican contender. I will try to convince my fellow RP supporters to do the same. If the GOP wants Obama out, they only have one option… RON PAUL!

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I agree with this article…. Whoever the nominee is should offer either the secretary of treasury or fed chairman to Ron Paul.

I couldn’t imagine Ron Paul being all that effective as president, but in these two roles, I think he could significantly influence the power of the Federal Reserve and perhaps wane that power enough to educate the dumb masses on the scheme the Federal Reserve has been pulling over our eyes since 1913.

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This is the most insightful article I’ve read in some time. Jack Welch, let me just say, that while I would never want to be fired, if I had to be, I’d want to be fired by you. I was one of those that was handled incorrectly… and it still bothers me, I must admit. There’s a lot of wisdom in what you say.

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I love the presumptive, dismissive, foregone conclusion that Ron Paul won’t win. Of the four, he isn’t the least likely to win — that honor goes to Newt “Moon Unit” Gingrich.

And Paulbots don’t support Ron Paul hoping he gets to give a keynote speech or hoping he is “fired” correctly. If he is fired at all, the GOP loses every last Paulbot. Period.

Better hope he’s the last man standing, GOP fans, or Obama wins.

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No matter where I go in America (I travel a lot) – there are Ron Paul signs. The media has no idea how popular this guy really is. I predict the Republic power players will ensure Ron Paul never make it and at least 20% of the voters will still vote him in or simply not vote in this election. A real waste to change our future and make America strong again.

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Left, Right, Left, Right. The problem is 85 percentum of Americans cannot see the solution for all of the murkiness. Dr. Ron Paul knows exactly what has to be done to correct the problem with the National Debt. J.F. Kennedy knew exactly what had to be done to correct the problem. Wake Up America. The only salvation for America is to repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Without this first step nothing is going to change to prevent the eventual collapse or the outcome. I am sworn to protect the U.S. Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Respectfully, USN SPECOMM 1970-1993

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Paul has some ideas with real merit but his history is full of some real wacko and bigotted statements too. The media has plenty of ammo here but for the most part has ignored it, either because they figure it’s not worth their time since he’s so unlikely to get the nomination, or more incidiously, because they’re waiting for him to bolster some significant support before they pull the rug out from under him.

Appointing Paul to any significant post or making him any voice of the party will simply open up the GOP to rightful criticism – you can’t endorse someone who has said some of the things Paul has. Search for his old newsletters if you’re unfamiliar. He’s not electable, and would only bring shame to the GOP if they embraced him.

I wish there was a Ron Paul w/o a history of bigotry, w/o a history of endorsing highly elaborate conspiracy theories, but there’s not. Ron Paul cannot ever be a voice of the GOP. The best we can hope for is that we’ll get a respectable candidate to pick up some of his worthy ideas.

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Ron Paul is infinitely more popular than amoral adulterous billionaires and their hoochie-koochie gals.

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The media and the RNC have already “fired” Dr. Paul. The media is especially to blame for labeling him a “nut” and then all but ignoring him in the newspapers, magazines, and on TV. I hope Dr. Paul will declare as an Independent and then kick the living hell out of BOTH entrenched parties who continue to abuse all Americans.

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Ron Paul’s fiscal policies have nearly bankrupted this country. He voted for trillions of dollars in tax cuts that created trillions of dollars of debt. If you hate debt, you must hate Ron Paul, conservatives and every republican elected to the federal government over the past 30 years.

The party of debt is the gop. They only care about it when they lose control of the White House. If you disagree, you’re delusional. Where was Paul’s tax increases to fund the wars? He had none. But if you party is taking us to war, you MUST pay for it with higher taxes. Paul gave us tax cuts instead… He does the easy stuff, never, NEVER the hard stuff.

How hard is it to cut taxes?

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Romney / Paul? Kiss of death for the Republicans. McCain lost the last one by putting an unqualified wing-nut a heartbeat away from the Presidency; Romney having Paul as his running mate would be making the same mistake.

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You just don’t get it…

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The country will crash and default. The obstacles are too big for our representatives to overcome in the time necessary to avoid disaster. They fiddle while Rome burns. Hell we can’t even get rid of the National Endowment for the Arts you think we’re going to be able to downsize government to its Constitutional limits? Not happening. When we discuss just how much the wealthy ought to be paying in taxes we have already lost the debate.

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There’s only ONE reason the DMC & RNC are both scared of Dr Ron Paul – he’s the only one not bought and paid for with special interest money, therefore they can’t control him…. and We the Sheeple think this is a football game (Red team VS Blue team)

The media likes it this way…. example – how many “debates” did Dr Paul get less than two minutes to talk ?

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Did someone seriously just say that we should make Ron Paul the Fed Chairman? Look, the Federal Reserve is a GOOD SYSTEM, and the chairmen are elected into 14 year terms (so that they operate under many different administrations and not pander to one particular President or ideology), and they are specifically chosen for their ability to make decisions about the economy (specifically, interest rates) that are INDEPENDENT of what president is in charge and what political party they are. The Fed under Ben Bernanke has made the right decisions to keep our economy alive, I shudder to think what would have happened if Ron Paul was in charge during our economic disaster. Bernanke is highly intelligent; Ron Paul represents a bizarre wing of economic thought that VERY few educated economists (one could list them on all ten fingers) believe is a good model. And if they truly advocate some Ayn Rand/Austrian School free market utopia, it isn’t so that people can be ensured good jobs and a good education and healthcare and food and water and opportunities for a good life or any basic human rights. Because that wouldn’t be possible.

If we hadn’t bailed out AIG, our unemployment rate and the value of our currency would be disastrous. Our meltdown was specifically the result of DE-regulatory market practices and the lack of LAWS to keep businesses from doing stupid things to make money. Ron Paul is not anti-corporation if he thinks that the market should be un-regulated. This is common sense. Ron Paul wants to eliminate the minimum wage. If corporations are currently paying overseas laborers (often children) less than a dollar a day, without union or bargaining rights, and in s**tty working conditions, there is nothing to stop them from doing the same thing here. And people won’t be able to choose between those s**tty jobs and better ones because the better jobs will require having had an education. But in Ron Paul’s America, no school or University will be subsidized, no federal loans or grants would be offered to under-privileged but deserving students, and mandatory schooling for children would be abolished. Therefore, schools would be run like a business, with tuition. And those who can’t pay are s.o.l. But the thing is, they are just children who happen to be born into a poor family. Now that they are resigned to spend the rest of their lives working awful jobs for virtually no pay, they will only be able to eat very low-cost, low-quality food. But Ron Paul wants to massively scale back or eliminate the FDA, making it so much easier for tainted meat, dangerous chemicals, and poisoned food to enter the market. This is NOT greater personal liberty!!!!!!! It simply ISN’T. It is factually NOT.

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And if anyone would know about the animosity of disgruntled employees it’d be Welch. An uncountable number or people have been fired under on his watch.

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Readers beware. Look for truth. There are plenty of imposter-bloggers hired by dems to pretend they are of such-and-such an opinion and/or party creating fake ids and opinions designed with an agenda to dece ive and hurt good people and institutions. (A while back they could be recognized by their 4-letter words and strong hatefulness. Lately, however, somebody has wised them up and they have become slicker. You can still detect a seething hatred behind their ideas.

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It seems rather odd that a couple of war profiteers have such a keen interest in Dr. Paul’s departure from the race. I wonder GE has any influence on the media?
At least their kids seem intelligent. Teach your parents well.

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Jack and Suzy have written a very wise article.
Are you listening, Grand Old Putzes?

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jack welch is out of synch in general – he has been for a while. his thesis assumes that ron paul is ready to be appeased – his track record shows exactly the opposite. i think he would respond much better to honest dialogue than obvious appeasement like a prominent speaking slot at the convention or false recognition as a worthless adviser.

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Put him in charge of the FED!

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Maybe Jack and Suzy Welch are the ones who should be fired. They just don’t get the motivation behind Pauly-Wogs. We have one thing on our minds and that one thing will not; could not be replaced by a Mitt Romney, a Barack Obama, a Newt Gingrich, or a Rick Santorum. Those guys are all the same. It’s Ron Paul or none at all. We don’t care if Obama stays in if the choice is between him and Romney cuz they’re both the same. There’s a third party growing strength in America and its manifestation will be on the day Ron Paul is not our next president.

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Something stinks to high heaven. Has anyone taken the time to do a statistical analysis counting the number of “positive for Ron Paul” comments vs. “negative for Ron Paul” comments on this or the many other articles that concern him? In every case, from my extensive reading, he receives overwhelmingly positive responses. Can it be possible for him to have as little support as the lamestream media claims and still fail to draw any significant portion of actual negative comments? I believe the establishment marginalizes Dr. Paul at their own peril. It is clear from the reporting that cannot be suppressed, that there is “funny business” taking place in the primaries and caucuses. After the primary in Florida, I did some informal polling in public places and was shocked (pleasantly) at the demographics and numbers of people who claimed to have voted for Ron Paul. WHAT IS THAT SMELL??!!

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Something stinks, here! Has anyone done a statistical analysis on the number of “positive comments” on Ron Paul vs. the actual “negative comments” following any article about him? The establishment marginalizes him at their own peril. Is it even statistically probable that he has as little support as the lamestream media claims? Every article I read about Dr. Paul has an overwhelming ratio of comments in his favor. Based on the recent news concerning errors in the counting in the primaries and caucuses, I can’t help but distrust the stated results. I did some informal public polling after our Florida primary and was shocked (pleasantly) at the demographics and numbers of people who claimed to have voted for Ron Paul. WHAT IS THAT SMELL??!!

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Many interesting opinions and a really cool punderama is inevitable surrounding Ron Paul. It is always entertaining to read, if not downright educational. Doctor Paul does build a nice platform from para mount bricks. A balanced budget, and a path to getting to it are paramount. Individual liberty, including among others, is the freedom for people to engage freely with their doctor with an absence of a government usurping that right is paramount. An elimination and thorough burial of our current totalitarian federal regime is paramount. No one can be a democrat who thinks to legislate individual behavior from a federal platform… that is federalism, Mr. Democrat, and for that to be realised and acted on is paramount. Foreign policy from Dr. Paul often sounds like a comedy skit from a machiavellian play… the fact is, to live as if isolated and not sometimes called to act in foreign matters as a principled people is a thing to be expected, and revered. We currently live in an environment that seems to have created a belief that no good is to come from freeing humans from dictatorial totalitarianisms… Mr. Paul should find a way to see the brighter picture in that regard… perhaps he has a thing or two to learn, but all good people do. With that, have a good one and remember as best you can that the only thing we do to change the world is change ourselves. OHHH!! I almost forgot, a Repub ticket that does not hve a Ron Paul on it IS GOING TO MEAN 4 (yes, Virginia-4) more years of OBama!!! You heard it here first!! No Ron-You Better Like Mr. Obama.

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Ron Paul is a libertarian and so am I. I am not young. I like him except for his attitude toward problems with other countries.Even kids know that “minding your own business” does not stop others from attacking you. You had better be prepared for a defense. It MAY require force…yes military action when nations are involved.

I can see why he is an attractive candidate when I look at his econic plans. I generally am in agreement with the younger set but this guy would worryu the hell out of me in the white house.

I would like to suggest that he would make a good vice president under a responsible president…Santorum.

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Stop the Spending vote the Bums out!

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“A Romney/Paul ticket would be an automatic win.”
would be an automatic loss of all respect for paul to couple with that sleazey scum bag

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Assuming Paul does not win the nomination, something I’m not conceding, I don’t see a deal. Any association with the other 3 candidates would be inappropriate for Paul. It would lend credence to ideas and policies that Paul, his supporters and me see as identical to Obama. To name a few: Reckless unconstitutional wars, huge government, the Fed and the continuance of a huge loss of civil liberties.

Also what promises could these candidates give Paul in exchange? Any new president must give an oath to uphold and defend the constitution. The stated policies of each of the candidates indicate that they will not keep such an oath, so why bargain for a second unkept oath? Running the Fed would be less attractive to Paul than running a brothel would be to Santorum.

Giving the VP to Rand Paul might be tolerable if Rand would be allowed to freely condemn the new presidents policies and to skip any photo ops with the president. This arrangement would be a modern anomily. Any other political deal is repugnant. Others may expect it, but I would be shocked. Shocked!

Don’t misread Paul going quiet on Romney. It may have many explanations. Here is just one: anyone who supports Romney and his health plan is a lost cause, so why even go after his voters?

For some Paul supporters ,like me, Paul IS the compromise!
I would like to cut 3 trillion in the first year.

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I agree with this articles premise. Romney and others should be considered for a place in a Paul administration. We should not kick them out just because the want to continue the status quo. We should make the Paul administration the status quo and help them feel at home. This election is already decided no matter what the pundits say or try to change. They need to get use saying President Paul and his administration.

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I agree with this articles premise. Romney and others should be considered for a place in a Paul administration. We should not kick them out just because the want to continue the status quo. We should make the Paul administration the status quo and help them feel at home. This election is already decided no matter what the pundits say or try to change. They need to get use to President Paul and his administration.

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If we are truly experiencing more and more of an awakening and global village set of responsibilities, then killing people under a fallacious, power addicted regime is a very poor chice. Crazy to repeat again and again any belief that Liars such as Romney and O’l Bomber have anybody’s best intentions in mind but their wallets and master’s. Santorum is actually stright up saying that we should tell each other how to behave in our bedrooms and that the government should heal our bodies and protect up from everything. Yikes.. Therefore I will as 1000s more do each day stand for honor and freedom, respectively RON PAUL

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Your talking about the Republican party here… You think they give a rats butt about Ron Paul… They don’t care about anybody but themselves and how much money they can stick in their pockets…

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Whoa, Jack and Suzy, great opinion piece, great thought. A lot of Ron Paul’s ideas are attractive, and if they and a craggy old guy can crank up a bunch of young people into a fervor, we’d better pay attention.

Yes, the successful Republican nominee has to stay closer to center as a contrast to an incumbent with a radical agenda to garner those votes. But the party and country needs somebody whose every thought seems to be a gentle America First. And doesn’t need a nasty, egotistical Ross Perot, either electorally or philosophically.

So if we follow the advice here we not only avoid giving win with 43% of the popular vote that Bill Clinton was gifted, but gain a thinker in tune with the chronological future of our country. I want Rep. Paul on board and working hard for our country.

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Ron Paul keep your vision of a smaller government alive.

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WE pay over 2 billion a day in insurance alone on all our county’s debt. Ron Paul was the only solution. If he’s out, our best shot is not waisting too much time on this election and try to give Obama the Dems in the house and senate that would push him to make actual progressive changes. My only regret is that Paul didn’t decide to run independently from the start, since the necessity of someone with his ideas being in the white house are a matter of possible life or death for the entire country, he should have taken his bid more seriously and known a hundred miles away that the majority of Republicans were too dumb and uneducated to understand him.

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I believe that the American Public is high on “glue”.
The current election is a joke.. They keep running on trivial crap & completely avoid the real issues. Ron Paul is the only one that is putting forth real solutions to real problems..
And out of ALL the candidates, Ron Paul is the only one that has served in the Military on “Active Duty” that is willing to protect the constitution.
I am Canadian & glad I don’t live in the US.
Enough said
“When Freedom Is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Be Free”

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If we had been listening to Ron Paul for the past 20-40 years we would not be in the financial and military mess we are in now. I don’t even know if Ron could get us out of this huge mess. Too bad we weren’t listening to him all these years. You can go back and watch videos of him, some are posted on You Tube, and he has been saying the same thing all these years. Well, Ron, they weren’t listening then, perhaps they’re listening now. They weren’t listening then, perhaps they never will. What a MESS!

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Obviously Mr. Welch has not gone out to a website supporting Hillary Clinton hellbent on making Obama a one-termer.

Not to mention, Mr. Welch seems to forget that the Roman Catholic Organization signed on to ObamaCare only to get thrown under the Bus when Obama no longer needed them. 70 Million pee-od Catholics make a hell of a voting bloc.

Plus, those Hundred Thousand Union jobs killed when Obama killed the Canadian XL Pipeline.

Plus plus, Mr. Welch doesn’t even reckonize the threat from the Military after Obama has used executive order to allow gays to openly serve in our Armed Forces.

Obama has got a rude awakening come November that is unless ACORN can come up with 20 Million Absentee Ballots.

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Ron Paul is now pandering to Romney and detracting from Santorum to enable/ensure his son’s selection as Romney’s running mate. My, how principles and convictions flee in the face of familial gain.

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I wish the GOP would fire Ron Paul. Disassociating with the Republicans would be the best thing he could do. Face it, the two parties are so corrupt, there is no fixing, reforming or saving them. They need to go the way of the Whigs and Federalists, they have nothing useful to give the people and only serve their own purpose.
I’m 29 and I expect before my time is up to see the fall of these two establishments. The majority of people from my generation and younger have no love for these parties and think they need to go.

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I sorry, Jack and Suzy, but you just don’t get it! Us Paulbots are really aliens and we are going to eat your Republican Party’s brain. Actually, we have already started eating it and you can’t hardly feel the pain, yet. It is you that does not have a Party. Look at your candidates. Is there even one who can beat Obama in November? NO! Is there one who can beat Obama in November with the help of us aliens? Yes! We like your ideasa, so we’ll even let Romney speak at the Convention. Welcome to the NEW small Gov Constitution guided Republican Party. Now will the in-name-only “conservatives” please step aside, us aliens have an election to win.

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Ron Paul has said t=on several occasions that he does not think he will be the next president of the US. He is after delegates and lots of them. Enough so he can ‘assist’ in framing the platform for the party in the upcoming election. I would hope that he can get some of his “get rid of the fed” policies in the platform to neuter the Fed and send the responsibility back where it belongs.

Ron would also do well in any cabinet position that he would accept and cut the fat and duplication, if not get rid of the department to which he is assigned. I would not recommend assigning him to the Secretary of Defense though. Keep Ron relevant, he is one of the last bright lights in the Republican Party that understands the Constitution.

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Given the opinions are Jack & Suzy’s and his shows a lot of self interest and beliefs and his bio seems to indicate some managerial ability and smarts, why did he bother with what is essentially an Op-Ed? Jack’s going for wish fulfillment & refuses to consider that the GOP simply marginalized and ignored him after the last general election and will do the same after this one.
All the Paul partisans and supporters don’t seem to realize the fact that if he can’t convince enough of the rabid and extreme GOP primary voters to support and vote for him instead of the other three, “morally confused” candidates, his candidacy doesn’t stand a chance in Hell of going anywhere and neither does he have a viable VP chance. A write-in vote is – well your vote, however, meaningless.

The other posters comparing President Obama to whatever slur or smear of the day, alleging his incompetence, lack of ability or using terms ending in ism; consider using the Internet for research and learning to think rationally. There are many, many informational and factual data, web sites with accurate numbers, and use them to learn how government works, costs, supports, creates and allows the freedoms still left us to stand.

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Last time they wouldn’t even let RP into the convention they locked him and his supporters out. All that was allowed to go were the delegates he had.

This time around they have cheated him every time from Iowa to Maine, they rigged elections just to keep him out. Republican leaders have mocked RP for his beliefs in a smaller government and fair foreign policy. I hate them for it and will never forget that. The GOP and I will be dealing with that feeling for a very long time.

So two to three election cycles in the future 33% of republicans will have survived this kind of treatment. Wonder what will happen? The GOP will yield to us no doubt.

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You can’t vote for someone you never see in the media and therefore don’t know that he IS capable of winning. Such a shame. The average voter is unaware of anyone else running. I bet most don’t even know Gov Gary Johnson is an official candidate. The media tells us what our choices are. Orwellian.

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Ron Paul is an old fogey but not your typical old fogey.. more like chuck norris and wilford brimley combined to form Chuck Brimley, who in his youth single-handedly conquered Nicaragua and his illegitimate children formed a generation of Telemundo women.

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This was an interesting read, but I wish there were more meat for an op-ed piece about Ron Paul. Ron Paul is talking about changing the systems that have been failing us and are still failing us, not just a changing of the guard within the same circuitously failing system. I think Ron Paul would look at most offers by the (right wing, Rep, WTF) puppets as a traitorous acceptance, unless he is full of it. What made me think more than anything in the piece was not the opinion itself, but the former position of one of the co-authors as CEO of General Electric for 21 years.

It not only made me think of Thomas Edison vs. Nikola Tesla, but how much money, if any, would GE lose in defense contracts if Ron Paul were elected (and actually carried out his goals)? Would it be a bad thing for the American citizens and people who come here seeking a better life, or just the corporations that currently run the oligarchy?

No, I don’t have an aluminum foil hat. I don’t buy it because cooking with it can lead to cancer and alzheimer’s 😉

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Perhaps you should all consider the fact that Santorium and Gingrich were in the race to make sure that Ron Paul did not run away with the nomination. Too many polls show that Paul’s ideas have become mainstream among Republicans and Independents. Since Paul cannot be controled by RNC Party heads, they were forced to spend millions to contain him. This is the only plausible answer as to why Santorium and Gingrich stay in; especially since neither one of them are on enough state ballots to win the nomination. Only Romney and Paul are on the ballot in all 50 states. Who needs to get out of the way are the two candidates that cannot win.

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Not going to happen. It would be like mixing oil and water. Putting Ron Paul in any type of position within the next administration would be a bigger internal war than the Reds and Blues put on. Ron Paul’s movement will shift from him to his son and as other libertarian minded candidates start to run for office positions. The only reason why his ideas have received ANY publicity though is because he ran as a Republican and the media has an invested interest in keeping the two party system going. I would love it if Dr. Paul did get into a position within the next administration but the establishment won’t allow it.

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I like Ron Paul to be in position to handle Fed,so that he can bring financial equality and stop insanity of killing US currency.

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Somewhat on point but off kilter. The Ron Paul revolution is NOT the GOP’s problem, it is the GOP’s salvation. It is a problem for the big government, pro-war progressives who currently dominate the GOP.
-Jahfre Fire Eater

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Anyone who thinks Ron Paul would nullify his career and obliterate his support base and hand the GOP back over to the big government, pro-war, pro-immoral funding of ever-accelerating government growth by teaming with Romney, or anyone else who represents 180degree opposition to EVERYTHING Ron Paul and his supporters hope for the future of the GOP must be smoking something or simply paying more attention to their own wishful thinking than anything relevant to the Ron Paul campaign.

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Libertarianism is the future of the Republican Party. Either that or it’s the end of the GOP.

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How about a Paul/Roemer ticket. There is only one thing worse than a democrat right now and thats a republican

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@More.Liberty who wrote “I voted Republican in every election. I joined the Marine Corps served four years, got out went to college and went back in as a commissioned officer…The establishment, which is both parties, have screwed over the individual, taken our rights in the name of “security,” and bankrupted us, our children and their children’s children. I can not in good faith vote for more tyrant statist regardless of (R) or (D).” YOU ARE PROOF of how a college education ruins a perfectly good Republican voter.

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There is not a vet among the bunch except for Mr Paul.

Both of my son’s families are going to vote for him whichever party flag he is running under because as they put it.

“He’s the only one who does not have to pause when he opens his mouth to remember which lie to us on which crowd because he always speaks what he means.”

If any of the senior Republican leadership think they can pull that crowd away from Mr Paul they are delusional as well as corrupt.

Maybe an honest man can not win the White House any longer but the American youth can send a message that they are done with liar after liar from both major parties sitting in the oval office….

I know a majority of the military for the first time since George Washington became the first President feel the same.

Before you gloat Mr Obama, remember your promise to end the war in one year and bring the troops home, we do….even if you forgot.

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Ron Paul is the only Republican running for President. I recently listened to an interview with Everette Dirksen from 1964. When asked the definition of a Republican, he identified three areas where Republicans differ with Democrats. Republicans support:
1) Effectively managing a limited federal government, avoiding spending our way into debt; 2) providing for a strong national defense; and 3) supporting the cultural norms that have shaped the US since its inception. To define a modern “conservative,” you have to invert the paradigm. Paul is simply following the Republican-held beliefs from Coolidge through Reagan. And Republicans sit by while the media calls him a “kook.” Disgusting.

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Yes, I voted for RP in the primary. Yes, I am voting straight libertarian in the election. I have for years. A wasted vote is a vote for the DemRep candidate because nothing changes. The DemRep is virtually one political party that plays good cop/bad cop every election cycle to maintain the status quo and stay in power. I will vote straight libertarian until I see real change such as doing away with the IRS. I’m not a hard core Libertarian but, I’m not wasting another vote on a DemRep.

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Here’s my two cents. First of all Ron Paul supporters including myself know that he wont win. However, we do know that his voice will still be carried on through the next candidate. America is sick and tired of the same BS that’s been shoved in our faces. This has everything to do with the media blacking out Ron Paul. Everyone agrees with him, they just don’t know they do because they haven’t heard him.

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I want Ron Paul to have a BIG voice. He is a true statesman and reminder of greater times in America with the likes of statesmen such as Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin. Ron Paul wants America to succeed and thrive and he has some very good ideas about how to make that happen in our time of despair.

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Romney should definitely offer him the Fed Chairmanship, as long as he keeps it secret and shuts up. Then in 2014, of course he can break that promise and appoint whoever is actually best for the job. Maybe Jack himself would be up for it!

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I am a Republican precinct delegate and a citizen who is proud to be a supporter of Ron Paul. The Declaration of Independence along with the Constitution form the bedrock this nation was founded on. That foundation is being slowly destroyed by BOTH political parties. Ron Paul vows to obey, respect, and govern under the constitution. He is the one with a history we admire and words we can trust!

I cannot support Mitt, Rick, or Newt. We have been listening to them beating the war drums in the attempt to garner votes. We neither need, nor can afford more undeclared wars.

I will not vote for the less’er of three evils, I will vote for a man whose long service to this country has been principled, a true patriot, and the George Washington of our times, Ron Paul! If that means I have to write in his name on the ballot so be it.

To my party I say this, wake up and realize that those who passionately support Ron Paul do so, not for love of Ron Paul but for love of their country! Restore your founding principles so we can support the party or be slowly swept into the dustbin of history.

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Amen brother,

Once you really understand the nature of the FED, ECB and Bank of England, it is not possible to vote for anybody but Ron Paul. It is not about Ron Paul, it is about getting the USA back onto sound footing.

This smoke and mirrors nonsense that the banksters are peddling just will not fly.


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You are making way too much of this. Ron Paul has done this before. He never truly expects to win, only to feel important for a while. I seriously doubt he would make serious trouble for Republicans this time with his son’s start beginning to shine in the Senate. No, he will have his fill and that will be that. Funny how so many of his supporters go on about his fiscal policy when what most of them are latched onto is his legalize marijuana plank. He always gets a steady supply of young college students for that reason. I have met many of them. They think they are Libertarians but don’t really even know what that means.

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There is ample evidence that the so called 2 party systems (actually, one party) is killing the USA. This is evident when a person who upholds the constitution is labeled a nut.

But I do know what will eventually happen, The federal system will disappear as various sections of the USA go their own way. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving dictatorship.

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Ron Paul has great ideals that are unfortunately, a bit too radical for the times and he would never be able to govern as president. However, Ron Paul in an adversary roll, or perhaps a cabinet position would give him MORE ability to influence decisions gradually, and help turn our country in the right direction.

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jack and suzy…

Paul has you worried? hehe you say no….but he can kill the GOP’s wishes in a heartbeat…

So its deal time…not ‘firing’ time…

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I can’t help but compare a Romney/Paul ticket to the FDR/Henry Wallace ticket. Opposite, yes, but just as political. When the need for a Progressive was gone, so was Wallace. When the need for a Libertarian passes… no more Ron Paul.

In reality, there’s no Republican Party any more; it’s a naked tool of big money. In reality, Ron Paul is as relevant now as Andrew Jackson. In reality, he may be the only one on the GOP’s roster, RINO or not, who’s honest And in reality, that isn’t enough.

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This article is right. Exposing the real power running the GOP is job 1 – and there is no way Im going to vote for these Kocsher Konservatives just because their fake opposition (the dems) is occupying the white house at this time.

Im not voting for evil anymore, Obama can win for all I care – its the same difference.

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My bet is Ron as Ross Perot. Because of the facts in the article. The management and candidates of the GOP who have so grossly mismanaged this campaign so far will have zero chance of pulling their egos from where the sun don’t shine long enough to make a decision that energizes Congressman Paul’s vociferous supporters in the correct direction.

And if the Paul supporters are not happy and chant “wait until 2016″, they’ll be equally disappointed. Because if things keep going the way they have been, there won’t be a 2016 — Not for America.

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Well, if anyone knows how it feels to axe an employee, it’s Jack Welch. As for the republican party, I seriously doubt that Ron Paul and his followers will be handled intelligently, certainly not as skillfully as Obama handled his vanquished opponents.
The thing is, when you actively pander to extremists, you simply cannot expect them to behave in conventional ways. So all bets are off for the losers in the primary.
It’s really hard to have any sympathy for the republicans anymore, to be honest.

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It would seem not much thought was put into this article. Attempting to equate the current administration’s relationships, or handling thereof, with Clinton and Biden is foolhardy. Clinton is one of the most admired and respected public figures in the country, and indeed the world at this point. And whatever Biden’s shortcoming, or gaffes, he comes across as almost Lincolnesque when compared to the ramblings of Ron Paul. For a strategy similar to that employed successfully by the Democrats in 2008 to work, you would need someone other than Ron Paul to be the object of your desire. The notion that any role of consequence would be offered to such a loose cannon, and someone with as questionable a background on a vast array of issues, is preposterous. Such a move would backfire almost immediately, and no potential administration is going to saddle themselves with a hot mess like Ron Paul from the outset. That’s not to say that Paul hasn’t contributed to the landscape in (sometimes) meaningful ways, or hasn’t informed the debate on several key issues; and certainly he has connected with a strange mix, and cross-section of the public. But he is also someone you clearly don’t want to get to close to, or have associated with your administration in any substantive way. He is on the fringe for a reason and will almost certainly be left there by all serious contenders.

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Jack Welch, a man who has made a living by firing people to maximize stockholder return, talking about how horrible it is to destroy peoples’ lives by firing them? Tell me, Jack, does that mean all of the times you fired the tens of thousands employees improperly (who took offense at your action), you’re going to now give back all of the monies you accrued from your stock options at GE? I think we all know the answer to that one–the same as if you’re to ask Jack if he has any understanding of what it takes to be loyal to his wife in marriage.

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No worries, I assure you there will be no place for Ron Paul in the next Obama administration.

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Oh please. Ron Paul isn’t getting fired. He just doesn’t have what it takes to get hired. Along with 299 million or so other people this election cycle. I don’t know if Ron Paul is a crybaby, but this column was sure written by one.

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I’m not sure who is more ignorant Ron Paul or his supporters. Think it a tie. Before World War II, the US had had many serious recessions or depressions, including 1807, 1837, 1873, 1882, 1893, 1907, 1920, 1933, and 1937. For most of those events we had no social security, no Medicare no unemployment insurance a gold standard or a partial silver standard and of course a weak federal govt plus an electorate that during those early events wanted an isolationist policy. Those prior events were under a system that Ron Paul and Libertarians et al care to return to (I call it the Little House on the Prairie Syndrome) IT JUST DIDN’T WORK. It didn’t work then and in this globally linked world would fail to an even greater degree. That’s if you consider working class Americans eating out of garbage pails total failure. Ron Paul and supporters care to return us to what they perceive to be a simple kinder America. A world of fairy tales that never was.

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Dear Jack and Suzy,
Thank you for being thoughtful toward Dr. Paul.
It does not matter if the GOP treat him kindly or not. It is already too late for his supporters to have any warm and fuzzy feelings for the GOP. The treatment Dr. Paul and his supporters have endured from the GOP has been despicable. The media black out, ballots being “lost”, ballots not being counted, caucus sites being shut down because the GOP “was not prepared for a large crowd”, caucus sites being changed the night before caucus, rules being broken at delegate selection, ignoring over half of the Paul supporters in the room and claiming their 45 people outnumbered the 230 Paul people in the caucus with a head count, some caucuses refusing a head count, their total ignorance of Robert’s Rules and making the whole election process a blatant fraud. They bit off their nose to spite their face.
Nope, the GOP will not be getting the Paul supporters votes. We will not go to the polls, vote for Obama, or vote 3rd party. Obama will get another four years, that’s for sure.
The GOP has died and gone to hell and there is new blood coming in and they are taking all of “Crazy Ron Paul’s” positions and ideas and forming a new GOP. They are going to air out the stench from local to state to federal. The GOP is in for a rude awakening and they aren’t going to like it one bit. It will never be the same again, Thank God.

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Of course a former GE CEO wants Ron Paul out of the race. GE afterall is a big supplier of the Military Industrial Complex, and when a company pays you millions of dollars over numerous years that allegiance is sure to remain. Does the writer of this article realize that Ron Paul supporters are actually taking over the GOP, it may not be this round, but in 4 years I don’t think there will be much that can be done to stop Ron Paul supporters from bringing a more libertarian lean to the Republican Party. The Democrat Party and Republican Party seem to be one in the same when it comes to the most important issues we face as a country. They both are pro war, they both are pro bailout, they both are pro racking up high deficits, they are both bent on taking our liberties away and the list can go on. They only differ on policies that won’t really effect the terrible course we are on as a country. Let’s face it, homosexual marriage, abortion, and other social issues are the only things the two parties seem to disagree on which neither in the short or long term are issues that address the biggest problems facing our nation. Ron Paul supporters are not only working on the Presidential Election, they are getting active locally within the GOP and gaining key positions in local government. If time is on the Ron Paul supporter’s side and this whole country does not go defunct, I think we will find the GOP getting a face lift from inside the party. Ron Paul is not just running for President, he is spreading a message I believe that will not go away.

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Ignorant is for the dolts that want to keep the status quo. The progressives have run this country into the ground, and if you are too stupid to see it, then you can just suffer with the rest of the narcissists.

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The 3 keys to economic prosperity (sustained economic growth) are sound money (a store of value), savings (a store of capital) and a healthy business climate (enabling capital to find its most productive use). Right now, our key ring is empty and we go from boom to bust to next boom. Sound money is the 1st key as Ron Paul understands. I’ll support and vote for Romney, but Ron Paul is the Man with the Plan. But then, who would give a guy big bucks to limit the Fed and the U.S. government and empower the people?

With the baby boomers retiring, the Fed cannot inflate our way out of our debt problem. Inflation increases government liabilities faster than it reduces the value of the debt we owe.

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It’s Ron Paul or not at all. I speak for THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of real Americans. Watch us sink the USS Mitt while it sits in harbor.

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“Both of these “terminated” rivals, along with Bill Clinton and his minions, could have easily spent Obama’s general-election campaign and his first term engaged in subterfuge, natter-nattering to the media about the Newbie-in-Chief’s every little misstep.”

Hah, that’s funny- Democrats being critical of their own president.

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J & S Welch,

Your article speaks volumes, however dont you think its a tad too late to extend the olive branch considering the GOP (and its media outlets) have dogged Ron Paul since 2007? Now they want our votes, and based on how Ron Paul has been treated in the media – I almost think I would get a kick out of the GOP losing the election to Obummer should Dr. Paul not make the nomination. Perhaps this will give the GOP another 4 years to reflect (not that they seem to do much thinking at all these days — but perhaps there is hope). The GOP needs to think carefully on this less the elephant succumb to the fate of the woolly mammoth. Already people disaffected by both parties are coming together in org’s like AmericansElect which looks like it may have more of a future than the GOP. Either way im still voting for Paul – one should never compromise ones beliefs.

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Giving Ron Paul a prime speaking role at the Tampa Convention isn’t going to mean anything if all the other speakers contradict everything he says that is most important – ending the War on Terror, the War on Drugs, and the War on Money (i.e., the FED). For Paulites to vote for the GOP ticket this fall and that to make any sense will require, at the least, that Rand Paul is the V-P nominee and heir presumptive to the presidential candidate, and that Ron Paul will be named to serve as the new chair of the Board of the Federal Reserve Bank System. Whatever mischief another Republican President would get up to in the next four years (and it won’t be any worse than Obama, if reelected) can be recompensed by those two accomplishments and what they promise for the future.

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If only more people understood Liberty and economics. Ron Paul would be the winner for sure.

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Is Mr. Warbucks really so dense as to believe the Ron Paul revolutionaries will be mollified by a “severance package”? – a “lovely parting gift”? Try to understand, Jack. Those Ron Paul voters have no more in common with the arms merchants and corporatists of the GOP than they do with the socialists of the Democratic Party. The Ron Paul voter does not seek a consolation prize from the GOP establishment. The Ron Paul voter seeks to REPLACE the GOP establishment.

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I just watched the video. The firing-an-employee analogy is disgustingly condescending. Jack, you are not the boss of me.

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Who knows?

Ron Paul might help Romney win independant, and loyal young voters IF Romney chooses him to be the running mate.

The conservatives evangelicals have nowhere else to go but to vote Republican. It’s the young and independant voters loyal to Ron Paul, who can help Romney win.

It is not fair to call Ron Paul a Don Quixote. For one thing, he doesn’t have a horse, or initiate duels, or vow to protect fair maidens.

Ron Paul just reasons from common sense, and points out some ridiculously senseless things our Government has been doing, from generation to generation in American politics even when the initial impetus for the tradition had long ceased to exist. That’s all. That’s no Don Quixote-like at all.

The Republican leadership is unwise to see him as “only” the unelectable third party leader.
Strangely, some may think, he is the only person who seem to be able to “reason” with and influence the Tea Party loyalists by logic, and not by blind rhetoric — something the Republican leadership is incapable of doing, for whatever reason. That’s a reality, however unconventional or counter-intuitive as to the cause and effect. It’s an undeniable phenomenon that the Republican leadership would be very unwise to brush aside.

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This column is a perfect example of why Jack Welsh is revered in business and so he should be. There are far too few real leaders like Welch. More’s the pity.

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Like being careful on how you cut off an old spouse?

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What you mean Suzy and Jack are still together – what little darlings they are.

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The Ron Paul supporters are grossly underestimated. If the Republican Party offered Ron Paul the Vice President position, they would beat Obama. Add the adult independent and Libertarian voters to your very low number of students and ka-boom!
The Republicans are giving away the election to Obama. I will personally not-vote or vote for any third party or independent to register my disgust with the Republicans poor line-up. The Republican party will just pick some looser for V.P. anyway just to show it is thier way or not at all.
While I don’t like Obama, to vote for a slightly lesser evil would just be wrong. Obama will bankrupt our country slightly faster than the Republican candidate. Lets get it over with and start re-building sooner, not later.
If the Republican Party put Ron Paul up for V.P., not only would they win the election, but Ron Paul would have the time to investigate and change the banking system.

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Ron Paul is running for President Rand Paul. The GOP does not need to curry favor with this crowd of selfish,ideological cynics. They do not know nor respect the GOP, they will destroy America with their obsolete, bizarre dogma. Let them circle the GOP squealing like a roasting pig in their fire of intolerance.

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Jack Welsh obviously has no clue about Ron Paul supporters. They are not truly part of the Republican Party, they are an independent third party who has operated within the Republican Party out of necessity. The corporate military industrial complex, Wall Street and the Fed, and the Zionists hold the purse strings, and pull those strings to animate Republican and Democrat puppets, and those establishment forces despise Ron Paul and his Paulite Party as much as the Paulite despise the establishment.

There will be no olive branch, no severance package from the Republican establishment to buy off the Paulites, but if there is, the Paulites will reject it, they want nothing from the likes of Romney, and they will not vote for him, to a member of the Paulite Party, a vote for Romney is absolutely no different than a vote for Obama.

And here is some reality for the the Paulites: Hell will freeze over before Paul or his supporters gain any real power that might actually threaten the banksters and their Zionist wars. Paul would get what they gave to JFK if he ever got into a position to be able to enact his ideas.

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@Stanley7746, I have to say your comments are amusing bizarre. Pray tell what obsolete, bizarre dogma may you be speaking about. Maybe it’s the idea of living within your means? Or could it be eventually putting an end to an institution that robs every american who tries to save money of their wealth (Here an idea of how much we’ve all been screwed over) inflation (i.e. increase in the money supply not the silly idea of an increase in general prices since when money is injected into the economy it is impossible to predict how it will flow) of 2% means that the value of your savings or pension has been cut in half after 35 years. What has the Fed been increasing the money supply by, say 15-20%? How much of the value of your pension has been wiped out? Maybe 30% if not more in the last 3 years. And note that none of the other clowns in the Republican party even acknowledge this!?! And you think these ideas are bizarre?!?

Or maybe it’s the idea of reducing the size of the Federal government that you find bizarre. Stanley have you noticed that the government has spent $1.5 trillion more than it brought in via taxes. Even if you tax the rich at 100% you still will not make a dent in that figure.

Or maybe it’s the idea of not attacking a country that has not attacked anyone in more than 140 years (i.e. Iran) especially as they clearly don’t have a nuclear weapon nor the defence capability to do anything other than maybe defend itself. Given that Gen. Wesley Clark said back in 2002 that the US State Dept had a document outlining that the US would attack Iraq, Libya, Syria and Iran in order to change the regimes, is it really any surprise that all sorts of fabrications are being made in order to justify an attack. But little of you is a bit too daft to see through the mist.

I would say that maybe in the interest of self preservation you should take a bit of time and think through what you’re saying before you decide to comment on what you clearly don’t know! It’s one thing to be the fool, it’s a whole other matter to be the fool following the fool.

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The GOP has 4 diverse candidates running. They all need to be part of the solution. Regardless of who wins, Ron Paul appeals to the youth and the wise. He will bring in independents and a lot of Democrats in the general election.
Republicans will not win by knocking down Obama, they will win on offering a real solution to the “jobs” situation and
keeping reversing the economic tide for the country.


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Ah dear Jack -a you sent GEs massive medical imaging biz to India where you can pay slave wages on machines you sell for perhaps tens of millions each.

Thanks for doing your part to destroy jobs in America. Republicans – who only know one word ME ME ME

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We want our Liberty back, and won’t stop until we get it.

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