Ron Paul and the pink slip that could decide the election

By Jack and Suzy Welch
January 26, 2012

Have you ever woken up in the morning knowing you have to let someone go and just felt sick to your stomach? It’s the worst part of work, isn’t it? Even when it’s absolutely necessary — the money isn’t there or the employee hasn’t been contributing for ages — the emotional pain and mess of sending someone home is every good leader’s bête noire.

To make matters worse, letting someone go is, without doubt the moment when every leader is the most likely to screw up. Really screw up. Because when you fire a person the wrong way — that is, without generosity and respect — you can be sure of two things.

You’ve hurt someone unnecessarily.

And you’ve set up your organization for a future relationship from hell. After all, terminated employees don’t just fade away. They usually reappear, and pretty rapidly, as customers, suppliers, distributors, or in the worst-case scenario, competitors with an ax to grind.

By the way, this is a column about Ron Paul.

Yes, Ron Paul, and here’s why. The maxims of business and politics don’t always overlap, but when it comes to parting ways, they sure do. In business, firing someone incorrectly is a disaster that can haunt you for years. Same in politics.

Now, the GOP isn’t technically going to “fire” Dr. Paul. But look, even Ron Paul knows he’s not going to unpack his suitcases in the Lincoln Bedroom. At some point, his wildly entertaining, Don Quixote-like campaign for the White House is going to run out of time.

And then?

And then, GOP, watch out! Sure, it appears Paul is unlikely to mount a third-party campaign — he’s said so himself. But he’s also unlikely to spend the next few months out on the stump for the nominee, or even in dutiful silence. In fact, you can easily imagine Paul as an outspoken TV commentator from now until November, basically running without running just to keep his ideas in the mix.

But Paul is not really the GOP’s problem. It’s his followers, perhaps as much as 15 percent of the general electorate, many of them young, vocal and highly energized. Like Paul himself, they’re not exactly party regulars. No, Paul and his followers promise to be a lot like that fired employee who, if “handled” incorrectly at farewell, will make it his life’s work to, if not bring your organization down, at least show you how very wrong you were to cut the cord.

The Republican Party would be flat-out careless to let that happen. Dr. Paul’s exit isn’t exactly going to be unexpected. Plus, the GOP leadership has an excellent example of how to correctly part ways right under its nose — in President Obama’s masterful handling in 2008 of Hillary Clinton, a bitter opponent right to the end, and Joe Biden, an early loser in the Democratic primary race. Both of these “terminated” rivals, along with Bill Clinton and his minions, could have easily spent Obama’s general-election campaign and his first term engaged in subterfuge, natter-nattering to the media about the Newbie-in-Chief’s every little misstep. Instead, Hillary Clinton was given a big job and a big jet and the opportunity to become the most popular woman in America. And rather than being trundled back to his commuter seat on the Amtrak to Delaware, the gaffe-ridden Biden was anointed vice-president and given the not-insignificant job of humanizing the more aloof Obama, a role he clearly relishes.

And so it must be with the RNC and Ron Paul. There can be no brush-off. No “Phew, he’s gone. Now let’s get down to business.” No booby prize. Ron Paul needs to be given a role that really means something to him –- a role with influence and voice.

The details of this role are not for us to identify — they can only emerge from the kind of good-faith negotiations that party officials should initiate soon with the candidate. All we can say is, in this kind of setting, as in the best-practice business parting, the “victor” must err on the side of bigheartedness and dignity. Whatever speaking role Dr. Paul wants at the convention, give it to him. If he wants some sort of advisory role in the new administration, the answer is: “Of course.” Like a business leader designing a severance package with a key player, the GOP leadership’s mindset must be: “When he walks out that door, Ron Paul is going to be a friend for life.”

Because if he isn’t, Ron Paul and his followers will make their unhappiness known. And for the mishandling of this defining moment, the GOP will deserve their ire.

Just like any leader who botches goodbye.

Jack Welch was the CEO of General Electric for 21 years and is the founder of the Jack Welch Management Institute at Strayer University. Suzy Welch is an author, speaker and the former Editor of the Harvard Business Review.

PHOTO: Republican presidential candidate U.S .Representative Ron Paul (R-TX) makes a point during the Republican presidential candidates debate in Jacksonville, Florida January 26, 2012. REUTERS/Scott Audette



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To me the most important thing that Ron Paul does is exemplify many traditional conservative values and positions that the Republicans loudly preach but do not practice. You know what they are.

The GOP can and will terminate him with prejudice for exactly that reason.

Posted by RynoM | Report as abusive

I am a Democrat. For the time being anyway.

Two things:

First, Hillary did not need Obama to give her the “opportunity” to become the most admired woman in America. She had a lock on that title long before Obama came along.

Second, after seeing what the repubs did to Clinton during his presidency (with hypocrite Newt right in the mix), and then seeing the lockstep support for the madness of King George W, I swore I’d never, ever pull the lever for another republican.

Ron Paul has changed my mind, and I hope I have the option to vote for him in November, whether as the repub nominee or as a third-party candidate.

“Firing” Paul would result in far more harm to the GOP than to Paul and his movement.

Posted by bluebear | Report as abusive

Well, let’s see… little old guy standing there… the other three all but ignoring him, sometimes agreeing with him… Basically dismissing him like they consider him no threat or just plain crazy..

Yet, when he spoke he spoke truthfully, unwavering and decisively about what he will do..

I recall a story similar to that type situation…

David walked away with the guy’s head… lol

Posted by SecretsofSafety | Report as abusive

Jack and Suzy Welch should be fired. Their presumptions are presposterous as Ron Paul supporters could never embrace a Romney, Santorum, or Gingrich. We like RP because he is honest, consistant, and has proper values. The others are the opposites. Go back into retirement!!!

Posted by LouGignac | Report as abusive

Yes, I agree “firing” Dr. Paul would not be a smart move on behalf of the GOP. As others have stated many of us feel we are republicans without a party because the party has strayed so far from its core values. I’m tired of the party nominating “their guy” before the primaries are over, this is stealing the voice of the electorate, whether you realize it or not.

I’ve attended local GOP meetings and I must say I’m less and less impressed with these so called conservatives, they act like whiney liberals with all of their name calling and bashing of their own members, it’s truly disgusting.

But all of the GOP’s actions are making one thing certain, there will be a viable third party SOON and that is the ultimate in firing…. when you can tell the “company” I’m outta here, you’ve been FIRED.

Posted by Kathl33n | Report as abusive

Fundamentally, the Republican Party has left its roots. Most Republicans no longer believe in liberty, freedom, free elections, or social tolerance.

A divorce is coming between the social conservatives and fiscal liberals that make up the majority of the Republican Party and the social liberals and fiscal conservatives that follow Ron Paul. They are fundamentally incompatible and no sleight of hand will make that division go away.

Ron Paul is against our wars and our meddling in favor of Israel. This is a core source of his strength and a core source of the rampant fear of the Pro-Israel groups that dominate both political parties. An Anti-War Republican is almost a joke in the eyes of the public.

Ron Paul is for the legalization of marijuana. He would greatly reduce the American prison and law enforcement industry. Republican? Not generally.

Can we really afford to spend our entire fiscal deficit on Israel, decade in, decade out, but cannot afford social benefits? Can we really afford our drug war and our anti-sex war, but not medical care already charged for? Of course we cannot. And the only way this happens is that we have rigged elections. Dr. Paul does not support rigged elections in the USA.

No, the problem is with the corruption.

The public does not want it.

Posted by txgadfly | Report as abusive

@ARJTurgot2. Thanks for your nice note. Sure, send us the bill. We’ll pay it right after we pay Olympus and Corzine for theirs!

Posted by WeWereWallSt | Report as abusive

Actually the “worst part” of a job is getting fired, not firing someone. At least for most people. But thanks for giving us the perspective of the 1%. You have my sympathies.

Posted by WASpcal | Report as abusive

Two-party politics is not the democratic way. George Washington himself shared disdain for the two-party system saying effectively it will undermine the government’s ability to get their job done. Registered Republicans and Democrats seldom determine an election. The Independent voters along with Green, Libertarian, Progressive, and Tea party voters decide elections based on a candidate’s merit (optimistic view).

Everyone in the media has decided to do their best to vilify Ron Paul because he’s the wildcard in this race. Democrats have their polarizing, self-centered incumbent and Republicans have a choice between a guy that buys, sells, and lays off Americans for a living or the most unethical, lying Congressional candidate we’ve ever seen.

So, for those voters who are basing our decisions on merit, we’re not interested in these tragically flawed candidates. In order to save this country, we need the government downsized drastically which cannot happen if we’re still in Afghanistan. In order to save this country, we need to flatten our taxes and ensure that the lobbyists of corporate America aren’t running our country. In order to save this country, we need to protect the written Constitution and our Bill of Rights from zealous government agencies.

Ron Paul is the candidate that could help America get back on track before we hit bankruptcy. But since big business, media outlets, and super PACs are keeping him from office, eventually Americans will have to retake this government (which has a 14% satisfaction rating). I’m afraid that once our credit limits are cut, a bloody American Spring is a foregone conclusion.

Watch what you say media outlets because you are becoming part of the problem more than the solution!

Posted by BBCue | Report as abusive

@ajmayo, You’ve misinterpreted the reason Dr. Paul is in favor of eliminating government agencies. It’s not to have fewer cabinet positions (which would make him reflexively against adding a cabinet position, as you assert), it’s to stop the Federal govt doing things the Fed govt shouldn’t be doing (i.e. outside the Constitution). Surely there’s no rational argument that supporting the Constitution is outside the Constitution and thus off limits for the Federal govt. SotC will help keep the Federal govt in check by regarding the Constitution first, not 3, 4 or 5 years later.


Posted by DanFarfan | Report as abusive

If Reuters and other so-called “respected” news outlets would stop incessantly talking about Gingrich , Romney, and Santorum because they are establishment GOP, Ronald Paul would actually have a real chance. In fact, he would win in a landslide, he dominates the debates he has no personal baggage a veteran a doctor and a predictor of the crisis that got us in this mess. But no, mainstream media is paid to make sure Ronald Paul doesn’t get attention even though he gets the most support from veterans and a thumping grassroots campaign. Paul was consistently coming in around 20 percent of the vote for Iowa and NH(wins the polls best against Obama), but nope I hear about Gingrich who had a pathetic 10% in the polls. This is all about talk about one candidate enough to build him up when all they’re doing is setting up another Bob Dole to be led to slaughter at Barack’s sacrificial oval office. They KNOW Ron Paul is a real threat to Obama’s campaign because he will take his vote away(especially his stance on the war on drugs). Corporatists like Rupert Murdoch and Jeffery Immelt is fine with Barry as pres, Barry is just like Bush on working with the mega-companies and they like him. Ronald Paul will NOT be Corporate America’s friend. This worries them that he has as much support that he does despite the absolutely NO MENTION of him in main stream media and frankly I’m disgusted for Reuters to put out an opinion piece on him needing to leave. NO NO NO NO
Santorum needs to gtfo, and Romney needs to realize he will never motivate his base because of the Mormon issue and also the disdain for the silver-spoon candidate in these tough times(a 15% tax rate Romney, really?).

If GOP wants a guarantee win(which they don’t they’re perfectly fine with a Tea Party legislative branch and a corporatist president) they would make the ticket Paul Gingrich perfect combo. Paul brings in swing voters and grassroots support and calms the moderates who are afraid of Gingrich because it’s aight if Paul is in charge, Gingrich motivates the shrinking but still present GOP base and it’s ok for him to have baggage as VP because a VP is supposed to take heat off the president and be the “not-so-nice guy” Cheney is your stellar example for that. It’s all about balance on a ticket.

Posted by Illuminus | Report as abusive

Does anyone really think that Ron pulls such a large share of the electorate because he is cute? No, it his ideas that have power. Since no other candidate espouses these ideals, anything short of the VP slot for Ron (or Rand Paul) would cause Ron Paul’s supporters to flee. The party that comes closest to embracing the ideas that Ron Paul (and our founding fathers) have enunciated – is the party that will win.

Posted by Polestar2012 | Report as abusive

Dear Jack, you miss the point. I , as one of your faithful, quoted in an LA Times Article considering you as the Captain of the ship and I stoking the furnace,lose sight of what Ron Paul stands for. You were an admired leader. We did things for you because you empowered us. It is not like you to tell us that Paul can’t win, but why he should! Is he not the new Captain we need? Captain, what are your core beliefs on Liberty? We, as Americans, need you in our corner. Do the right thing.

Posted by dr.bob | Report as abusive

The message of Ron Paul is more important than Ron Paul. I don’t think he really thought he had a chance at winning the Republican nomination, but the message is what is important to him. Will he run as a third party candidate? Hard to tell.

I would love for him to help create a third party that is not just another Libertarian clone. If you listen closely anything that is not needed by the Federal government is deferred to the states. Decriminalizing drugs on a Federal level does not mean legal drugs everywhere, it just makes it up to the states to decide what they do and don’t do. Just like we still have dry counties that don’t serve alchohol. Those who state it can’t work are either uninformed or lying because that is how it works for a lot of our laws.

As far as US defense, lets spend it on defense of the US and not the world. We are paying our tax dollars to defend Europe, countries in the middle east, countries in Africa, and countries in Asia. At what point do we see that our allies are selling off their military (literally selling off boats/planes/arms) to fix their own budgets and depending on the US to spend our money and soldiers to be their military? Every conflict we get involved in creates more enemies. We don’t need to pick sides in every conflict in the world.

Posted by UnPartisan | Report as abusive

Over at Motley fool, they say Jack’s old company is the number one in spending on lobbyists in Washington. Given that they are into defense contracting and home mortgages, I am not surprised that he is not enamored with Ron Paul.

Posted by wabashanderie | Report as abusive

This article is just a feeler for Ron. Pubs want to know what he wants but will not ask in person. message sent via article?

Posted by melto | Report as abusive

Ron Paul does not speak for me nor does he want to. I support him as my candidate for the GOP nomination. If he is not nominated, I will write him in. I don’t care one bit if Obama beats Romney, they are both the same anyway. 12,000+ people have already signed the pledge to vote Ron Paul all the way. Come visit us and put yourself on the map at They can’t win without us.

Posted by Caardvaark | Report as abusive

Wait a minute, is this the notorious Jack Welch from GE? The ruthless, unwavering Jack Welch that LOVES to fire people? LOL

Posted by markcwells | Report as abusive

You dis Paul,you dis U.S.

Posted by suakfox | Report as abusive

The Welch’s forget that the American people have a say in who the GOP nominee will be! It’s call the process of selecting delegates to the GOP convention. Ron Paul and his campaign are putting forth a message worthy of the American peoples attention. It is his message that is the problem, not the man. Ron Paul’s message threatens the very foundation upon which the elite ruling class thrive and so he is marginalized as the guy who needs a pink slip! Before this campaign he wasn’t even considered a hire, and now that the revolutions numbers have surpassed his ceiling he is on the GOP payroll? The elite ruling class, who by the way benefit from connections to Federal Reserve system fail to see that this election is not merely about a man, it’s about what is wrong with our country’s monetary system, foreign policy, and out of control federal government. This election is going to determine if the people elect a leader that will save our Republic or one that the status quo owns and continues the destruction of our dollar, the elimination of our personal freedoms, and ultimately our nations sovereignty! The Welch’s for all their good intentions do not speak for the American people and should let the process of the campaigns continue without telling us who should be fired and how!

Posted by JeffreyKelly | Report as abusive

I hear that Ron Paul’s supporters are all young. I’m 54, a veteran, Lifelong Republican and I know lots of people that are supporting Ron Paul that aren’t young. If the GOP doesn’t nominate Ron Paul they can kiss the election goodby. Ron Paul is the only one that moderate independents or Democrats would support. Other wise they will vote Obama to keep the current GOP candidates from obtaining office. Republicans need to realize one thing. They have never won elections, They have enlisted the help of the independents to win office. If they put anyone else up they give the election to Obama unless Ron Paul does run independent. Who knows if enough GOP, Independents and Dems vote independent ROn Paul we could have a president that didn’t come from either party. All I can say for sure is Ron Paul supporters will not be handled like Jack and his wife have said. They will take their energy elsewhere and the GOP will have blown their last chance to see a GOP President again. This will bring down the GOP and you can take that to the bank.

Posted by magicmann | Report as abusive

I’m not very enthusiastic about listening to Mr. Welch, sounds like old politics to me. The same old-school brainwashing rhetoric. Jack-you and GE should really pay some taxes!

Don’t count out Ron Paul. And your right about us crazy Ron Paul supporters. We would rather vote for the candidate with the highest probability of doing what he says he is going to do, instead of your cookie cutter candidate.

Posted by sammahoney | Report as abusive

Why is so much time being wasted on an OLD, OUT of TOUCH, INCOHERENT politician like Paul, he obviously is way out of his skill base as a candidate for PRESIDENT of the United States of America, in fact is it true that he has not any legislation of any positive, constructive, people oriented support for the betterment of the standard of living or quality of life, except for his contributors or benefactors during his tenure in congress??? and why is R. Paul even considered for the office he presently holds in congress,as his campaign clearly shows he totally inadequate for most government office…Just A Thought!!!

Posted by DOYEN | Report as abusive

Ron Paul and his narrow minded supporters are the main reason for his failure in impressing GOP Americans, in other words they and him are his worst ENEMIES….TRULY out of touch and uninspiring….Just a Thought!!!

Posted by DOYEN | Report as abusive

Ron Paul is the only hope this country has. All the rest are just a continuation of the policies that are whats wrong. Everybody I talk to wants to see the Fraudulent in charge removed from office. None of these same people would would vote to reelect him even though some admitted to voting for him the firs time. It shows in the media coverage of the debates that Dr. Paul is a genuine problem to the men behind the curtain. Much like the lack of coverage of the court case over the birth certificate. Before you get all up in a tiff libtards where exactly will you fit into the picture. Its all about us(Leaders) and them (sheep) and Ill bet when its all said and done your on the them side of the fence with all the bottom feeders. After all there is only a few good positions in the socalist system and thoes are at the very top. The rest of the usefull idiots will be sent off to the camps. Look around the world at all the wonderful examples of the standard of living with a socialist agenda. I See in my daily travels probably a 3 Ron Paul signs to 1 of all the others combined. Admitted not a scientific method but it makes me wonder about the media always promoting the other ahem cannifakes. Just like the court case, the truth is being exposed the media isnt going to cover it nor the real numbers of how far ahead Ron is.

Posted by seanoamericano | Report as abusive

you should be ashammed you wrote this.

Posted by katezz | Report as abusive

See? This article is exactly what everyone is talking about the media being in the pocket of the establishment of career politicians and business as usual. You wrote off Ron Paul in this article. This is still America, even though it may only be for a short time. But in between now and November the average tax paying citizen still has an outside shot by getting Ron Paul in the white house. It’s not over yet, only maybe because articles like this and the paid for people that write this yellow journalism think it is.

Posted by Levendi | Report as abusive

Hey!, tell your 4 children that back Ron Paul I said hello—we all saw the clip! :) —even your own kids know the truth and what is the only hope for America.

Posted by Anikafreeka | Report as abusive

Awwww, you should, blessings upon him, give him a bagel or perhaps some liver pate in a nice lunch bag, preferably a stylish bag. But since you have decided to fire him you must treat him with respect and handling him appropriately….

Sorry, the only ones who will elect Paul, or fire him by default, are the voters. Thanks Jack, our government is not yet your business and you aren’t the CEO. Shalom.

Posted by JavaMcPhearson | Report as abusive

This very interview validates that Paul is the only threat to Romney. Welch does not mention the other candidates as they have already lost the possibility by delegate votes. The fact that Welch’s four sons endorse Paul is revealing. Welch is the mascot of the 1% that stake their wealth on the military-industrial complex and its Washington bitch, our current form of government.

Paul will reset the balance in a way that does not favor the 1% or the 99% but stands for the continuation of our nation, a powerful but fair and reasonable actor on the world stage, and our kid’s future.

Posted by JavaMcPhearson | Report as abusive

Jack and Suzy Welch are wrong and all 4 of their boys support Ron Paul.

Now that Reuters has hired them, I will refuse to use their site and use any of their sponsors products, so will millions more.

Ron Paul is the antidote to the corruption and disregard for the Rule of Law in this country. Ron Paul is the only one that can “Restore America Now!”

If you want to have Liberty, a sound monetary policy and actually see the constitution restored, vote for Ron Paul 2012

Posted by hahanope | Report as abusive

Sorry, but this isn’t going to be one that the GOP can simply walk away from. Jack, you clearly are unable to see the problems that ordinary Americans face on a daily basis, and we are sick of having people like you dictate to our government what it will and will not do, interfering with our electoral process in a way entirely out of proportion with the weight you should have, and generally screwing us over every chance you get.
The level of corruption in our government has passed the point we can ignore. It’s Paul or bust.

Posted by RSJ | Report as abusive

RE:”Paul and his followers promise to be a lot like that fired employee who, if “handled” incorrectly at farewell, will make it his life’s work to, if not bring your organization down, at least show you how very wrong you were to cut the cord.”

…yeah, that’s going to happen regardless so you might as well get used to the idea of individualism.. the collective idea is a thing of the past and has proven to be devistating to the global economy. It’s time to be individuals again and take responsibilty for whatever you do.. Collectivism was only created to keep rich people rich and poor people poor.. that should be clearly obvious now…

Posted by Silkster | Report as abusive

politicaljunkie is exactly right. No president is elected unless approved by the Jews and Isreal. The US voter is under an illusion thinking that he/she actually elects anyone. This is not a democracy. The elections are decided by people like Adelson and Big Money Bags.

Posted by rasputyn | Report as abusive

moss_GR, I don’t know about Cal Coolidge, but I think that Dr Paul is more like Andrew Jackson, totally incorruptible by lobbyists and their big briefcases stuffed with cash. He is not beholden to rich sponsors, but only to the nation of taxpayers. This has to be a grass-roots effort, people contacting people. Big business, the super rich 1.6%, and the MIL-IND are against him, because guess what, he would clamp down on their thievery of the public treasury over the past 30 years.

Posted by rasputyn | Report as abusive

I agree however I think it is in reverse. I think the Ron Paul supporters will end up firing the GOP… I think that is what is entirely out of perspective with many media outlets and political pundits. They somehow think that we the people work for them… And that if we do not walk lockstep with the new party platforms we will be fired (disinfranchized). People who support the limitations imposed on government by the Constitution will have nowhere to get representation. The fact is the GOP will be fired by many Americans. I think many of them have sold out to corporate interests much like their counterparts. I did not leave the party, rather they left me…. (Quote from Ronald Reagan)

Posted by JCummins | Report as abusive

The irony is that Ron Paul is constantly being asked if he will run as a third party candidate, however, none of the other candidates are asked this same question. It is as if they want him to step aside and let the GOP continue without him that way they can relagate him and his ideas to outside the mainstream (two party) and of course this will prompt the response to throwing away your vote on third party candiates. This nonsense implies that somehow or some way the RNC is entitled to my vote simply because I am registered Republican. The point is they have to earn my vote and the pendelum swings both ways. I am so tired of the lesser of two evils… especially when a true Statesman emerges who’s behavior is consistent with his beliefs. A person of integrity is running for the GOP. Ron Paul is one who can unite the party… all the others will simply cause further splintering and disinfranchizement.

Posted by JCummins | Report as abusive

The Republican Party has become the sponsor of GREED, FEAR, and RELIGIOUS SUPERSTITION…Now, remove any thought of scientific reality and you have what the Party represents! We have succumbed to what IKE warned of: the military industrial complex.

Posted by nopleabargains | Report as abusive

The reason Ron Paul is constantly pestered with questions regarding his possibly running as a 3rd party nominee is because he is the only potential candidate capable of pulling enough independent, libertarian party, constitution party, democratic party, republican party and green party voters away from the annointed two party favorites and having a tangible effect on who is the next president. All the rest are simply unsophisticated peas in a conviction-less, rudderless, amoral pod.

Like many others, unless Ron Paul is the Republican nominee, I’ll be voting Libertarian.

Posted by JoeR_ | Report as abusive

I am 50+ yrs of age Ron Paul supporter. I am conservative, married, Christian, 2A supporter, father, brother, son, uncle and veteran of the Armed Services. The GOP is out of touch with fiscal conservatives like me. More importantly, the US foreign policy which has been one of pre-emptive strikes, unmanned drones flying over foreign soil and taking out “terrorists” simply does not sit well with me. Just as importantly, the money that flows from the USA to friends and foes alike is over the top. My family includes numerous members that are 1st generation immigrants thats came to the USA legally. The part of the country I live in has the streets, sidewalks and parking lots filled with illegals waiting for their next “job.”

I will not vote for one of the 3 stooges (Mitt, Newt or Rick) – never. I will write in Ron Paul or vote for another conservative candidate that is not bought and sold repeatedly by the special interest groups and PACS.

Should the GOP worry? Yes, the GOP should worry. They are out of touch and losing conservatives that are sick and tired of the status quo. As for the Tea Party…. well, let’s just say it has been hijacked by the GOP and leave it at that. The fact that the Tea Party would support Rick Perry or New Gingrich let’s you know how far gone the Tea Party is now.

Vote Ron Paul – write in Ron Paul – let your voice be heard.

Posted by dean2ks | Report as abusive

” It’s his followers, perhaps as much as 15 percent of the general electorate, many of them young, vocal and highly energized.” – You forgot to leave out, generally highly educated and intelligent.
We are those things, and we are seriously angered that politicians and people with political clout continue to spiral this country out of control. “Ron Paul is too extreme…” is what I hear all the time. Have you seen our budget deficit for this year alone..? If the answer is yes, then I ask you if you understand what a (-) in front of a number means…

Posted by YUPtrev | Report as abusive

Ron Paul isn’t one of my favorites because of his racial views but I will say he already isn’t being treated fair. They are all but ignoring him and trying to keep him in the background and make him seem like he lost before the got started. Even if I believe he is a racist I still think he should be given the same treatment as all the other candidates. I believe in the democratic way and belief the Media should give Americans the facts and allow them to make their own choices.

Posted by blessed1 | Report as abusive

Actually Ron Paul might make the ideal director of the Office of Management and Budget, since he is so anti-government. Federal employees are not as thrift minded in general as state employees and lessons in economy and efficiency would not hurt. Also, the federal government contracts out so much work that in many cases it no longer has in agencies the technical knowledge to make rational contracts. Computer software projects for example require more than anything else continuity of programming and software maintenance. Big software development projects can take years to final acceptance, even when sometimes a single programmer/analyst could do the entire project along if added by a documentation writer and a software manual writer. After all it is common knowledge in programming computers that 10% of the programming staff does 90% of the programming because of native abilities with acquired expertise. I once was one of that 10%.

Posted by SeniorMoment | Report as abusive

Jack Welch is right on the money.

Ron Paul is either is VP for Romney with Romney presenting them as a team to achieve Ron Paul’s goals or he loses to Obama.

Ron Paul himself exclaims it is not about him but about his message so he would be willing to work with Romney his goals.

Those two would be an unstoppable force together as they are not only the two smartest men in the room but the two most ethical men.

Posted by elderwesto | Report as abusive

I will vote for candidate Ron Paul. If he’s not the nominee, I will write him in or on with a Sharpie. Regardless of the outcome, a conversation has finally begun regarding the so called choice of a two party system.

Posted by TagIamit | Report as abusive

Neo-con Hannity ignores Ron Paul constantly on his show. Even last night he was talking about the next upcoming things for the candidates and all the advertisement pictures had all the candidates EXCEPT Ron Paul. If that wasn’t a subtle hint, I don’t know what it is then.. I’m glad I don’t watch that show because when I do I want to punch the TV screen..

Posted by Silkster | Report as abusive

I wrote a piece on the Welches’ column for The Weekly Standard. It is titled Ron Paul — and the ‘Pink Slip’– my thesis is that because, in politics, for every action there is a reaction, giving Ron Paul a prominent speaking role at the convention, etc. is unlikely to help the Republican cause. Those interested can read the whole column here: paul-and-pink-slip_620836.html?nopager=1

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Ron Paul represents the values and ideas that the vast majority of American’s want. Too bad his message has been ignored and obfuscated by the media to the point that they aren’t properly understood. It is amazing, however, to note that even with the cards clearly stacked against him there are large numbers of people that support him. I’m getting tired of hearing that his supporters are a bunch of college kids. Yes, on one hand I get the irony of a 76 year-old candidate even appealing to youg people, and I think that’s good. But I’m 55 years old and me and my contemporaries love the guy too.

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Kind of funny that Jack Welch, the former grand poobah of GE, would be writing commentary like this, since GE has been in the pocket of Obama since day 1.

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as long as he doesn’t become secretary of the treasury i’m fine with this

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