Can you stand to read one more thing about the lin-credible, lin-tense, lin-probable Jeremy Lin without going totally lin-sane?

Yes, we’re going there.

Not just because we’re crazy about Lin’s on-court heroics for the New York Knicks (although we are) or his off-court humility (which we also love.)

But because when you manage to put aside all hootin’-and-hollerin’ about Jeremy Lin, his nation-gripping story just so happens to offer an important lesson for business leaders.

Give your bench a chance.

That’s right, your bench. Those twenty- and early thirty-somethings in your place who you think need a little more exposure outside their functional area, or a few more years of people management, or maybe just plain more life experience before they move up a small rung to the next, wholly predictable level. Them. The ones you’ve got in a holding pattern because the company Establishment — which might very well include you, if you can bring yourself to admit it — has deemed they’re “not ready yet.”

Jeremy Lin is a reminder that one, two or even more of them might be ready for their own hoop dreams, if you’d only have the guts to take them off the bench.