Comments on: The theater of economic sanctions Tue, 10 Feb 2015 19:54:39 +0000 hourly 1 By: unobtr Mon, 11 Feb 2013 17:23:25 +0000 I am just not sure what the big deal is about Iran having an A-bomb. Everyone else has one, why cant they?

The only nation that has anything to fear is Israel, and Iran knows that they would be bombed back to the stone age if they attack them. Sounds sort of like the U.S. and Russia for most of the previous sixty years. And we are both still here, pointing missiles at each other, knowing we will never use them.

Get over Iran. And for God’s (Allah’s) sake dont even think about regime change.

By: randburg100 Sun, 10 Feb 2013 09:01:28 +0000 The one thing that the US government cannot seem to get into its thick skull is that the Iranian nation is has existed in one guise or another for thousands of years – its peoples have survived invasion, deprivation, famine, religious stupidity…and still they keep going. The US has been around for how long…? 250 years? That counts as nothing to the peoples of Darius….the US will come and go…as it will…but the they will remain.

So, Obama – stop acting like the street corner thug, wake up…because sure as eggs is eggs, the epitaph of the US will be written in the script of a nation that was ancient before the America was discovered by the Vikings…..they can teach you a lot -if only the US wasn’t so arrogant!

By: meleze Sat, 09 Feb 2013 18:12:18 +0000 this add gives the opportunity to think over once more to the punition infliged to Julian Assange and questionning wether wikileaks wouldn’t be the tool that laks in this arm-wresting between USA and Iran. A wiki is a place for people of Iran that want to be free to express themselves. The wiki unfortunatly worked against USA in the case of Iraqi war tough it has been very well opĂ©rating in Syria in Egypt in Lybia and in Tunisia. The future of the Arabian spring is very uncertain. And may be is the wiki playing the role that the voice of America were used to get in the past.

By: Adam_Smith Sat, 09 Feb 2013 15:32:33 +0000 At least in this case, sanctions are not the alternative to war. When they have been applied as brutally as possible and yet still fail the cry from “humanitarian” interventionists will go out that we must invade Iran and overthrow its government in order to rescue the suffering population from the sanctions regime. Iranians, even those opposed to their current government, will not be fooled. They will resist the Western invasion much as the Afghans and Iraqis have. Many ordinary, previously peaceful, Iranians will be recruited by anti-Western terrorist organizations. There are many well educated and highly skilled Iranians. They will make for very formidable terrorist enemies.

By: SamuelReich Sat, 09 Feb 2013 02:10:16 +0000 Siege has not worked against popular governments unless the people were starving or the government itself did not want to suppress the opposition. Lenin=grad held out for years amid starvation.

By: jrpardinas Fri, 08 Feb 2013 22:59:00 +0000 Economic sanctions are as gross a use of naked force as unprovoked military aggression – and Washington seems to use both with almost equal abandon.

Just as we preach tolerance toward political and religious diversity within countries, we should practice tolerance toward those with whom we disagree politically abroad.

In any case, we tend to do so if the country in question is big and powerful (e.g. China, Russia) but revert to economic and military violence if the country is relatively weak (Cuba, Iran, etc.)

Personally, I hope Iran endures the current onslaught and either comes to an mutually satisfactory resolution of its conflict with the USA or procures its badly-needed nuclear deterrent.

By: AdamSmith Fri, 08 Feb 2013 14:25:11 +0000 Iranians are far less evil than America or Israel.

For many years the US lived with the Soviet Union in possession of thousands of nuclear tipped intercontinental ballistic missles, aimed right at American cities.

The Soviet press, for example the official newspaper Pravda, routinely published major editorials calling for the destruction of imperialist America, the capitalist exploiter of mankind.

Yet Russia for all its rhetoric, was run by human beings, and as human beings do, even fanatical communists, they considered their own interests, and their families. They never used any of their thousands of nuclear weapons on anybody.

The same with Chinese communists. They have nuclear missles. They, too, have families and children they love. And so too with Iranians Moslems. They too have families and children they love.

But the cleverest Hollywood script writers and propagandists on Earth reside in Israel, and they have the world believing that Iran, who has invaded nobody, would immediately use a nuclear weapon if it had one.

Israel itself, constantly threatening to strike Iran, is driving the world toward war. Israel, the great criminal nation, steals more land from defenseless Palestinians every day, while cleverly diverting our attention by pointing their finger at Iran.

Israel, who every day steals land, who bulldozes homes, cuts down olive tree groves, who kills Palestinian children with tanks and helicopter. This same Israel cleverly points their finger at Iran, who steals nobody’s land, and invades nobody.

Of all the nations that possess nuclear arms (Israel, America, France, England, India, Pakistan, Russia, China) Iran would be a safer bet to be responsible and rational.

It was only America who has used its nuclear weapons on fellow humans, when we dropped two of them on Japan after she was already defeated, at the end of WWII. General Eisenhower was very much against it.

The world will be better off if Iran DOES have a nuclear deterrent.

Iran is a huge country with 73 million people. The sooner Iran has nuclear missles to defend itself, the sooner the threat of war will recede.

By: DDavid Fri, 08 Feb 2013 13:48:08 +0000 Sanctions don’t work when an adversary believes he is correct and stubborn. Especially when the damage is done against its citizens rather than on the Power Grip.
Further sanctions have a side affect, as small as it may be, it also hurts the World economy. And we are part of that economy.

If the US government thinks Iranians will rise up, then our government needs their head examined. Iran isn’t France or the UK, Iran is more like the USA, when citizens don’t like something they wine&bitch but won’t or can’t do anything to change the situation. They are no different than us, constraint by a police force.

If sanction are to work they need to hit the power seat, and further by hitting the citizens rather than the power base, the greatest majority will hate the USA rather than their own government. They are not dumb and know exactly who’s causing the pain.

If the US wants a bargaining chip, it needs to be fair, and consider the whole middle east nuclear free, which includes the Jewish state, of course that won’t happen, so it’s David vs, Goliath rather than two cool collective heads working out a reasonable solution.
And more importantly in order to bring the Middle East into our way of thinking the Palestinian issue needs to be resolved, no one nation has been against that, including Europe, except for the United States, and therefore the underlying cause of many of our problems, including terrorism for which the US citizens is still paying today in their freedom and in taxes.