A Fox News Channel employee has turned mole at the behest of Gawker and has now filed two dispatches from the House that Roger Ailes Built.

In the first, published on Monday, the Fox Mole describes the misery of working for the channel: He (we don’t know for certain it’s a man, but it seems a reasonable assumption) hoped that his Fox gig would help him find “a new job that didn’t make me cringe every morning when I looked in the mirror.” He also leaked a moderately amusing pre-broadcast chat between Mitt Romney and Sean Hannity.

The second, published today, portrays the “soul-crushing” material conditions of working at Fox News. “The basement newsroom is dreary, with no windows, fluorescent lighting, and constant worrying about an infestation from bedbugs, mice or some other vermin,” the Mole writes. He also complains about having to work on ancient computers, about the poor reception that desktop TVs receive, about malfunctioning printers and other office injustices.

If this is the work of a media mole, Gawker should think about replacing him with a hippo, which the site may have the opportunity to do soon if, as an unnamed Fox News spokesman told Mediaite, the channel has already identified him.

The problem with smoking media moles out is that they’re like Spartacus – there’s always another wise guy willing to risk his job to tell tales on his bosses. As one who reported on the secret doings inside other media organizations for many years, I can tell you that finding a newsroom asset who will spill the beans on his bosses, leak embarrassing documents and otherwise rat his organization out is as easy as placing a phone call.