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Jun 6, 2012

Wisconsin a big setback to unions in benefits battles

MILWAUKEE (Reuters) – Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker’s recall election victory and votes to curb pensions in two California cities are set to embolden political leaders across the United States to take on labor unions.

Walker on Tuesday survived a recall election forced by labor leaders and liberal critics opposed to his bold moves to limit the powers of public sector unions in a Midwestern state that could be a battleground in the November 6 presidential election.

Jun 6, 2012

Wisconsin’s union battler Walker is Republican star

MADISON, Wisconsin (Reuters) – Wisconsin’s Scott Walker, derided by Democrats as “The Rock Star of the Right”, emerged from a bruising fight for his political life on Tuesday as a rising Republican star, and analysts said he could one day be a candidate for U.S. national office.

The Republican sailed to victory over Democrat Tom Barrett in a state recall vote, ending a 15-month battle over Walker’s efforts to eliminate most collective-bargaining rights for Wisconsin’s public-sector unions.

Jun 6, 2012

Walker’s win smacks Wisconsin protesters who started recall

MADISON, Wisconsin (Reuters) – Protesters who had besieged the Wisconsin Capitol in Madison 16 months ago, starting an historic effort to oust Republican Governor Scott Walker from office, said on Tuesday they were demoralized he had survived the recall.

The mood in Wisconsin’s liberal capital city was a far cry from the festive atmosphere a year ago when thousands of people marched in cold to oppose Walker’s efforts to curtail public sector union collective bargaining.

May 30, 2012

Ten die in Memorial Day weekend Chicago shootings

CHICAGO (Reuters) – Ten people were killed and dozens were wounded in shootings in Chicago during the long Memorial Day weekend, police said on Tuesday.

The 96-hour spasm of gun violence added to the toll of what already has been a deadly year on the streets of the third-largest U.S. city.

May 29, 2012

At least eight die in Memorial Day weekend Chicago shootings

CHICAGO (Reuters) – Eight people were killed and dozens were wounded in shootings in Chicago during the long Memorial Day weekend, police said on Tuesday.

Local media said the death count was higher – either 10 or 11 dead in gun violence over the four-day weekend, according to the city’s two major newspapers, the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times.

May 24, 2012

Storms brewing for Midwest before summer-like holiday weekend

CHICAGO, May 24 (Reuters) – Forecasters put seven states on
alert for severe weather on Thursday, saying a storm system
brewing in the Upper Mississippi Valley could spawn tornadoes
later in the day.

But the dangerous conditions Thursday were expected to
dissipate overnight and give way to sunny, summer-like
conditions across much of the country for the long Memorial Day

May 23, 2012

Hearings delayed for two arrested in pre-NATO raids

CHICAGO (Reuters) – A judge on Wednesday gave prosecutors more time to assemble their case against two men arrested on terrorism-related and possession of explosives charges ahead of the NATO summit.

Sebastian Senakiewicz, 24, is charged with making a false terrorist threat, and Mark Neiweem, 28, is charged with attempted possession of explosives or incendiary devices in the days leading up the North Atlantic Treaty Organization meeting on Sunday and Monday, which drew thousands of protesters to Chicago.

May 23, 2012

Preliminary hearing for “NATO 3″ delayed until June

CHICAGO (Reuters) – A judge postponed a preliminary hearing in Chicago on Tuesday for three men arrested last week ahead of a NATO summit on terrorism-related charges to give prosecutors more time to assemble the case against them.

The suspects, Brent Betterly, 24, Jared Chase, 27, and Brian Church, 20 – each being held on $1.5 million bond – appeared before Cook County Circuit Court Judge Adam Bourgeois Jr., who granted a prosecution request and postponed the hearing until June 12.

May 21, 2012

Protests dwindle in Chicago as NATO summit concludes

CHICAGO, May 21 (Reuters) – Anti-war protests in Chicago
dwindled on Monday to a few hundred people at the headquarters
of U.S. defense contractor Boeing and President Barack Obama’s
re-election headquarters as the two-day summit of the NATO
military alliance ended.

Between 200 and 300 demonstrators, some throwing paper
planes, gathered in a festive atmosphere at airplane maker
Boeing. The turnout was a fraction of the thousands who
attended a march on Sunday where dozens were arrested and a
number of protesters and police injured during fierce clashes.

May 20, 2012

Two more men charged as NATO protests get underway

CHICAGO (Reuters) – Two more men have been arrested in Chicago for threatening behavior before a NATO summit, bringing to five the number of people charged with terrorism-related activities or possessing explosive devices in the days leading up to the meeting of the military alliance.

Chicago resident Sebastian Senakiewicz, 24, was accused of falsely making a terrorist threat, and Mark Neiweem, 28, also of Chicago, was charged with attempted possession of explosives or incendiary devices.