Poll: Blame Bush not Obama for recession

June 1, 2009

From Rasmussen:

President Obama contends he inherited the nation’s ongoing economic problems and that his actions since taking office are not to blame. Sixty-two percent (62%) of U.S. voters agree with the president that the problems are due to the recession that began under the Bush administration.

Just 27% of voters say the problems are being caused more by the policies Obama has put in place since taking office, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. Ten percent (10%) are not sure which president is more to blame.

Me: This is a poll I will be closely watching as the unemployment rate continues to rise, perhaps deep into next year. How deep is Obama’s reservoir of goodwill with the public?

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I, for the love of God, just cant explain all this giddiness{if that’s a word},in the markets around the world.Obama’s policies will cripple the economy,the math doesn’t add up.Bush may have started the problem rolling,but Obama gave it a shove down the hill.Will the American public keep up the love affair with the dem’s when they are asked to pay double or triple for their home energy use?I just don’t see how we as a nation are going to pay for all the new spending and re-regulation that’s coming.I think we are being”rope-a-doped”,the piper that should have been paid in the early part of this decade,will have to be paid.Tomorrow’s bill will sink us!What about the state and local level?Taxes are going through the roof,look no further than the union controlled school boards.Local pol’s are falling all over themselves trying to keep up with their already strained,bloated,union backed employee’s underfunded pension requirement’s.Not a peep from the bond market here,where’s the bond market vigaliante’s when you need them?This just can’t end well.As for the original question,just what is driving this rally in the global market’s?Two word’s,fear and greed.Isn’t that what got us into this mess to begin with?I pray our capitalist society can survive….
Jerry Stewart

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