Study: Democratic healthcare plan could cost $300 billion a year

June 4, 2009

I just attended a healthcare symposium at the American Enterprise Institute where Prof. Stephen Parente of the University of Minnesota revealed the results of a complex healthcare cost simulation model.  What did the number crunching show? The Democratic healthcare plan under consideration by the Senate Finance Committee would cost $300 billion a year if it wanted to reduce the number of uninsured Americans by three quarters. (Hello VAT!) And just to show how hard it is to do healthcare reform within current parameters of public policy, a conservative Republican alternative plan would cost $150 billion a year, though it would achieve the same results.  Or America could try this approach.


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I am so tired of you lying republicans, you will say or do anthing to make this administration look bad. ou and the restof the republcans are the traitors in this contry

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Jimmy I’m so happy that I found your blog. You know if I was born in the U.S. I’d be in love with the Republican party as well (or Neo-Conservative party, your choice). Being born in Canada has put all these Liberal viewpoints in my head, its just astonishing sometimes that Republican pundits just have negative views on Obama and his administration. My theory is this Jimmy, if the Republicans had such a great plan for Health Care, it would of been done after the 2002 mid-terms. Keep up the good work on your blog Jimmy, I’m really jealous because I can’t have a blog like this because who’d listen to me anyways, I’m a nobody.

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Keep up the good work Jimmy… We “lying Republicans” will have to put up with the banter for a while, at least until 2010 when this country wakes up from the love potion David Axelrod was put in our nations drinking water. Unemployment at 9.4%, $150-300B to revamp/nationalize our health care system, those aren’t lies barb, it’s this strange thing you and your left-wing friends obviously haven’t heard of; facts.

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There are major problems with the so-called reform:

There are not 47 million uninsured. There are 47 million or so that fall outside the mainstream coverage, including more than 10 million of us who don’t want medical (not “health”) coverage, as it forces one into a system that is essentially dysfunctional. The real number of uninsured, but want to be insured, is about 5 million. Hardly enough for all that is being proposed.

The dysfunction I speak of is not about who pays. It is about a monopolistic system of treatment that rejects and attacks alternative methods, which are far more effective.

What kind of country allows the health of its citizens to degrade relentlessly, and instead of going after the causes, merely seeks to make sure that everyone is forced to use the existing system that is responsible for the degradation?

Nobody talks about this. They seem to think that mass amounts of pharmaceuticals, and medieval practices, are the way to go. We’ve been trained to think a white coat means competence, whenn all it means is they have successfully been indoctrinated and do only what is allowed.

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I just want to know what happens in Peru, and your face is stuck up everywhere.. When my facebook-friends shares a link because they want others to know whats going on, your fucking frogner-face turns up. Seriously…

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