Does the jobs report mean a V-shaped recovery?

June 5, 2009

I will give the last word (for today) on the jobs number to Wesbury & Stein:

The jobs report strongly supports our call that the economy bottomed in May and is now in the early stages of a V-shaped recovery. Businesses are shedding jobs at a much slower pace than earlier this year and we would not be surprised to see payrolls start to increase by the end of the summer. The speed of the turnaround cannot be ignored. …  After the collapse of Lehman Brothers last September, monetary velocity plummeted, with both businesses and consumers pulling back from any activity they deemed unnecessary. Now, restaurants and bars are adding payrolls again, a sign that consumer behavior is returning to normal. While some analysts may focus on the rise in the unemployment rate to 9.4%, much of the increase was due to an increase in the labor force, which has risen by more than 1 million workers in the past two months. Without this increase the jobless rate would be a much lower 8.7%.

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Wait a Minute!

If the Work Force has gained One Million, where did they come from? Recent High School, College & University graduates? They swim across from Cuba?

From what I remember, you don’t go straight to the unemployement office to apply for help once you graduate, which is where they get the Unemployment Calculations, so, why is this guy subtracting from the announced figures, in order to show a lower level?

Not a logical premise, and does not compute!!!

I am very suspect, as he is probably an Obama Supporter.

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