Is healthcare bill faltering?

June 6, 2009

This from Robert Reich: “I’ve poked around Washington today, talking with friends on the Hill who confirm the worst: Big Pharma and Big Insurance are gaining ground in their campaign to kill the public option in the emerging health care bill  …”

Me: Reich also thinks that talk about a public option that would only kick in if healthcare costs failed to come down is a back-handed way of killing the public option. But GOPers I talk to worry about just the opposite, that with Dems as the trigger pullers, the trigger for a public option would definitely get pulled.


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medical field is looking for more money in their pockets that they need.. the farmer is the most prominent in western civiliztion although highly despised today//

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And what was the deficite like back in 84 – 87?

The American taxpayer is looking at a deficite of a trillion plus now! We can’t even afford the programs we currently have! Social Security and Medicare are both headed toward the “insufficent funds” catagory. By what stretch of your PollyAnna imagination do you think we have the money to take on this huge Universal Healthcare idealism? …Yet another big government, entitlement program to drain the backpockets of those who will bust their butts to provide for those who, in many cases, will not hardly lift their behinds off the couch to provide for even their own basic welfare.

Well, sorry Charley, Americans have had their retirement funds raided; we are looking at having no social security to rely on; tens of thousands of hard working people have just lost their homes; and many have lost their jobs; gas prices are going up again; their electric bill is going up; and we are all just waiting to see our heating bills next winter are going to look like!

So just where is the money for all this goodwill supposed to come from when the difference between what our net paychecks provide and the sum total of our bills is running us into the red?…Not to mention what we are going to have to already pay in higher taxes to pay back what we’ve already barrowed so we can balance the budget!

The taxpayer is saying, “NO!”

Brown just got kicked out of his job in Britain for running a deficite of $281 billion. That’s pocket change in comparison to the trillions we will be in debt for if we attempt this warm-fuzzy healthcare thing! It must be that Americans are flunking math and economics in school because we are too dumb to realize just how deep a hole we are in already! Britain has figured it out that liberalism is a strangulation of the tax payer.

A balanced budget first and pay down the debt; then we could afford just about anything!

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This weekend a friend told me that he had not voted for president Obama in the recent election but he thought the president was doing a good job. I said: oh really, and how do you come to that conclusion? He responded that he had no insurance and was excited about “free” health insurance. My responce was in question: do you really think it will be free? Who is going to pay for it and how will it be paid for? Many ways to pay for it have been proposed. Soda pop tax, cigarette and beer tax (he was smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer at the time while his girlfriend, i do believe, was drinking a soda pop), is that how we get “free” health care? Do we get “free” health care by being charged more for electricity, fuel and any other consumer good we buy because all businesses pay more to do business as a relult of a cap and trade tax (fee) paid and passed along to consumers? Do we pay for the “free” health care by being charged a “value added” tax each and every time we make a purchase? Do we pay for the “free” insurance by taking away the tax break for employers who will and already do provide health insurance for their employees thus increasing their cost of doing business? Do we pay for this “free” health insurance while we go farther (much farther) into debt by borrowing money and printing money and as we do such we insure inflation (which makes everything more expensive) and higher interest rates which will cause the slow and soft recovery from this recession to be much less effective and could and probably cause us to go back into recession. How much further into debt will we go as a result of the sure to be rising cost of this “free” health insurance as the years go by. How many jobs will be lost in the free market of the health insurance industry by this “free” health insurance? How many jobs will be lost in the free market of the health insurance industry by this “free” health insurance? As this man is and has for many years been a small business man (electrician), just how will it effect his business if he must (as will all others must) have this “free” health insurance at the risk of being fined for not having this “free” insurance for he and his one employee. For many years he provided jobs for many others but now only employees his son because he became weary of government requirements and other headaches associated with having employees as a small business owner.
Maybe if our lawmakers agree to take more time to design and have professionals design a universal health care system, we will have something that will be effective and not have to be rationed. We may have something that is fiscally responsible and will not require a tax regressive in nature.
I do believe that our President has said that if we do not get it done now that we won’t get it done. We have learned that sometimes making no decision and making no move can be the best decision. In this case, deciding not to decide is the most prudent move we can make as it is that lawmakers have been give a timeline. At this point they have about 8 days to have a plan on the president’s desk. It hardly seems to me that this eight days is enough time for a health care program to be designed and settled upon by our lawmakers.
This will be the largest piece of legislation in our history. As of now, we don’t have a plan. I have heard that one distinguished and quite influential lawmaker thinks it is a good idea to expand the “already broke” Medicare program. I have also seen wording in a bill that will give lawmakers an “open checkbook” on spending to fund this “free” health care. I also heard on the news that lawmakers were lot letting other lawmakers see the terms of their proposals. There is no transparency even on Capital Hill.
Eight days?
“Now or never”
This is not a good idea.
None of it is a good idea.
It is surely easy to see that it would not be “free”.

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in the above comments, i believe in fact that the time for the legislation is for the bill to be on the president’s desk is by the end of august. so, the time frame is obviously 8 weeks, not 8 days…

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