How to pay for healthcare

June 9, 2009

Capitol Hill watcher Pete Davis gives the breakdown:

Health care reform financing options estimated by JCT. Yesterday, June 2 Joint Committee on Taxation “very preliminary” revenue estimates were obtained by the Bureau of National Affairs showing the following 10 year revenue increases:

  1. Cap the employer health exclusion at the FEHBP, index to CMS         $418.5 b.
  2. Cap, but only for singles (joint) over $100,000 ($200,000)                     $161.9 b.
  3. Limit exclusion to 50% of premium amount                                           $1,173.1 b.
  4. Repeal medical itemized deduction over 7.5% of AGI                            $180.7 b.
  5. Repeal Flexible Savings and Health Reimbursement Accounts               $68.6 b.
  6. 3¢ per 12 oz. sugar-sweetened beverage                                                   $51.6 b.
  • Raise alcohol excise tax to $16 per proof gallon                                        $61.5 b.

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    G e t a j o b.

    Posted by jason | Report as abusive

    THIS?! This is the great healthcare reform plan!? I want my vote back!?

    Where is the fundamental change? Where is the ground-shattering reworking of the healthcare system?

    A bunch of band-aids and reworks. I feel so cheated.

    Ante gia!

    Posted by Sebastian | Report as abusive

    even the most rabid leftist would admit,although only in private,that the obama government has given special dispensation to it,s supporters in the short time it has been in office.example the special deal the auto unions are getting,plus the forced reinstatement of the pay reduction of union teachers in california,but a group that are the most loyal backers both in donations and verbal support are the litigation attorneys.what happens with”government autos”and the” government health service”,are they going to cap awards like they do in england or are we going to see people like john edwards make a second fortune out of the tax payer,this is scary particularly with the connect between these attorneys and the democratic party.

    Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

    want to pay for healtcare? e tax on all unhealthy habits and diets.. imagine if it cost $20 to eat a burger and fries at McDonalds? with over 1 trillion served, we could tax fat food all over the planet, (i mean obama is god, he has domain, ask him)and then get paid to go do the doc. gosh why didnt barny but-fuk-frank think this one up?

    Posted by zapperz | Report as abusive