Obamanomics and voter patience

June 9, 2009

My pal Ed Morrissey tries to get a handle on the depth of reservoir of voter goodwill:

Even if we wildly disagree on economics, we agree that Obama will own this unemployment cycle, and soon.  The 10% mark is a psychological barrier that Obama simply cannot avoid.  Even without it, blaming Bush has a shelf life whose expiration date is rapidly approaching.  Bush didn’t spend trillions of dollars in 2009 and promise that it would create “or save” jobs.  Voters will get tired of hearing how many jobs Obama thinks he’s “saved” while unemployment continues to rise.

Obama has been in charge for almost five months and got every single bit of economic policy he wanted from Congress.  If the economy remains mired and debt keeps skyrocketing, people will start to ask what they got for all of their great-grandchildren’s money.  Even a Party of No will look pretty good in comparison under those conditions, and perhaps especially so.

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It does not matter if it is a private company you work for or their government’s elected officials –

No one want to hear their “leader” whine and cry – in a weak attempt to hide behind the prior administration.

Obama has taken this – inherited crap way to far –

I just wish someone in the MSM had the balls to ask Obama – so you inherited a bunch of problems – didn’t you inherit anything GOOD?

If you balanced the scales on the America you inherited

Good on one side – bad on the other – which way would the scales tip.

I recall one speech that Obama gave –

First he said – “The BUCK STOPS HERE” then not even 10 seconds later he starts whining about the inherited problems –

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