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June 10, 2009

I may never get a better comment than this one from my post about the $2 trillion cost of climate change legislation:

Personally I wouldn’t be upset if the human race perished, it’s the plant and animal life that doesn’t have a say in all this that I feel sorry for.  Hopefully they’ll fight back before it’s too late.

Me:  This sounded so familiar. I searched my mental memory and eventually recalled a Space: 1999 episode based on this very premise.


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Seems like a trend these days – First we were the only spieces to kill for no reason. Then we were the only spieces to kill its own (both untrue) now we are the only species that hates it’s species (probably true) at least the crazies among us cough* PETA cough*

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Please have reader refer to the book “ISMAEL” written by a buddhist in the 90’s i think. Ismael was a talking gorilla locked in a cell. He stated that the myth of Genesis is that “God” gave power to man to do what he saw fit with the earth. Ismael says this is a false assumption and that man is the one who is destroying is own species. He says to the reader that civilization is like a 747 that has fallen over a cliff 10.000 years ago. We just have not crashed yet.

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