Obama’s gas price conundrum

June 12, 2009

This American Thinker post explores the political fallout of rising gas prices on the Obamacrats. (Gas was a $1.80 when Obama took office.) When gas prices soared in 2008, the Dems hammered Bush and the GOP. But super-high prices ended up being a plus for the McCain campaign since he was arguing for an “all of the above” energy policy (more driling and nukes, not just alternative energy) which strikes most people as a pretty reasonable approach.  If we head back to $3.50/4.00,  the Obamacrats could get hit by a double whammy — public unhappiness at high gas prices and at the administration’s refusal to move beyond a green approach.


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I think they are coming around to the “all of the above approach”. Nuclear projects are being green-lit and advanced coal projects are being cautiously approved.

However, the real threat to gas/oil prices is not a lack of energy supply, it is speculation and manipulation on the part of investment banks and hedge funds. In order to reduce their involvement in the commodity markets, there needs to be more regulation and a stronger CFTC.

You are right however, that supporters of Obama will feel betrayed if gas approaches $4, no matter the cause.

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What do oil and nuclear have to do with one another? People seem to have some enormous confusion between generating electricity and using oil for fuel (gasoline/diesel) and industrial application (plastics). It shows how little people, in America especially, know about this MAJOR topic outside of the crap spewed by network news talking heads and cable TV blow-hards that are shilling for personal/corporate interests. WAKE UP!

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It’s so amazing that we throw ten dollar words at an economic problem that no one has acknowledged yet. High gas prices mean more dollars spent at the pump. When you put $40 more into your tank per week, you spend less else where. The housing problem was not the only contributer to our economies down fall. Yet, it still gets top priority while gas prices sneak up. The housing market has always been headed down a steep gully. For years people have lived pay check to pay check and over their heads with debt. Change the gas prices and Americans stay home and shop way less. Obama’s tenure as yet, has failed to recognize how important gas prices are to Americans! Charge the OPEC countries the same for wheat that we spend for gas and watch the price go down. We have no guts in our government to use US goods and services over seas as a marketing tool. By the way, this topic was not an issue during the election: trade practices and supporting American goods and services.

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