Obama vs. Obama on healthcare

June 15, 2009

Obama today, in front of the AMA: “What are not legitimate concerns are those being put forward claiming a public option is somehow a Trojan horse for a single-payer system. ”

Candidate Obama: “I happen to be a proponent of a single payer, universal health care plan.”


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Where did the “46 million people without Health care” come from? Has anyone checked that figure? Or is this just another number pulled from thin air to sound good?

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There are NOT 46 million uninsured. It is complete BS and typical of this administration and this congress. The correct information is readily available. There are about 16 million unisured. Of those, a good number CHOOSE not to buy insurance. They can otherwise afford it…but have chosen not to purchase. The rest are not the same people month in and month out. In other words, some people may go a month without insurance before they either buy an individual plan or get on with a new company offering the benefit. It is a complete straw man argument by the socialist left.

The fact of the matter is that healthcare is the Holy Grail of the left. If they can get complete control over our healthcare then they have complete control over us. You will hear Obama say that “if you like your current insurance then you can keep it.” This isn’t true either. They will force so many regulations onto the system that it will be impossible for the private sector to function. It is interesting that Obama would compare this to GM. I say look at what he is doing with GM and Chrysler. It isn’t good. What makes you think that a government with the efficiency of the Post Office and compassion of the IRS will be good at running health care?

Everyone should REJECT government run health care for everyone. Tell congress and Obama to fix Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid first. All of these programs are bankrupt. There is no trust fund left for these programs. It was looted years ago.

The mushy middle and conservative democrats better wake the hell up to what these people are doing.

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Thought for the day – It’s time something is done, as the doctors are extremely overpaid for what they do, after all life is just not worth what they seem to think it is and the health insurance companies are merely professional ponzi skimmers. The citizens then get stuck paying inflated prices for medical care based on unnecessary tests that doctors think need to be done to minimize their legal liability. The whole “doctor” thing is a joke especially when we all know that the vast majority of medical care is provided by medical assistants making $8/hr. I will never pay into a system like this and know many people who reject the whole idea of routine medical care. More and more Americans are self-medicating with inexpensive outstanding results.

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