Should budget-strapped California lose voting rights?

June 16, 2009

That is the tongue-in-cheek idea from Ed Morrissey:

Perhaps Congress should set the rules so that any state applying for a federal bailout will get treated like the District of Columbia. Since they seem keen on surrendering their sovereign status, they can have non-voting delegations to the House and Senate until they repay whatever federal dollars they take to cover their shortfall.  Considering the vast majority of California’s elected representatives on Capitol Hiill, that would be in practical terms a net plus for Congress, although an egregious violation of the Constitution.  (Yes, I’m being glib.)


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Now that’s funny! Although, I bet Cali would fix their budget crisis much quicker if Pelosi was denied voting rights. LOL!!!

Posted by greg | Report as abusive

Here’s an idea for California — Line Item Veto’s.

Reagan pushed it in his time as Gov. and it worked quite well. Instead of all this pork spending tacked on at the end of EVERY bill that gets passed both on the state and federal level. Perhaps that could help balance out their budget. Or Cali’s state senate can start making decisions with what little business acumen they have left, if any.

It’s all over if the Feds bail out Cali…Michigan would be next in line for (another) hand out.

Posted by JMichael | Report as abusive

Haha! Funny idea! I think though if there were a Democrat governing California, the fed’s would gladly throw money at them.

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