Today’s Federal Reserve statement

June 24, 2009

Here is your bottom line: The Fed seems to think growth is ready to resume this year. It doesn’t think inflation will be a problem as long as the economy is operating under its growth potential. Rates aren’t going to budge until at least late 2010.


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Great story on the Fed, but it would be nice if someone would expose the connection (control) between JPMorgan/Chase and the Fed. Isn’t it fishy that JPMorgan continues to be ahead of the curve everytime and continues to gain control of the entire financial system??? How did one company gain so much control of some many banks/ home owner’s mortgages? Who is calling the shots- The Fed or JPMorgan? Who created the Fed? JPMorgan, CITI / Chase Manhattan- JD Rockefeller’s Company’s.

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lol what a joke.

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