Why Obama’s polls are slipping …

June 24, 2009

Matthew Cooper posits this theory:

Obama’s poll numbers have been going down, although they remain high. Why are they going down? A lot of it seems to have to do with spending and government intervention in the economy, which has roused fears of independents. 70 percent of respondents in the NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll said that they were concerned “a great deal” or “quite a bit” about the GM takeover.

I have a slightly different spin on this, which is that it’s the spending and the modest success it seems to have brought in stopping the total collapse of the banking and financial system. If the economy felt like it was in the same free fall that it was a few months ago, he’d be doing better because there’d be less questioning of government spending and more calls to pour everything on the fire. But with the respite in the fall comes the freedom to question spending. Or, to put it another way: The firemen saved your house but now you’re pissed off about all the water damage in the den.

My spin: That is one theory. How about this one: unemployment is going through the roof! While people are less worried about economic collapse, they are plenty worried about their job. Plus, their home is still falling pis e. It is not “all that spending” so much as the perception  that “all that spending” does not seem to be helping much.


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Citigroup stock will be $4.00 soon before July 2009 ends, Prince Talal Al-Waleed of Saudi Arabia (the king’s nephew) is buying right now by the hundred thousands shares, whenever available, because he bought them last year before the stockcrash when they were in their $12 – $14 price…..

you know what to do guys…

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If one can see past their nose, it is obvious that the economy is still in freefall.
Also, with Obammer’s agenda to destroy the economy with socialized medicine and ‘cap and trade’ just around the corner, those with a modicum of logic can see where this is headed.
It will get a lot worse before any recovery will be possible.
When I was much younger, a cup of coffee, a phone call, a bottle of soda water and a candy bar all cost a nickle.
They will possibly top five dollars before this insanity is abandoned.

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Thought for the day – Deal with N. Korea as Reagan would have, then deal with the economy by stopping spending and limiting welfare programs, as Reagan would have. How about laying off a few hundred thousand federal employees and see how many tax dollars we could save. This is not rocket science folks. Obama said we’d have change. We got it!

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MY SPIN: I feel Obama is spending way too much of our hard earned money. I’m realizing everything that comes out of Obama’s mouth is another ploy to push through his agendas without any opposition, and we get the bill. He doesn’t answer ppls questions and just goes on and on with his talking points. There are a few out there willing to stand up for those of us that are becoming frustrated that nobody in Washington hears our concerns.I feel Obama’s poll numbers up to now have reflected the disservice the media has done to the American ppl.(I call it the, pick me for Airforce One effect)I also feel that now the American ppl do not have much faith in the media,and are not buying the bull, hook,line, and sinker!We need better media, ppl like Rick Santelli!

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There also appears to be a lot of grass roots demonstrations going on out there that are getting zero coverage in the press. What gives?

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