Is Obama blowing it?

June 30, 2009

Some liberals think so, says Ezra Klein:

Late last week, I was summoned to a windowed meeting room overlooking the White House to sit with members of one of Washington’s nimbler, smarter think tanks. The assembled thinkers tried to convince me that Barack Obama was missing a historic opportunity: The legislation that was traveling under his name was increasingly unlikely to bind the middle class to his presidency or party. Cap-and-trade was a mess. Health reform was going to fail on cost control. And what of jobs? Obama, they said, had to take a firmer hand with the Congress. His hands-off approach was a fiasco. Leadership matters. It’s important. It’s needed.

My spin: Where did it all start going wrong. A too small stimulus? Not nationalizing the banks? Picking Biden? And overshadowing all of this is an economy that will have poisonously high levels of jobless as far as the eye can see.


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Where did it start to go wrong?

When the Republicans started spending like liberals. Thus, the growing disillusionment with the Republican party, whose public persona was George Bush.

Let’s face it. Obama won the election because George Bush and his “compassionate conservatism” and the Republicans led the country down a destructive spending orgy and folly.

The country wanted a change from what it saw as unresponsive and cocooned politicians in the Beltway. Obama ran on a moderate, yet populist agenda, not a liberal agenda.

The progressives like Ezra Klein, the blogosphere progressives, liberals, etc., misread the election as a mandate for a liberal turn, and a progressive direction. They could not have been more wrong. Of course, the angst is building and change needs to happen RIGHT NOW—-lest the American people start to wake up and realize what they really did in November 2008. A one-party government benefits nobody.

That being said, Obama speaks as centrist, yet governs liek a liberal. Pay no attention to what he says—just what he does.

This will all blow up in the Democrats face—the polling numbers will come down, as expected, but also, 2010 midterms loom on the horizon. Democrats know that unless the economy starts to turn, and all signals don’t necessarily indicate that, they could be in for a rough patch. Well, at least the Democrats (and moderate Republicans) who embraced Obama’s vision of bigger government as care-taker of the people, destructive deficits and cracking the country’s financial stability.

Conservative delusional disorder on grand display is simply breath taking, John.

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That is quite an amazingly confounding assessment. Your words : “My spin: Where did it all start going wrong. A too small stimulus? Not nationalizing the banks?”
Yoou write as if these are Obama’s mistakes. Everything you mention were compromises pushed by the Republicans. I am sure you meant that the compromises were the mistakes and a larger stimulus and nationalizing the banks would have been the correct course.

Wow, Mr. Pethokoukis, you are suddenly a liberal!

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