Palin explained, kind of …

July 4, 2009

I think this hunk by Mark Halperin on Sarah Palin’s resignation is pretty good:

1. This means she can’t run for president in 2012.

2. She would have been a stronger candidate for 2012 if she had stayed in office.

3. Republican primary and caucus voters in 2012 will care if she served out her term or not.

4. This means she is definitely running in 2012.

5. Making the announcement on the Friday of a holiday weekend was really stupid.

6. Until today, Palin was well positioned to run in 2012.

7. Palin made the decision not to run for re-election all of the sudden.

8. Palin’s rhetoric about the politics of personal destruction was not heartfelt.

9. Palin’s ambition is limited to electoral politics.


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As a Republican I’d vote Libertarian again, if she runs for president.

Posted by jason | Report as abusive

As ignorant as she was to have labelled Africa as a country not a continent, no wonder she could only govern the State of Alaska, home to native Indians in North America. I suppose she quit to go back college to enrich her knowledge of geography prior to running candidacy for any political posts.

Posted by Ernie | Report as abusive

All she ever was was a political ploy used by an old man trying to be president; without the 100% hand-of-GOP directing her every move, she showed her true colours, and they were not at all impressive or competent. I suppose it does show one thing though – that she was not lyng when she compared herself to a hockey-mom… that’s really about all she is. Just an average person who was thrust in the spotlight because she had the right ‘look’. I desperately hope this is the last we hear of her. The farright in America seem to think that average Joes and Janes need to be in positions of power. I, humbly, disagree WHOHEARTEDLY!!! What an insane approach to politics… I suppose this is wasted typing time, as so many vote down partylines, regardless of who they’re voting for.

Posted by the Shah | Report as abusive