A global green war on the wealthy?

July 7, 2009

This report from my Reuters colleagues is a stunner:

WASHINGTON, July 6 (Reuters) – To fairly divide the climate change fight between rich and poor, a new study suggests basing targets for emission cuts on the number of wealthy people, who are also the biggest greenhouse gas emitters, in a country. Since about half the planet’s climate-warming emissions come from less than a billion of its people, it makes sense to follow these rich folks when setting national targets to cut carbon dioxide emissions, the authors wrote on Monday in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. … The study suggests setting a uniform international cap on how much carbon dioxide each person could emit in order to limit global emissions; since rich people emit more, they are the ones likely to reach or exceed this cap, whether they live in a rich country or a poor one. …  Is this a limousine-and-yacht tax on the rich? Not necessarily, [author] Chakravarty said, but he did not rule it out: “We are not by any means proposing that. If some country finds a way of doing that, it’s great.”

My spin: Scary stuff. A green version of (high) tax harmonization. Tax something, you get less of it.  Where do the greenies think all the innovative, high-tech solutions are going to come from, nonprofits?


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Yah – those ‘non-profits’ just are no good at developing high tech solutions.

You remember- NASA (gov) went to the moon, developed all sorts of technology.

Lawrence Livermore (gov) – another ‘non-profit’ develop lots of new technology

Pick a university – all those ‘non-profit’ professors doing basic research that will be the foundation for new devices decades from now.

Yeah – you’re right – gotta have those for profit companies otherwise we’ll just stagnate….

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Oh smack! You just got beat down Pethokouis. Way to be a shoot from the hip libertarian. I suppose LESS oversignt aand regulation (or big government as you might call it) would have prevented the credit crisis too. Put down the Ayn Rand and find your way to reality.

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