Jindal’s GOP healthcare reform alternative

July 22, 2009

Bobby Jindal takes a shot at a Republican alternative for healthcare reform in the WSJ today: 1) IT-driven consumer choice; 2) health savings accounts; 3) medical lawsuit reform; 4) insurance reform; 5) pools for small business; 6) pay for performance rather than procedures; and 7) tax credits to help low-income working Americans buy health insurance. Fine, fine, I guess. But wouldn’t it better to describe how a real plan would work in people’s day to day lives and what it might cost or how it might reduce costs? Does this really change the debate at all, or merely show Jindal as wonky potential presidential contender?


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One reason I oppose the Obamacare Bill H.R. 3200 is that it has no provisions to prevent foreigners in our nation illegally to gaining access to heath care services.
Check Sections 246, 1702 and 1714, they have no methods to prevent this . As a matter of fact, Section 1714 can have the State disregard an individuals immigration status and rely on their income as a qualification.
If they did not want to give our services to illegals, why not insist on proof of citizenship as a quaification ?
This 1,018 page bill is just another travesty perpetuated upon the American people by our so-called leaders in Washington.

Posted by JOHN F. KOSTRUBAL | Report as abusive

Instead of a 1,018 page bill that nobody has read, can we not “reform” the qualifications for Medicare and Medicaid to include all less fortunate “AMERICANS” ?
This way, instead of creating another huge governmental waste program, we can use these already existing programs.
I cannot see any reason that any “AMERICAN” cannot qualify for these programs.
Just let your state and federal elected officials know that you are tired of supporting foreigners in our nation illegally !

Posted by JOHN F. KOSTRUBAL | Report as abusive