Live blogging President Obama’s news conference

July 22, 2009

My quick spin: I think he made a better case That Something Needs to Be Done than Dem Plan Needs to be Done …also hammers deficit and control cost issue.  He was still making diagnosis rather than why his treatment is the best …did not advance argument.

8:53 Question about Henry Gates and what it says about race in America ..makes funny joke about getting shot if he tried to break into the White House if he forgot his key … then gets serious …says he doesnt know what role race plays into this ..says police acted stupidly …brings up Driving While Black/Latino issue

8:51 Questions mentions Mayo clinic problems with House proposals. POTUS: Mayo was initially critical and concerned but MedPac idea has brought it back into the fold

8:49  where is tort reform?  mentions Mayo which is disappointed in Obamacare

8:47 says government needs to be a constraint on greedy insurance companies making profits in tough times

8:46  he cant really mean to say public option will be like what Congress gets …c’mon ..maybe in selection process but not in substance …it would bankrupt America

8:43:  …more on bank issue … says banks making profits is a good thing “this is America” …but frowns at no change of behavior … risk and bonuses … says too big too fail could cause even more risk ..”if shame does not work” then will count on informed shareholders to force change … TBTF worriers like Simon Johnson must be screaming at their TVs …no Bull Moose Obama

8:41 Q: harder line on Wall Street? Fee on risky activities (Goldman Sachs) POTUS: WS took too much risk, peddling loans they knew could not be paid back, and all of us are paying the price … says he prevented collapse by continuing Bush policies …seen a stabilization in the financial system

8:39 Transparency issue …POTUS confuses photo ops for transparency ..and TARP mention!

8:36 not cutting medicare benefits, just reworking spending … mentions AARP again ..

8:33 makes case he is reducing deficit from some previous baseline ..and cutting F-22 …and talking about what a bad hand he was dealt …poisoned chalice alert!

8:32 now explaining why we need to spend money now …aggregate demand management! ..again, acts like stimulus package stabilized economy …. evidence?

8:31 30 minutes in and the average person would still have no idea how their HC would change or how new system would work

8:30 Sacrifice, Mr. POTUS?  Fewer inefficient tests and stuff that doesn’t work … skirts around care rationing issue …you dont want that stuff anyway, he says

8:28  throws an olive branch to GOPers, think it will be at least slightly bipartisan

8:25  new version of chicken in every pot: nutritionist  in every home :)

8:24 Q: how may covered? what’s the minimum that POTUS will accept? POTUS: not 100 percent unless single payer system …shooting for 97%, 98% … lots of water to be wrung out

8:21 IMHO: those candles behind him look like a set a from Vincent Price’s House of Horror

8:19 Q: Why the rush? POTUS: 1)people suffering now; 2) no deadlines, no action … “stars are aligned and it’s important to take advantage of that” ..wont sign a bill that reduces HC inflation

8:17 “folks havent seen a lot of laws coming out of Washington that help them” Indeed!

8:15  he does make the status quo sound pretty sucky … finally starts hammering on the wage issue ..that healthcare care costs eat ito wages

8:14 i think he just said he was open to middle class tax hikes long as they didnt shoulder total burden …did he really mean to say that?

8:13 using first question to repeat and amplify opening statement .. still likes idea to limit deductions as a payfor

8:12 POTUS should have a few charts with him; why dont they do that?

8:11 Question Time

8:11 POTUS is at his best when he goes classy and takes the high road

8:10 the touching personal stories begin

8:09  says just a few issues left to work out ..and hits Kristol and DeMint!

8:05 POTUS says what is in it for us …any downsides?

8:04 says economy isnt ready to compete ..vs. whom? says healthcare will help competitiveness, easy anxiety and control deficit

8:03 takes credit for stabilizing the economy but doesn’t say how

8:02 the POTUS

It all begins here at 8:00 PM EST


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His smooth talk is starting to show a side of BS.
Hows that hope and change working out for you?
Feeling dooped lol?

Posted by frank wright | Report as abusive

The high rhetoric is turning into just more political BS with no basis in fact or honesty. For a guy with so much promise initailly, his lies are quickly catching up with him. On second thought, maybe a business man or a soldier would have been better than a marxist community organizer.

Posted by ed hornyak | Report as abusive

Very Simple, he didn’t sell it and he came across as a “liar.”

Posted by James Clayton | Report as abusive