Healthcare reform has to pass because … because … well, it just has to is all!

July 24, 2009

Ezra Klein does his gosh-darned best to help restore momentum to healthcare reform, which he is sure people will love to bits if only it passes:

Democrats know full well that there are two plausible outcomes to the health-care reform process. Health-care reform will fail, dealing a huge blow to the Democratic Party and giving Republicans tremendous momentum as we enter the 2010 campaign season. Or health-care reform will pass, and Democrats will criss-cross the country touting the largest legislative accomplishment in decades. Republicans may still attack them on the plan. But attacking a historic legislative success is a whole lot harder than attacking a historic legislative failure. Republicans know that, which is why they want to kill the bill. Democrats know it too, which is why they won’t let them.


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I would think that in order for Democrats to tout the “largest legislative accomplishment in decades” with any success or credibility while criss-crossing the country in 2010 there would need to be some tangible proof that, well, it was working. Oh, and that people had wanted it passed in the first place. I wonder sometimes. Is it perhaps Ezra’s tender age and lack of historical context- even more so than his progressive politics- which shade his worldview?

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lol, keep on reaching there ezra…. Too bad they see it as just a political matter.

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