Segway inventor Dean Kamen: Nationalized healthcare will kill innovation

August 7, 2009

Let’s spend more on healthcare! An interesting chunk from a Popular Mechanics chat with Segway inventor Dean Kamen (via The Health Care Blog):

We now live in a world where technology has triumphed, in many ways, over death. The problem with that is that it’s enormously expensive. And big pharmaceutical giants and big medical products companies have stopped working on stuff that could be extraordinary because they know they won’t be reimbursed, according to the common standards. We’re not only rationing today; we’re rationing our future. “

“If you project forward these horrific costs of treating everybody and you want to assume we are not going to respond to that by making the therapies better, simpler and cheaper and in some cases completely wiping out the [diseases], well you know what? We might actually get to that situation—if we stop investing in technology, if we stop believing that the future ought to be better than the past. “

“If somebody in this country wants to explain to me that we ought to be spending about twice as much supporting sports as on all of our pharmaceuticals, then stop spending.”

“I think this debate shows a fundamental lack of vision, a lack of confidence, a lack of understanding of what’s possible.

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King George Obama and the Health Care Tories
(A Call to Arms, Legs, Heads, and Hearts)
By Thomas Paign

The President and his loyalists in the Congress are trying to force a new threat to our Liberty upon us. Universal Health Care is being sold as progressive, high minded, and beneficial to all. However, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. While I do believe that some of the loyalists have good, but misguided intentions; the real goal of King George Obama and his Tory leadership is simple, yet hidden from view. Their real goal is to create a new bureaucracy to reward and employ their minions, and to ensure their total control of the government for as long as we can foresee.

Does King George Obama really care about the little people? The disenfranchised? Those without adequate health care? A look at recent political events in his home state of Illinois offers clues to the answer. The State of Illinois cannot pay its own bills, however it recently passed an enormous Capital Spending bill which relies upon borrowing even more money and legalizing video poker to finance the Capital Bill’s obligations. The State of Illinois cannot pay its own bills, yet the Capital Bill is loaded with lavish rewards for politically connected organizations. The State of Illinois cannot pay its own bills, yet the Capital Bill is not limited solely to needed infrastructure items like road repairs and school construction. This is Chicago Politics as usual, and as usual, the little people, along with the rest of the citizens of Illinois, are being led down the road to hell.

Who will be dumping their income into the video poker machines, across the State of Illinois, to pay for this mess? Those that can least afford it. Those that are presently buying groceries with food stamps. Those that rely upon their political slave masters for their subsistence and shelter. The Illinois politicians fully understand and are relying upon this. Do you really think that the politicians truly care about the little people, the disenfranchised, and those without health care? Or are these voters simply a means for attaining power, luxury, and position?

The same people who want government controlled health care are also proclaiming “the age of small, limited government is over!” They say this as if it were universally agreed to. They say this to justify their desire to feed and grow the leviathan known as the United States Government.

This is our call to arms, legs, heads and hearts. Our arms must make and carry signs, wherever and whenever we can, to interrupt their staged events and town hall meetings. Our legs must support us as we stand up for our rights as individuals. Our legs must carry us to wherever the Health Care Tories appear, as they try to sell their ambitions to the masses. Our heads must be clear and focused upon the defeat of their efforts. Our voices and letters must convey the danger that King George Obama’s agenda represents. Our hearts must guide us with courage, love for liberty, and the respect for all of those that fought similar battles for freedom before ours.

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