U.S. corporate tax rates vs. the world (OECD)

August 7, 2009

How does the US corporate tax rate stack up against other nations? Take a look (via the Tax Foundation):



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While I don’t dispute the rates on the chart, one must take into account the unbelievable number of corporate tax loopholes exploited by American corps. So ya, the rate is higher, but in reality a well managed corp with a ‘good’ accounting dept will only pay about 2-5% income tax; in Canada, it’s closer to 10-15%; in the EEC, it’s almost 20%. No charts or links for me, but feel free to look up tax data from each zone’s bourse… makes for interesting reading. Guess it proves taxing the rich is a waste b/c they can afford to figure out how to avoid.

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You are so full of it. I own a small business that is a corporation. There are legal deductions that can be taken to reduce your tax burden, but there is no way to reduce your tax rate from 39%, which is what most profits are taxed at, to 2-5%. Businesses and the so-called rich are so hated in this country. I would love to see every business, corporation and so-called rich person stop paying their taxes and see how the liberal democrats are going to pay for all their social programs. Its okay that the lazy leeches hate the successful people in this country because no matter how much we are taxed our lives will still be better than theirs. I will think off them when I am on my boat and they are in the back yard sitting in a blow up pool.
God Bless America!!!!!

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The nominal numbers charted are correct. However, you must account for the fact that many US Corporations have avoided paying tax through subsidies, subtractions from income, tax credits and transfer pricing (Delaware Intangible Holding Companies). Thus the US effective tax rate is much lower than many other OECD nations.

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