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Cap-and-trade has a China problem

Aug 10, 2009 15:58 UTC

(Lightly microblogging this week from The Great White North)

There is no way this passes US Senate unless it has a tariff that penalizes nations who are not capping climate emissions, such as India and China.  So not only would cap-and-trade create more taxes and regulation, it might spur a bout of protectionism. It is the gift that keeps on giving.


Exactly, and we ought to become protectionists, look at Europe and China they do it.

I bet you Obama will sell us out soon enough.

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Who would get hit by Democrat healthcare tax?

Aug 10, 2009 15:45 UTC

(Lightly microblogging this week from The Great White North)

A plan to tax health plans (via the Senate Finance plan) could create an AMT-type situation where rising inflation causes it to affect more and more Americans each year. Recall that the AMT originally affected only 155 wealthy households.

Will the U.S. job market improve faster than expected?

Aug 10, 2009 15:20 UTC

(Lightly microblogging this week from The Great White North)

Ed Yardeni makes the case that the job market may bounce back strongly, kind of (bold is mine):

Of course, the consensus view is that the recovery in the US labor market will be labored. There are a few contrarians who believe that there was a firing panic during the last four months of last year and the first half of this one. They expect a V-shaped snapback in headcounts as employers scramble to rehire. Debbie and I have been tracking the drop in payroll employment among 19 major industries during the recession. With only a couple of exceptions, they’ve all been slashing their staffs. It’s hard to imagine which industries might produce positive net hiring surprises. Auto Manufacturing? Construction? Banking? Retailing? Health Care? State and Local Governments? We doubt it. Maybe, we will all wind up working for the Federal Government. E Pluribus Unum.


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