Obama and “W”

August 19, 2009

Not that “W’ (as in the 43rd president), but a W-shaped economy.  I was on CNBC today talking healthcare with Howard Dean, and he said he thought the economy would improve and then worsen again. Would that be good or bad for the Obama agenda? Certainly it was a weak economy that got Obama elected and helped him push through the $800 billion American Reinvestment and Recovery Act. But high unemployment has been sapping his popularity. And that has been bad for his agenda, especially healthcare reform. If Dean’s forecast is correct, the Dems better pass healthcare while they can. There might be a lot fewer of them in Congress after 2010.


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We can start wars and kill innocent people to create large deficits but can’t provide health care to own people at the costs of deficit.
Point to ponder for those who oppose this genuine human cause.

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Jim Murtaza,
You are aware that the deficit has quadrupled since BO has taken office, So we could also say that we can study the reason that pig excrement smells (Part of the stimulus spending bill)but can,t provide health insurance,if the dems really wanted to insure people ,they easily could have added it to the stimulus plan. Whats another couple hundred billion dollars anyway. Have you pondered the 54 million human abortion deaths (in the US since Roe vs Wade)that your party supports,with the call of “Freedom”. Is that a genuine human cause or a zygotic problem?
Bill Nichols

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