‘Wee weed up’ (thanks Obama!) about some things and not others

August 21, 2009

Things I am “wee weed up” (which I think means “agitated”) about: the long-term budget deficit, the Long Recession, the state of U.S. competitiveness, the cancellation of “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” (now and forever!),  breaking my Kindle by putting my elbow on the screen and then leaning my full 205 pounds on my elbow (I mean, Amazon never said “not” to do that),  Washington humidity, not being at Jackson Hole, health exchanges, the housing market, Rick Schroeder in “24” in season six (currently watching on DVD via NetFlix), my six-day summer cold,  my commute which is even slower in the summer (something about “hot” rails, the Cubs falling out of the pennant race (now and forever, apparently) …


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What a great list! Breaking your Kindle … what a downer.

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ah, but the sun still rises and sets…and each day brings new opportunity for something great…life is good!

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Sarah Connor Chronicles fans have not given up on the show. There’s a big fan movement at www.savethescc.com – we’re also “wee weed up” and “fired up, ready to go”. Will you join us?

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Fans of The Sarah Connor Chronicles are still fighting to get the show back on air. Join us at www.savethescc.com No fate!

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Hi James,

now there are some opportunities presenting themselves:
Replace the Kindle with Plastic Logic’s reader (http://bit.ly/ISL6G) .
Join the people fighting for a season 3 of Sarah Connor Chronicles – we’re on twitter (look for #TSCC, you’ll find us!)/twibes, we’re behind www.savethescc.com

So you might just end up with better hardware and meeting lots of new people. Always look at the bright side.. 😉

Regars, J

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Fans of Terminatora:TSCC worldwide are wee weed about Fox’s decsion not to produce a third season. We are doing something about it. Join the Global Resistance Rally every Sunday 1 PM EST. Go to www.savethescc.com for details on this and other things YOU can do to bring back this beloved show.

If you are reading this you are the resistance. Will you join us?

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