No trillion-dollar healthcare tribute for Kennedy

August 26, 2009

The pleas for politicos and pundits to refrain from politicizing the passing of Sen. Edward Kennedy are actually quite charming in their naivete. The so-called Last Lion of the U.S. Senate was not even dead half of a day when the politicking began. Proponents of Democratic efforts to reform overhaul America’s troubled healthcare system quickly began urging passage as a tribute to Kennedy’s lifelong efforts on the issue.

Just a small sampling: Sen. Robert Byrd, Democrat from West Virginia, said he hoped that when legislation has been signed into law, it “will bear his name for his commitment to insuring the health of every American.” Andy Stern, president of the giant Service Employees International Union, noted Kennedy introduced his first healthcare reform bill 39 years ago: “Let us continue his cause. Let us take action this year to pass healthcare reform.” And in the Twitterverse, influential liberal blogger Markos Moulitsas used 58 characters this way: “Honor Kennedy’s legacy by passing real health care reform.”

Maybe they could even call it the Trillion Dollar Tribute for Teddy. But it will take more than nostalgia and sentiment to get healthcare reform passed. A new survey from Public Opinion Strategies finds that just 25 percent of Americans favor President Obama’s proposals, comparable to the scant 23 percent who favored Bill Clinton’s healthcare plan in 1994 as it imploded. Betting markets put the odds of passage of a public option at just one in three. And in its lead editorial today, the Washington Post said the new budget deficit numbers mean the Obamacrats should start from scratch and develop a more affordable approach.

The cold, hard politics of the situation is this: Kennedy’s death makes passing healthcare reform tougher not easier. His seat will likely remain vacant until late January since there will be no interim appointment in Massachusetts and state law calls only for a special election to be held within 145 to 160 days. That is one extra tough-to-find vote Democrats will need if they try and shut down any GOP filibuster attempts. And if Democrats try to ram through a bill under reconciliation, a special budget procedure, Kennedy could have been helpful in rallying squeamish Dems and lobbying groups for the tough parliamentary battle, points out veteran Capitol Hill watcher Pete Davis, who tracks Washington politics for financial institutions.

But maybe as the Kennedy tributes continue to pour in, someone will notice his role in deregulating the transportation sector in the 1970s. As a result, both the trucking and airline industries were exposed to market forces that lowered costs for moving both people and goods across the country. Likewise, more fully exposing the U.S. healthcare system to market forces is essential to lowering costs and ensuring continued technological innovation. Now that would be a fitting tribute to the totality of the Kennedy legacy.


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if the press would bother doing the math, the libs don’t have enough votes to pass reconciliation.

the dead giveaway was when joe lieberman trashed the idea on the weekend, and the following monday, the justice dept announces the go ahead on the cia prosecutions.

the wh was counting on every blue state lib to get it done, and lieberman was one on the bubble.

they now don’t even have 47 sure votes, so reconcilation is now as dead as ted.

Posted by mark l. | Report as abusive

Wishing they would just let this whole Kennedy thing die …….. so to speak. What a corrupt, immoral, and questionably competent power hungry clan. Come on America — we have real heroes, not these guys.

Posted by Wudaload | Report as abusive

He wasn’t just a good man he was the best Senator we have probably ever had. He served not only the people of his home state but those of the whole country and indeed the world His Senate office was better run and organized that any other in Washington. The only worthwhile and well deserved tribute our Congress can give him is by putting aside politics and special interests and passing the much needed healthcare plan that is before them now, as his input was the major and best part of it.

Posted by Tim Lewers | Report as abusive

Let’s not let the media completely revise history…the only thing that should be named after this drunk is a bridge in Mass…Mary Jo’s death should be his only epitaph…

Posted by Lefty | Report as abusive

“The only worthwhile and well deserved tribute our Congress can give him is by putting aside politics and special interests and passing…”

I’m all for a reagan tribute, in which congress rejects this bill as another legacy of failed govt.

Seriously, instead of a trillion dollar healthcare bill, why not just go with gold statue at the cost of a couple of million? (if they go with the ‘thin’ ted, they could probably cut the cost in half.)

Posted by mark l. | Report as abusive

Doubtless the media – ever hungry for more content to fill the 24 hour news cycle – will go on and on about Ted Kennedy and the Kennedy clan ad nauseum. What a magnificent bunch of charming frauds they were! I suspect that all the eulogies will portray Teddy as some kind of saint, rather than the drunken, overbearing, skirt-chasing failure he turned out to be. One financial pundit earlier today referred to Mr. Kennedy’s career in politics as ‘non-illustrious’ – I couldn’t have said it better.

Posted by gotthardbahn | Report as abusive

How unfortunate for him to meet his ends. I fell for his family and friends. Thank goodness he is no longer in the Senate though. He has abused our constitution and our rights as free people. I am not shocked to hear politicians want to give him the trillion buck tribute. Shows me just how shallow and un-American they are.

Posted by jason | Report as abusive

At long last Massachussetts can have the boot of nepotism off their neck and can freely elect someone capable of doing more than the company line. Good Luck Bay Staters! And, let’s say a prayer for the soul of Mary Jo.

The boy (he was never a true man) Edward Kennedy, was an immoral elitist pig who pursued a leftist agenda that would keep him in permanent power. Corruption, alcoholism, rape, adultery, and murder are just a few of the things that highlight this political animal’s legacy. Now all we’re going to hear about from our worthless media is how wonderful this pig was. I can only hope that this turd is suffering in eternal agony for his wretched excesses. I only show respect for the deceased who actually deserve it, and this dirt-bag certainly doesn’t…good riddance!

Posted by Glitchus | Report as abusive

Market forces huh? What have we had all this time? Socialism? The market hasn’t done anything to lower premiums, drug prices, or visits to the doctor. The private sector hasn’t decreased infant mortality, or increased the average lifespan, or improved care. What have we gotten from the market? Increased profits for the healthcare industry (insurance companies, pharma, physicians), the most expensive healthcare in the world, 50 million and counting uninsured, and businesses losing their competitive advantage to other nations. Hey, if you want more of this stellar system knock yourself out and kill any chance at reform. Just don’t complain when the cost of covering a family of four is 36,000 dollars a year and government is bankrupt because all of the baby boomers are using medicare. Then again, perhaps this is what Americans deserve for their stupidity.

Posted by BB | Report as abusive

If the government wants to pass a trillion dollar tribute to Senator Kennedy’s passing, it would be a far better idea to gather the money in a big pile and simply burn it.

A few bystanders might be warmed by the fire, and the damage to the nation would be far, far less than putting the government in charge of medicine.

Posted by Gumlegs | Report as abusive

GOP members should vote for the name change. They should tell the truth: it would be a fitting tribute to name this incredible waste of taxpayer money and government takeover after the man. And then they should add that they look forward to voting against Ted Kennedy one last time.

Seriously, can any of the Democrats play this game? Why not also name it after Michael Jackson, he only diddled little boys. Teddy drowned a woman once. Mary Jo and Jesus are probably applying the waterboard as we speak (if he’s lucky; if not, someone else is doing the pouring).

I hate to be an a-hole on the Ted Kennedy Memorial Holiday, but it is all true and Teddy’s life’s dream is apparently to raise my taxes to buy votes so I don’t feel that bad. Now that I think about it, I don’t feel bad at all.

Posted by evil-mongerer | Report as abusive

It’s only fair they name it after Kennedy. it IS a bloated pack of lies and deciet meant to increase govt. power and line their own wallets. It even has the “Kopechne factor” to it. Premature death of 1000’2 each month due to healthcare rationing. The only thing missing is a drunk driving clause in the bill. Meaning it’s ok to get plastered and drive-only if your cronies are in power and can get you off

A Pice of stinking garbage bill named after a piece of stinking garbage human. Very approrpriate memorial for the “Degenerate of the Senate”.

Yes, even us normal thinking Democratic voters are repulsed and disgusted when a politician kills someone and buys his way out of it-regardless of the party

Posted by Jamie K | Report as abusive

He wasn’t just a good man he was the best Senator we have probably ever had.
really GTM? how many “good men” do you know that kill a woman because he was drunk and then calls his lawyer, sobers up and falls asleep? ANYONE else and they’d have been convicted of murder, but this “good man” bought his way out of it and had his connected friends saved his worthless hide. He was a pile of crap as a senator and a worthless excuse for a human being, waste of flesh and bone. He should have been in jail 40 years ago

Libies can rewrite history al lthey want, there are just way too many of us of all political parties that remember what happened

Posted by Todd## | Report as abusive

Yo Tod##,

You remember that people in glass houses thing?

That issue swings both ways for our cultural elites.

Posted by MIke | Report as abusive

The USA and the world is a better place today. It is really to bad Mary Jo will not get to confront her murderer. She is in heaven and Kennedy is heading for a very very hot place. May the Kennedy dynasty end today.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

The truth is that Kennedy was a consummate political animal. Yes, he was an excellent politician, but that doesn’t make him a good man. He was irresponsible, amoral, (think Chappaquiddick) ruthless, without any discernible ethics and treasonous (as anyone who knows of his deal with the KGB to undermine a sitting US President must realize.) I feel for his family, but I can’t regret his passing. At least he will do no more harm by his presence, although he may do harm by his death, if they pass healthcare “reform” in his name.

Posted by Nancy | Report as abusive

Kennedy was not nearly as powerful as most Americans thought. It was a simple matter of fear that these people instilled into the minds of the common folks. He was not a legacy in the sense of the term, except for bilking the taxpayers for almost 50 years. Our forefathers would be ashamed that we allowed someone like that to remain in goverment for that period of time. Thought for the day – let-r-go and let’s get on with the business at hand for a change. End of an era? None too soon.

Posted by Frank | Report as abusive

I’d like to suggest the “Ted Kennedy Memorial Wind Farm” as a great way to memorialize his life of service.

Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

August 25, 2009, date of his death
July 18, 1969, death of his date

Posted by democratsarefascists | Report as abusive

I guess all of you judging Senator Kennedy are Christians too, huh? Here’s an idea: go read your Bible. The last time I checked the job of judgement was reserved for God.

Posted by BB | Report as abusive

The fact of the matter is the health care proposal has more of a chance of passing now…

Collins and Snowe of Maine would never vote to filibuster now.

Posted by dave | Report as abusive

[...] better measurement of Ted Kennedy’s legacy than the lack of a government healthcare takeover. James Pethokoukis suggests: The pleas for politicos and pundits to refrain from politicizing the passing of Sen. Edward Kennedy [...]

The fact that this man did not resign and go into lifelong seclusion the morning after his drunken manslaughter on the bridge at Chappaquiddick is one of the great scandals of modern American history. He has been a disgrace to the US Senate and to the United States ever since. Pray for his soul, and that God may have mercy on him and his arrogance and pride.

Posted by Richard Harrell | Report as abusive


My co-inventor has passed.

The fact that this man did not resign the morning after his drunken manslaughter on the bridge at Chappaquiddick and go into lifelong political seclusion is one of the great scandals of modern American history. He has been a stupefying disgrace to the Senate and to our country ever since. Pray for his soul, and that God may have mercy on this ignorant and arrogant man.

Posted by Richard Harrell | Report as abusive

Due to the passing of our Founder and CEO, we will be closed until further notice.

Kennedy/Dodd Health Care Bill?

This must be some sort of a SICK JOKE…on US!!

Well – let’s see – Teddy “the rainbow loving boy” is dead and gone – finally.

Am I heartbroken over that fact?

Hell NO!

Why – you ask?

Well – as a now un-registered DEM of some 39+ years who has very high Midwest family values, morals and virtues myself – I have to say that the clincher for me “pulling the DEM plug” was when “Teddy the braindead Veg” got up to the mic at the DNC and during the Obama Prez run-up as well – and he was just plugging his queer Mass state’s homosexual marriage agenda to no end. That is when I said enough is enough already Teddy boy – just go away and die already!

Prior to that point I had already had more grave doubts about ever wanting to be a registered DEM ever again – esp when “Howard (the homosexual loving) Dean” was unfortunately made the DNC chairman right after he all but went into that “now famous” homosexual frenzy during that now infamously failed Kerry Prez run-up as well. Kerry – after all – just being nothing more then another Dean & “Teddy boy” homosexual loving waste as well. I had already contacted Kerry’s campaign office to verify his stance/views on his own homosexual agenda and they made it quite clear that he backed homosexuals 100%! I didn’t vote for Kerry either! When I heard that same damn thing coming from Obama’s mouth as well – that is when I denounced my registration as a DEM. Enough was enough!

If that’s all the DEMS stand for today – pro-homosexual views that is – then it’s a sad day in Hell is all I can say! I surely don’t see the DEM Party standing for anything more (values wise) that’s for sure! The DEM Party politicians have all gone right down the crapper as far as I’m concerned.

Who the hell needs you “Teddy boy” just being the rainbow poster boy for your little queer state of Mass and homosexual buddy there – Barney Franks! That whole New England States area including New York is all going QUEER if you ask me – no thanks to you and your prolific homosexual agenda there. I guess Kerry will now carry on the flaming rainbow torch huh? If I didn’t know better I’d say both you and that worthless Franks washout were married to each other.

Progressive politics? I don’t think so Teddy! More like RETARDED POLITICS if you ask me! This country had gone so far backwards with fat worthless bozos the likes of you in Congress that it isn’t even funny anymore. I really wish they would pass further Congressional Laws cutting the age limit of ALL Senators & Congressmen in general serving any Wash DC office to no more then say age 60. Age 55 would be even nicer! Mandatory retirements at 60 – no exceptions! That way all the braindead Senators & Congressmen in general would be in a care-home somewhere, and out of the taxpayer’s hair as it were. At least that way we don’t have to put up with has-beens the likes of Strom Thurmond who was wheelchair wheeled sleeping into his spot every day as a total vegetable! That crap is so pathetic that it STINKS! Only in America!

Yah! History sure has a way of repeating itself doesn’t it “Teddy boy” ? All that boozing you did past to present – that also ended a marriage no doubt as well – surely should have taken your liver (if not your brain) many years ago, and not just now as it did. Why it took so long is anyone’s guess? AND – That now infamous drive (or dive as it were) with Kopechne off that now famous Dike Bridge on Chappaquiddick Island way back when, and that Palm Beach William Kennedy Smith Rape fiasco surely didn’t go away either. Still as fresh as day 1 if you ask me. America sure hasn’t forgotten your arrogance in all those history making events that’s for sure.

In this world there are still some great leaders and role models left to carry on God’s good will. You – “Teddy boy” – are not a role model, nor are you a leader by any means! I surely wouldn’t want to follow in your misguided footsteps – that’s for sure!

The state of Mass sure has gone down the crapper that’s for sure! In a way I’m sure glad I got divorced 35+ years ago (in the mid 70′s) from my now (mommy’s apron strings) X who was from that lousy state of Mass as well. Getting that divorce was a Godsend let me tell you! What a nightmare that was back then when that state was the armpit of the USA with more corruption there then you could blink an eye at. Probably even more corruption today verses back then – as it’s just that you don’t see it as easily today because it’s better hidden or covered up with today’s technology means. Let’s not forget to mention those 14-15% unemployment rates back then as well. The whole state was nothing more then a Drug (pot, cocaine, and heroin) Farm with everyone picking up their unemployment/welfare checks and then going down to the local bar to either buy more drugs, or else sell drugs as a 2nd income! Pretty pathetic stuff let me tell you! Either that or they were all working under the table, and collecting Welfare and Food Stamps to no end! Who really needed to work there? No one for that matter – except maybe for me as I had mouths to feed – as rents were cheap, and it was considered the good life back then to all the many drug users! The state paid for everything with mob bribe money anyway as it were! Pretty pathetic if you ask me. I wanted out of that pathetic State so bad that I finally took a divorce as the end means – sad but true! Oh well – better days went ahead – so I have no regrets at all to that part.

In thinking back about all the time you “Teddy boy” spent sucking up good air space in Congress I can’t even think of 1 thing good that you did for the USA country itself except for being involved in more scandals then maybe Bernie Madoff. I guess that speaks for itself.

As for the American taxpayers – I guess we get to pick up the tab for yet 1 more lavish multi-Million dollar Wash DC funeral fiasco.

Let the open bar drinks begin!


Posted by onlyinamerica | Report as abusive

Come on, let’s get past the Ted Kennedy legacy and look at the real issue that he happened to be honorably promoting – Healthcare reform!! Anyone out there who does not believe we need it is blind to the facts, idiotic and/or wealthy. This group apparently doesn’t see the big picture. They live in their own little world of denial.
They don’t believe the foresight of experts as to what will happen if we don’t have
healthcare reform. Healthcare reform is a must!!!!

Posted by Laura Andreson | Report as abusive

He LIED for me and with me.

I will miss him.


“Healthcare reform!! Anyone out there who does not believe we need it is blind to the facts…”

anyone who believes that this plan is reform has an equivalent level of blindness or dishonesty.

Posted by mark l. | Report as abusive

Speaking of living in their own little world, Laura Andreson. His “honorable legacy”??? I suppose you think Sadaam Hussein also left an honorable legacy??? Kennedy was the Degenerate of the senate. A truly evil man, murderer, liar, drunken sot, skirt chaser, who claimed to be Catholic. His legacy is the murder of Mary Jo, buying his way off, a drunken fat elitist playboy, who was a vocal supporter of abortion and homosexual marriage. I do not rejoice in his death- i rejoice in the fact that a sick evil man who was ardent supporter of tax funded dissection of children, and sodomy is no longer in office, and that it will be harder to pass the socialist medical plan.
I write this from Central europe where they have socialist medicine – what an absolute nightmare.
Where are all the decent Catholics who think, and have a spine. Are there any left??? Every decent Catholic should demand that these amoral, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual marriage Catholics be excommunicated. 90% of Catholics vote for these socialist amoral freaks like Obama who is selling our country down the river to the Muslims and Chinese. I digress.
The blood of Mary Jane K and tens of thousands of unborn children who were sucked apart or had scissors jammed in their skulls are crying out, while Democrats and Catholics are “mourning his loss.”
You hear a few catholics speaking out against his record on abortion — not a peep denouncing homosexual marriage. Even socialogists and psychologists have mountains of data to support the correlation between higher crime and fathers being absent. Wake up America.

Posted by Loren Ozanne | Report as abusive

Some of you can go with Edward Kennedy as best senator evah. I’m going with Everett McKinley Dirksen. Not perfect–but who is? However this was a man who knew HOW to work along with–and with dignity and civility negotiate with– the other side when critical issues needed to be legislated. He lived by a code that the good of the country always, always trumped party lines. Dirksen also knew when to stick to his guns and understood that a billion is a lot of dough! Dirksen was a legislator and statesman in every good sense of the word.

Do kids in public school today even get to read about Dirksen in history books and know who he was? His kind is what is so sorely lacking in Washington today.

Posted by Elizabeth | Report as abusive

I can remember him talking about Health Care 30 plus years ago; and that’s ALL he managed to do; talk. He was Catholic, he says, and went to church every Suday, but he supported abortions. Not a nice man.

The United States Senate,
without a Kennedy in it,
is like a whorehouse without a piano player.

Posted by Letalis Maximus, Esq. | Report as abusive

No Obama, and no Obamacare. He just wants the US to pay for sins of the past. This guy is unbelievable I didn’t know he was so anti american. I guess he fooled a lot of us. Sorry for getting him in the office. I’ll vote with my mind and not my heart next time.

Posted by JAMES | Report as abusive

[...] the rest here:  James Pethokoukis » Blog Archive » No trillion-dollar healthcare … This entry is filed under Healthcare, Service. You can follow any responses to this entry through [...]

Unseemliness begets unseemliness and so I can’t help wishing I could draw: a cartoon of Ted on Dr. FrankenWaxman’s operating table, lightening flashes, the monster comes to life, nail through the neck, arms extended, “Obama-care, Obama-care”, then peasants, pitchforks, bonfires, ahhhhhhh.

Posted by Buck | Report as abusive

democratsarefascists, excellent post. Brevity is the soul of wit. Also, it highlights something that people aren’t talking about: look at how lucky this POS was to have killed his date two days before “one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Posted by RezkoRezkoRezko | Report as abusive

If this boondoggled health care ever passes and is forced down our throats instead of naming it after Ted, it should be named after Mary Jo. She deserves a place in history.

Posted by Robert Johnsen | Report as abusive

If Obamacare passes it will be the biggest mess that the government ever got into. It would be worse than the deal with G.M. (Government Motors). Cash for clunkers program where there was so many things that didn’t work; not paying the car dealers in an timely way, computer web pages down more than up, cars that replaced the clunkers that were not very fuel efficient. This was ‘only’ $3 billion, with this health care it is over $100 billion. How will this program be any better than cash for clunkers? Obama when asked if abortion & sexual change operations would be paid for under HR3200, he said they wouldn’t be in this bill, but then changed the name ‘abortion’ to a female health issues, & sex changes he renamed as personal health. When he is not telling the truth, there is no one to point these things out because the liberal media bow down & worship him like he can change water into wine.

I think he is going to spend our country into bankruptcy, remove all forms of freedom, change capitalism into socialism. When he ran for office, he said “we have the greatest country in the world, vote for me for change’. WOW!!!!! It is very easy to take something that has been fine tuned over the years & dismantle it & ultimately making it ten – one hundred – a thousand times worse than what you dismantle. Then smooth talk about all the ‘good things’ that you just did. “It’s not the thief you have to worry about, but the person who is inexperienced that can do you the most harm”. This fits Obama to a T. All tho he is both inexperienced & a lying thief. Hopefully we will still be a nation when we votr him out of office in 2012!!!!!

Posted by Robert Johnsen | Report as abusive

[...] from:  James Pethokoukis » Blog Archive » No trillion-dollar aid … Posted in Uncategorized | Tags: even-call, get-healthcare, nostalgia-and, public, [...]

Well, what’s so wrong with calling it Tedicare?

Tedicare for all, is what I say.

For the White House, US Representatives, Senators and all federal employees, too.

Tedicare for all!

Posted by John Fembup | Report as abusive

[...] James Pethokoukis » Blog Archive » No trillion-dollar healthcare … [...]

[...] I tend to agree that a multi-trillion dollar reform should not–and will not–be passed out of sentiment [...]

[...] The&#115e &#115ource&#115 ta&#107en, &#115lightly a&#98ridged from Jame&#115 Petho&#107ou&#107i&#115’&#115 great ar&#116i&#99le &#111ver a&#116 Reu&#116ers. [...]

Yes, let us call it KennedyKare and then drive a stake into its’ heart until it is a Dead Kennedy. That will be a fitting tribute to an amoral garbageman from MA. Now Lurtch is the Senior Senator {I served in Viet Nam} from MA. What a sad state. And to think it was the cradle of the revolution, now it is just revolting. Yikes!

Posted by Moe C. Larry | Report as abusive

Ted paid for Chappaquiddick in shame and remorse his whole life. That he will have to settle with his maker as those who sent Americans into death in a war for corporate greed in Iraq as well as building a concentration camp with prisoners who have not been charged with any crime.

What Ted Kennedy did in part for his redemption was fight for the working class, fight for civil rights, fought against bigotry and for healthy, educated Americans and he Took Care of it’s citizens. That can not be denied, only looked down upon by those who are disgusted by the working class and feel segregation was right.

Posted by Observer | Report as abusive

Everybody rejoicing re Ted Kenneday DEMISE. For me, good, he is gone. Did’nt you know? He voted against Bill Clinton’s impeachment. Mary Jo. Remember? Bird of the same feather . . .

NOW, HR 3200-HEALTHCARE REFORM OF 2009. I rejoice Ted Kennedy’s demise because: Now I am extremely confident that this bill will never be passed. The Triumverate: BHO (Barack Hussien Obama, Harry Reid and Pelosi, will feel the pain now, Healthcare reform is as dead as Ted Kennedy. These three better get used to this pain, come their respective re-election year, THEY WILL BE VOTED OUT.

And so with those Repubs, like Snowe and et al. VOTE THEM OUT AS WELL.

Oh by the way, I am a aregistered Republican. I voted a Democarat once, and only, once. I voted for John F Kennedy. One of my son’s name (nick name) is JOHN-JOHN. I was so proud voting for him and I am still proud.

The glib-talker BHO, is misusing words in advertising his healtcare reform. PUBLIC OPTION, one of the component he is strongly advertising, is in reality, GOVERNMENT OPTION. Government take over of our health system that is not broken in some ways, and BHO is tryng to fix it. IF AIN’T BROKE, WHY FIX IT? BHO is running his agenda, conceived long before he run for the election.

He is a con guy. Slick, though. He can talk, talk you out.

So, here’s my beef.

HR 3200 a killer of our freedom!
Remember BHO shaking hands and embracing Chavez? Hmn. Chavez is “maestro” of Socialism. BHO is getting brief on this.


Posted by rufen7r4g2c | Report as abusive

[...] James Pethokoukis » Blog Archive » No trillion-dollar healthcare tribute for Kennedy | Blogs |  /08/26/ – view page – cached The pleas for politicos and pundits to refrain from politicizing the passing of Sen. Edward Kennedy are actually quite charming in their naivete. The so-called Last Lion of the U.S. Senate was not even dead half of a day when the politicking began. Proponents of Democratic efforts to reform overhaul America’s troubled healthcare system quickly began urging passage as a tribute to Kennedy’s lifelong efforts on the issue. — From the page [...]

I just looked up Wicopedia about the Chappaquidick incident. He murdered that girl, and he got away with it! She was alive for 1-2 hours in the car. She suffocated, did not drown. What a bastard…he didn’t report it until they found the body the next morning. Unbelievable to read about it again, after all these years..Even more shocking today. What a pig!

Posted by Tony | Report as abusive

Just like the leftist slimebags. We can expect no other reaction. The drunken murderer is verily cold, and they want to re-write history. Teddy is not going to get you anymore votes, he was loathed by many. Good thing Daddy had the money and the power or he would have been in prison where he belonged. My gosh he was a corrupt human being.

Posted by claire | Report as abusive

“Healthcare reform!!” – Is it possible you are really that stupid or are you just another worthless liberal with an outstreched hand waiting for someone to give you free stuff?

The star-spangled will soon wave over the land of the freeloader and the home of the worthless.

Posted by fantum | Report as abusive

May as well name the health care abomination after ol’ Ted. It’s only fitting that the name of one of the biggest hypocrites in the Senate would shine on a bill that exempts members of Congress from having their health care decisions, personal lives, and bank accounts invaded, as will happen to the messiah’s subjects, if this bill passes.

Besides, ol’ Ted is more shovel ready now, than any of the projects dreamed about in Obama’s stimulus bill. Just another hypocrisy that Ted got to hang in there a little bit longer than an Obamacare death panel will allow for the rest of us.

A problem with market forces of late would need to account for the false tokens of fraud which would hinder the innovation and savings competition could instigate.

A problem with market forces of late would be the need to account for the false tokens of fraud which would hinder the innovation and savings competition could instigate.

[...] &#84hese sour&#99es taken, sl&#105ghtly abr&#105dged fro&#109 Ja&#109es Pethokouk&#105s’s great article over at Re&#117ters. [...]

[...] These s&#111ur&#99es &#116aken, sli&#103h&#116ly abrid&#103ed fr&#111m &#74ames Pe&#116h&#111k&#111ukis’s &#103rea&#116 a&#114ticl&#101 ov&#101&#114 at R&#101&#117t&#101&#114s. [...]

[...] These sources t&#97ken, sli&#103htl&#121 &#97brid&#103ed fro&#109 &#74&#97&#109es Pethokoukis’s &#103re&#97t art&#105cle over at Reuters. [...]

[...] These sources take&#110, slightl&#121 a&#98ridged &#102rom James Pethokoukis’s great &#97rt&#105c&#108e o&#118er &#97t Reuters. [...]

[...] These sour&#99es take&#110, sli&#103htly abrid&#103ed from James &#80ethokoukis’s &#103reat artic&#108e over at Reuters. [...]

[...] T&#104&#101&#115&#101 &#115ourc&#101&#115 tak&#101n, &#115&#108ig&#104t&#108y abridg&#101d from Jam&#101&#115 P&#101t&#104okouki&#115’&#115 gr&#101at art&#105cle &#111&#118er at &#82euters. [...]

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[...] These sources ta&#107en, sl&#105ghtly a&#98r&#105dged from James Petho&#107ou&#107&#105s’s great &#97rticle over &#97t Reuters. [...]

[...] Th&#101s&#101 sourc&#101s tak&#101n, s&#108ight&#108y abridg&#101d &#102rom Jam&#101s P&#101thokoukis’s gr&#101at artic&#108e over at Re&#117ter&#115. [...]

[...] These s&#111ur&#99es taken, slightly abridged fr&#111m James Peth&#111k&#111ukis’s great articl&#101 o&#118&#101r at R&#101ut&#101r&#115. [...]

[...] These s&#111ur&#99es taken, slightly abridged fr&#111m James Peth&#111k&#111ukis’s great ar&#116icle over a&#116 Reu&#116ers. [...]

[...] Th&#101s&#101 sourc&#101s tak&#101n, s&#108i&#103ht&#108y abrid&#103&#101d from Jam&#101s P&#101thokoukis’s &#103r&#101at &#97r&#116icle over &#97&#116 Re&#117&#116ers. [...]

[...] These sources take&#110, sli&#103htl&#121 abri&#100&#103e&#100 from James &#80ethokoukis’s &#103reat artic&#108&#101 ov&#101r at R&#101ut&#101rs. [...]

[...] No Trillion Dollar Tribute for Kennedy [...]

Now somebody is not telling the truth, on both sides. So I did a little number check with my friends on the net and I was right, so enjoy the truth, of force pay through the Bill and the freedom of choice offered By me and my friends in and for FASC Concepts .This Prime Directive on page 100 at our site will not be completed until 3/1/2010, but hey please drop on by and see what the fuss is about……..
A Prime Directive
 For Health Care
In all things there must be a guideline in order to prevent diversity within that issue. As it would seem, after 50 years or more this Health Care issue is still without a moral value and it is not in the best interest of man kind. This word Man Kind, should be the building block for Health Care.
Health Care Insurance Companies;
The merger of HCIC = Health Care Insurance Co., to show that when these companies put 95% of the intake of funds into a United Health Care Forum The balance left over could be all most tax free, but in our view should be tax free, for their income because of this 95% is considered a donation to the Rebuilding the National Security Of The United States Of America.
This statement of rebuild the National Security Of The United States, it is because of the tax forum in place that has failed because the tax dollar was calculated as a constant figure. The economy reports is in support of this statement….
The early released reports that this Health Care Bill would not increase the National Debt, as 6 months have past the new reports are stated at a $1.2 trillion dollars, plus a extra 6.2 billion dollars for economic recovery. And at the same a new tax forum against the Health Care System. The balancing is not shown because of over lapping reports and concepts for Bill to Law.
{report from page 89.New Taxes in the Senate Health-Care Bill }
Tax on high-end health insurance plans: $149.1 billion
Capping flexible spending accounts at $2,500: $14.6 billion
Fees for drug makers: $22.2 billion
Fees for medical device makers: $19.3 billion
Fees for health insurance companies: $60.4 billion
Higher floor for deducting medical expenses: $15.2 billion
Higher payroll tax for top earners: $53.8 billion
Tax on cosmetic surgery: $5.8 billion
  page 87.The President’s Proposal for Health Reform
It puts our budget and economy on a more stable path by reducing the deficit by $100 billion over the next ten years – and about $1 trillion over the second decade – by cutting government overspending and reining in waste, fraud and abuse.
 page 92.17 Tax Increases in Senate Health Care Bill
1.40% excise tax on health coverage in excess of $8,500/$23,000 ($149.1 billion)
2.Employer W-2 reporting of value of health (negligible revenue effect)
3.Conform definition of medical expenses ($5.0 billion)
4.Increase penalty for non qualified health savings account distributions to 20% ($1.3 billion)
5.Limit health flexible spending arrangements in cafeteria plans to $2,500 ($14.6 billion)
6.Require information reporting on payments to corporations ($17.1 billion)
7.Additional requirements for section 501(c)(3) hospitals (negligible revenue effects)
8.Impose annual fee on manufacturers & importers of branded drugs ($22.2 billion)
9.Impose annual fee on manufacturers & importers of medical devices ($19.3 billion)
10.Impose annual fee on health insurance providers ($60.4 billion)
11.Study and report of effect on veterans health care (no revenue effect)
12.Eliminate deduction for expenses allocable to Medicare Part D subsidy ($5.4 billion)
13.Raise 7.5% AGI floor on medical expenses deduction to 10% ($15.2 billion)
14.$500,000 deduction limitation on taxable year remuneration to health insurance officials ($0.6 billion)
15.Additional 0.5% hospital insurance tax on wages > $200,000 ($250,000 joint) ($53.8 billion)
16.Modification of section 833 treatment of certain health  organizations ($0.4 billion)
17.Impose 5% excise tax on cosmetic surgery ($5.8 billion)
       See CCH’s Special Report.
 As stated By President Obama, this reform will not increase the National Debt, but it looks a lot like borrowing from Petter to pay Paul.
   Now lets look at this……
 Lets Use The 10 Largest Health Insurers
(by revenue)
AARP was not on the list for top ten,
1.UnitedHealth Group
3.CIGNA Corp.
5.Anthem, Inc.
7.Health Net
8.PacifiCare Health Systems
9.Oxford Health Plans
Just with the top ten Health Care Insurance Companies we can show a income of around 100 million people x $100.00 per month at a low ball figure = $ 10,000 000 000 { $10 Billion Dollars.} To show a basic scale below In the US the progression is:
Hundred – 100
Thousand – 1,000
Million – 1,000,000
Billion – 1,000,000,000 as a low ball figure $10 billion per week at 100,000000 people
Trillion – 1,000,000,000,000
Quadrillion – 1,000,000,000,000,000
I a sure you that this $10 billion dollars is chump change even at $10 billion x 12 months. This does not even cover .5% of the revenue. This Health Care system is all most a $100 Trillion dollar package per year.
As a part of Law when a Company is built , as HCIC and people invest money into that system and the amendments of Laws allow the continue lack of representation then the failure falls on Law Makes for the United States. One further failure is according to Law, that when Laws are written and the lack of a people to read this Law, is further supported by the conman need of the Peoples Right To Understand that Law. “In other words it must be in English.”
As stated before the Age of Health Care Insurance Companies have ended, they had their chance and now nature have selected them to be no more. In order not to further burden a troubled economy I did change my mind 3 months ago and offer a way out in the best interest of the People and employees Of Insurance Companies.{ A Merger}
The Prime Directive Of HCIC has become as a Factor of profit and the calculus of the birth of a child by sophisticated testing for their A.I. So as these Officials Of HCIC fixed a system by their Artificial Intelligence, within a Health Care Matrix and now all they can do is see us as variables in a equation as dollar numbers, I do not believe they try to see any more, because without that Mathematical A.I. They can not insure just anybody. Our Health Care Insurance Companies,watch as A.I. shows the way for D.N.A testing and other inventive forms of how to calculate the dollar as a human input. {This is all so documented}
Henry Massingale
FASC Concepts in and for Pay It Forward on google and see all of our friend…

To see the true Health Care Tax forum you must stop thinking in 3-D,This multi tax forum is against a $100 Trillion Dollar system.. …
To force pay into another system of failures within Health Care Insurance Groups.
This economy will not balance with this concept of a tax forum against the Health Care System. The issue of how to force pay into this system of Health Care may have worked but I am still troubled over the progressive tax forum within this Bill. It covers so many items and Countries that it only forces the system to adjust itself. In some areas, increases against the people and the troubled economy, and in other areas, less effects will be felt.
But this is my big problem, Government Officials seek help and they are to proud to ask us, “the true working force of Government.” It is understandable they have failed the People and within the United States Of America all we ask is to see us as who we are and not try to bring us into this world of the intellectual. I guess our Prime Directive is that of Star Trek, so it must be understood that for millions of people we are just as happy as can be making $13.00 per hour and we have no interest in this world of politics, and how to be a Enstine. Government Officials must understand that there is a level of people within different parts of this Country, that seek to be only that they find to make them happy.
As for this economy well, it is said that the U.S.A. Arms Division has created enough arsenal to destroy every last creature in the world 2 times over,built with tax dollars. This would be funny if not for the irony of it. And now as time has passed Government Officials keep failing. Before 9/11 all the way to today.
As it is in a world of a system, when employees continue to fail, one or two things happen, one; you get fired, two; if you see into a person a good, then it is political correct to implement a penalty or roll back in pay. But this implement of penalty is more favored in the course of action in the Federal Employment World. So how to fix the economy and unite it with the Health Care issue. It would be in the Countries best interest to implement a 10% per cent penalty against every State, County and Government Official within this Matrix of failures. Hey what is that old saying, what is good for the Goose is good for the Gander. I am serous about this, it is past due to show that our Government Officials they have failed, their system failure reaches into this world of warnings that they brush aside as if the information is not worthy noting. From Pearl Harbor to 9/11/2001 to 3/07/2010 of our tax system and Health Care Reform. This 10% per cent penalty should go into the Health Care Forum.
The big problem that Government Officials have is that they have no street credit. President Obama still has some but if he does not take his family and step away from these dueling Parties, that fight over this Health Care Dollar, and stand with Us he will lose all credit from the streets to the county.
President Obama, I would say to you, you have one last chance to regain the hopes and dreams of the American People. To reach out in a concept that states, if there is 250 million people in trouble because of these failures, I would give all my money to them and then I would say to all that I gave money to, “I have no money left, would you all please give me $1.00 back and then I would have $250. million dollars to start all over again.”

As for this $100,trillion dollar in site………….
Results 1 – 10 of about 685,000 for net worth of medicine development industry
Just to show how deep this Health Care Tax split petition reaches. The term split petition is used because of the Tax factor plan that is not seen because of the intent not to show a capital Taxing of close to a $100 trillion dollar package, a yearly system income, not profit…..

Some have stated that I clam to have spiritual in site or something of the sort. I assure you this is not true, so when I state that I asked God to help, it is my way of saying hey Bobby show me how to work on theses Chevy engines. But I do thank you for the consideration. Consider me a cross of Jethro Bodine from the Beverly Hill Billies with my 10th. Grade education and Vin Diesel from the move Pitch Black.
So drop on by and see page 100 at our site and follow the blue pill link

Health Care within a moral value, is to ,


Henry Massingale
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