Republicans, the carbon tax and the 2010 election

August 26, 2009

My pal and superbrain Jon Henke got all excited for a minute when he thought that U.S. Senate candidate in Connecticut Rob Simmons was in favor of a carbon tax where the revenue would be used to eliminate payroll taxes. But then the Simmons campaign clarified the matter:

Never mind.  See the comment section at the news article, where the Simmons campaign manager says “Rob Simmons does not support a carbon tax. He does believe that supporters of “cap and trade” should be more straightforward about their intentions and propose a carbon tax if that is what they desire so the American people can make a clear judgment about the consequences of such a policy – a policy Rob opposes.”

Me:  GOP congressmen Jeff Flake and Bob Inglis have come out in favor of just such a proposal, only to get hammered by anti-tax groups in private.  But as one Republican economist told me recently, GOPers need to get into the game on climate change. And certainly this is one way of doing it that looks proactive, besides either a) denying climate change or b) calling for greater technological research. Here is a bit more from Henke:

We could eliminate the payroll tax and take this environmental issue off the table for Democrats. But no, Republicans are content to keep the payroll tax and settle for complaining about Democrats.


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But as one Republican economist told me recently, GOPers need to get into the game on climate change. Why, pray tell, does the GOP need to ‘get into the game’ on an issue that is the most mammoth scientific fraud since the Piltdown Man, and the most mammoth economic fraud since socialism itself?Cold fusion, anyone?

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“climate change”, and the suggestion that man has any significant role in the cyclical warming and cooling of the earth’s atmosphere, truly is “a game”, and those wanting to play have a financial motive/agenda for pushing their unscientific posturing. Why would any rational person, GOP or otherwise, choose to join such a game?

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The Republican economist is right: a revenue-neutral carbon tax could and should be supported by a preponderance of Republicans. It’s a shame, really, that many seem to choose political expediency over good public policy.